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Delfino La Rostislavovna

Delfino La Rostislavovna is a player character played by Rawolfe.

Delfino La Rostislavovna
Species & Gender: Shukaren Daur / Male
Date of Birth: ER 758v / 21 years in YE 41
Organization: Kingdom Fall
Occupation: Zuia'ne Vui'tra (Information Broker)
Rank: Initiate
Current Placement: Kingdom Fall Kester Base

Physical Description

Next to his father, Delfino is the second biggest in height, with being about 1.60 meters. It is classified within the Daur to be almost the biggest in height. He is well-muscled, like most Daur due to their heavy gravity on their planet. Yet Delfino has no visible scars or tattoos present on his body, he feels like that would disgrace is the appearance of being a Daur.

Like his big sister Aida Delfino has Orange eyes and his fur is rather a common yellow, however, his tail is red that changes in the tail tip to orange. His hair is yellow and short as in comparing with his sisters, he doesn't like to take to much time in taking care of his fur or tail.

When Delfino speaks to other people, it sounds rather a streetwise cocky of a young teenager that wants to prove to the world that he is a big boy.


Being the second child, yet the first son of the family made him feel special and felt that the duty of protecting his sisters was upon him. Unlike his sisters, he is very extrovert and likes to get attention from people at events or sports games. Yet when he focuses on his work, he rather uses his charms wisely and is actually quite the tactful one. He has built up quite a network of friends that expand throughout the kingdom and keeps wisely his opinion of the kingdom to himself.

Yet like the rest of his family, he feels drawn to the unknown and explores its knowledge. Information of importance is something he desires and always lurks for, he knows how to get it and how to stay off the grid. However, Delfino never tried to get information from classified locations, military or high officials, he feels that it is out of his reach and might get him into more trouble than worth it.


Delfino La Rostislavovna was born in 758v / 21 years in YE 41.

Born on 758v on Jui'varen II, located in the Jui'varen Star System that is part of the Kingdom of Neshaten. Delfino was the second born child and firstborn son in the La Rostislavovna family and is as one of the common Daur in regards to fur color but the tail is rather uncommon. Delfino felt that he, as the firstborn son, had the duty to protect his family while his father was gone for work and this feeling of responsibility only grew with the arrival of both Dalida and Lorella. In time he learned to lean on his skulls as a real charmer among the ladies and loved to get the attention.

Yet when Aida told her family that she wanted to reach out for the stars, Delfino was disappointed that she turned her back on her family that needed her, yet never showed it to her of this disapproval. When Delfino noticed that Dalida was checking books about space and ships, he then only realized the impact that Aida leaving had on his family. Delfino talked to her and tried to let her feel guilty about plausible leaving the family just like Aida was doing. Yet, in that regard, it didn't work and he saw his little sister join the Youth Corps.

Knowing the path that was taken by Dalida, he kept checking on his youngest sister Lorella, who couldn't understand the implications of what was going on. Delfino turned his back on Dalida and started to blame the Kingdom for the bad influence of the Daur curiosity to explore the unknown. The kingdom did nothing about the condition his family was in and started to work on the street as a Zuia'ne. Yet he had a particular interest in gathering information, that other people were interested in. He began as a starting Vui'tra (Information Broker), that picked interest from certain people that required his unique skill.

Social Connections

Delfino La Rostislavovna is connected to:

Skills Learned

  • Communication: Tinacen (Mother language)
  • Fighting: Basic Neshaten defensive skills, basic rifle handling.
  • Knowledge: For Delfino memory very important to gather information and the knowledge of what is valuable and what is not.
  • Rogue: As an informant, he knows how to survive the streets and use his charms to his advantage.
  • Engineering: Knowledge of basic Neshaten technology and how to operate them.

Inventory & Finance

  • Personal Clothing
    • Black pants (2x)
    • Blue pants (1x)
    • T-shirts (4x)
    • Sweater (2x)
    • Jacket (1x)
  • Pendant with his family picture in it
Plots Archive
Plot Status
[KF Recruit] The frustrated fox Active
[Kingdom Fall] - The Fight Begins Active

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