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Pilot Mnamon 'Luxe' New Tur'Lista

Pilot Mnamon 'Luxe' New Tur'Lista is a player character played by Izokia78.

Pilot Mnamon 'Luxe' New Tur'Lista
Species: Lorath
Gender: Female
Age: 46
Height: 5,4
Weight: 85
Organization: Independant
Occupation: Pilot
Rank: N/A
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots

  1. ISC Chimera

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5,4
  • Mass: 85
  • Measurements: Small C cup

Build and Skin Color: She has a thin frame with tight areas of muscle gained from frequent training. Due to her time spent on ships she has taken a pale complexion.

Eyes and Facial Features: Early on in her life she received surgery on her eyes so that they can take on a deep violet hue. and she has face that seems to be constantly frowning or at least judging the lesser races that surround her.

Ears: Her ears are identical to average New Tur'Lista ears.

Hair Color and Style: Luxe grew her hair down to the tops of her wings. She styles her hair up in a Mohawk with the sides braided down her back. She leaves her hair white as to save money on dye.

Distinguishing Features: Other then her hairstyle she modifies all of her clothes to become incredibly revealing. Due to her own personal no two sets of her clothes are the same.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: On the surface she would seem angry and judgmental to most observers. On the inside she would seem very judgmental and angry but she also likes to let loose and have some fun on most occasions regardless of pretense or current setting. Some would also describe her a cruel and pretentious both of those would be correct. Although it is often exaggerated how cruel she actually is, normally she is just cold to those who pose a threat to her and her friends. She also resents those who try to reign her in, they are “trying to stifle her advanced world view.” This sentiment has yet to show any basis in reality. This advanced world view is just another way of her saying that she objectifies and then assess the value of any individual she meets and then responds accordingly. This means if she judges and individual as low value she would never even dream of a having a conversation with one of them let alone taking an actual order from one.

  • Likes: Drinking, the other gender, the same gender, flying, talking to high value individuals, and messing with the low value.
  • Dislikes: Getting dirty, waiting for anything, heavy lifting ,feeling inferior, constant rules, low value individuals
  • Goals: Live her life full of the adventure she never had.


Family (or Creators)

Politician Ara'ada 'Vision' New Tur'lista (age 152) Professor Cynis 'voice' New Tur'lista (age 143)


Growing up privileged Luxe never wanted for most things. This lead to her seeing people as object to be judged for her own uses. In school she often deemed teachers as lesser so she was despondent in class. Whenever a teacher or student would attempt to catechize her she would find a way to circumvent the arguments they proposed which opened up a whole new world of possibilities. She enrolled in flight school and quickly made friends with a Fyunnen named Pebble. They would often spend time together to teach the other various things Luxe would show him how to lie and read other people, that he did not excel at. He taught her martial arts of all various forms, this she excelled at, she even called it a more dignified form of combat. When she and Pebble graduated he became a cargo ship pilot something far to simple and dirty for her to even consider doing. Luxe heard rumors of privateer ships forming in Nepliasian space. Knowing her parents would never accept something like that she gathered up a small amount of funds several sets of clothes and a small gun she purchased a few days ago. Once Luxe made it into her chosen destination she set her sights on the Chimera as a new outlet to spread her own brand of “creativity”.


Starship Operations

Her family made sure that if she was going to be in the military it would be as a high paying job like a Pilot. She accepted on the logic that it would have a bit of leeway when it came to procedure. Regardless she shows a serious aptitude for flying most Lorath ships and even some Nepleslian craft thanks to her time hitchhiking out of Lorath space.


She excelled at multiple martial arts both armed and unarmed, she is more then capable of disabling or killing an attacker from close range. Although she finds guns beneath her dignity she has the skill to use pistols and most basic rifles.


While she hates taking orders Luxe has been very good at giving them almost all of her life and can get most people to follow her into a new frontier. Tactically she can remain cool under most pressure especially in a battle situation. In diplomatic situations she can cause people to take on ideals or accept a concept in one form or another.


Her constant training since she left the LSDF has brought her small body into pique physical condition allow she still refuses to swim under any circumstance.

Art (Clothing design)

Ever since she was young she had an interest in the finer arts of design while conservative members of her family call her designs far to revealing she has continued to modify her clothes since her most notable alterations can be attributed to her LSDF duty uniform.


Thanks to her house Luxe has studied Diplomacy, Psychology, Sociology, and Anthropology. She uses all of these abilities to exploit any lesser opponent in an argument or even in a casual conversation simply because she gets a perverse pleasure from making the lesser being sweat.


Luxe knows how to work a majority of consumer level products that are available from Emrys industries, Lorath made products, and some basic Nepleslian equipment.


Pilot Mnamon 'Luxe' New Tur'Lista has the following items:


Stolen Hand Cannon - .50 caliber

Retractable staff - Molecular Knit, Durandium

15 rounds .50 caliber


1 month of clean heavily modified clothing

1 month of clean female lace underwear

2 pairs of Combat Boots

1 Stone Thread jacket


Lorath Standard Issue Canteen basic kit - usually filled with alcohol

Custom Holster for Pistol and Collapsed Staff

Personal sewing kit

Basic Lorath Hair care kit

EM-G11 “Explorer Field Kit

Emrys Uno Sunglasses


Pilot Mnamon 'Luxe' New Tur'Lista is currently a N/A in the Independant .

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds
1730 KS 1270 Outfitting for current endeavor

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