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Voidcharter, Dhanel (Dan) Ghiles the numberless

Voidcharter, Dhanel (Dan) Ghiles the numberless
Species: Nepeslian (Freespacer fostered)
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Zodiac Sign: Unknown
Height: 5'1“
Weight: 180 lbs
Bra Size:
Organization: Independent
Occupation: Courier
Rank: None
Current Placement: Flies his own courier vessel

Voidcharter, Dhanel (Dan) Ghiles the numberless in Roleplay

Voidcharter, Dhanel (Dan) Ghiles the numberless is a player character played by Flaser and is currently involved in the Courier Vessel plot.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'1” Mass: 180 lbs Measurements: Bra Size:

Build and Skin Color: Dan is small and robust, with well developed but understated musculature. He has a deep tanned skin, a product of the Freespacer fleet's high background radiation.

Facial Features and Eye Color: His face is angular with tight skin. While not ugly he's definitely not a classical beauty. His features are rough chiseled mostly Slavish. He has bright brown, almost amber eyes.

Hair Color and Style: He wears his hair cut short and trim to fit under a helmet, though not crew cut and its allowed to grow a little on the top. It has an ashen-sandy color and is already greying on his temples from his high radiation dose.

Distinguishing Features: Out of necessity Dan was fitted with cybernetics to have even a whispered chance of interacting in Freespacer society. It was even suggested to convert him to a Type-4, but the dangers of his own microbiology dissuaded the notions. Instead he spent most of his life in a sealed spacesuit to protect the others from infection, and himself from radiation.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Having grown up as a practical exile in a society that's otherwise known for having no such thing left a lasting scar on Dhanel. The environment of Freespacer ships is a hell for an unaugmented person, so he was augmented as child with no say in the matter. Even with cybernetics, he still had to stay on the fringes of a society that would be otherwise the embodiment of unrestricted intermingling and self-expression. He simply could not delve into it, as the radiation would have killed him, and it took a toll even on the fringe. He has a contrarily nature, always quick to point out the prejudice in contrived beliefs - especially about liberties and rules - that most take at face value without consideration.

Likes: Self assured individuals whose esteem stems from experience and understanding instead baseless belief or status. Dislikes: Avoved “free thinkers” overtly enured in their “objectivity”, people who claim to hold no prejudice or claim enlightenment over such barbaric customs. Goals: Find his place in the universe. (ie. a family of his own, but it's an uncounscious longing, since due his upbringing he couldn't identify it as such)

Cybernetic & Biotech Characteristics

The prime function of Dhanel's implants is to negate the effects of the Freespacer environment though anti-radiation and anti-toxin equipment. Second, they are meant to integrate him into Freespacer society.

Anti radiation & anti toxin implants:

  • Composite weave in skin to reduce overall radiation dose. (Offers no protection against physical trauma).
  • Deep skeletal shielding to protect the bone-marrow. (Provides slight skeletal reinforcement).
  • Membrane surface shielding and nanomachine plants in highly metabolic organs: liver, spleen, etc. The nanomachines are injected into the bloodstream and do DNA maintenance and cancer suppression throughout the body. The implants double as chemo & bio monitors, and can manufacture a wide variety of anti-toxins. However they don't posses the computational power to analyze their own readings or make “nano-recipes” of their own. This function needs a sophisticated computer that also has to supply the plants with manufacture instructions.

All in all his radiation tolerance is way above the Nepeslian norm and coupled with his specialized Voidwalker suit he can stay 2-3 times as long in Freespacer caliber radiation environment as a conventionally shielded and medicated Nepeslian could.

Mind Machine Interface implants:

  • Standard interfacing and data-storage capabilities, processing is slightly lowered by the need to control internal anti-rad & toxin systems.

His fosters were initially concerned that Dan was “too old” and therefore “slow” to undergo normal education, their fears were unproven. Though we was eleven years old at the time, he completed the same education during the same four year span of time as his peers - aging four years instead their eleven.


Family (or Creators)

Unknown. A lone child among a Mishhuvurthyar raid's survivors. Found and fostered by Freespacers.


Dhanel is an orphan who was taken in by Freespacers. At the time the Fleet was in deep space and chanced upon the remains of some ships and Mishhuvurthyar raiders still blowing said bits into atomic gas. After dispatching the raiders, only a few survivors were found, with children among them. Far from any colony and the war still going on, the spacers had no choice but to adopt the survivors.

With no relatives Dhanel grew up among the cyborgs and was converted himself. Therefore he has a neural interface and implants to supplement his own biochemistry in dealing with radiation. Still, while he has a very good resistance as a human he's way out of Freespacer league so he was forced to live on the fringes of society.

When it was finally time to choose his own “job” he decided to be on his own doing courier and fast-supply runs. He managed to qualify for a short range shuttle, and he transfered between the Fleet's ships carrying urgent supplies and sensitive information. His insistence to stay and “own” his ship created great friction with the communal society, even the fact that he needed a specialized environment couldn't entirely grant him his wish.

During this time he was greatly disillusioned with the “freeness” of “unrestricted” Freespacer society - the peer pressure, the social obligations, the need to participate when he simply “couldn't” alienated him from his foster nation and a deep resentment grew in him against their “irrationality”.

Finally when the Fleet once again made contact with other societies his estrangement grew complete. Using all his remaining social contacts and every scrap of influence he got a ship of his own, this time a deep-space worthy courier vessel. Though with great reluctance - ownership is a very dissuaded notion among the networked symbionts - his promise to venture among the alien societies and do business on the Freespacers behalf (in an environment that would have been deadly for his foster race) and thereby greatly reimburse their investment finally won out.

As chance would have it, the society he finally plunged into was the Yamatai Empire. Confident that he could finally be among his “own kind”, and finally not be a fish out of water among birds of a very different feather. If he only knew… while somewhat “repressive” (as far as social customs and demands go) Freespacer society is still very-very open and relaxed and “just” in a manner that so far he has taken for granted.

He isn't even aware how naive and trusting he is by the other societies measure. He will inevitably be exploited and tricked by others and he has to learn to measure his trust and watch his back for both outright hostility and subterfuge.



Proficient in standard deep-space communication methods using radio, laser even Morse-code. Has general knowlede in Freespacer signaling. Advanced proficiency in encryption and data formats, a natural consequence of living in a Freespacer network.


General knowledge of Freespacer sociology and politology. Familiar with Freespacer history, folklore and customs (including law), has the works several renowned writers stored in his memory. Prefers prose to lyrics. Considers himself a part of general intelligentsia. His studies focused on general history from a political & social point of view. Has adequate oratory skills to debate in public forums up to and including high politics.

Maintenance and Repair

Proficient in Freespacer “lo-tek” spaceship manufacturing methods. Can jury-rig even critical systems. Like his foster race avowed user of the KISS principle and overtly complex integrated systems (like those on Yamataian or Nepelisian ships) confuse him.

Medical and Science

Due the danger of his upbringing he posses advanced proficiency in radiology related ills and cures. Has a good knowledge on general toxins found in Freespacer environments. Proficient in Freespacer cybernetic maintenance. Can work as a field-medic, could even perform surgeries in a pinch, but the later would be a hit-and-miss affair without good assistance.


Having spent a great deal of time aboard Freespacer shuttles has a very good zero-g handiness to a degree that non-Freespacers would consider acrobatic and elegant. Though strong, when faced with physical hardship he prefers elegant, dexterous solutions to brute force. Would make a helluva Aikido or Taekwondo figher if someone taught him.

Starship Operations

Possessing his own starship he is naturally proficient in all courier shuttle related activities. He's a good navigator with handy (and math intensive) Astrometrics skills. His zero-g handiness is also transfered to ships in general making him a superb helmsman. He's not good with weapons or shield systems, but has a better than average understanding of starship propulsion. He's proficient in ligh-sailing, but has only the basics down in mass-displacement systems used on Freespacer warcraft.

Technology Operation

Like all Freespacers, compared to the rest of the universe, he has advanced network and nodal technology knowledge, since the very fabric of their society is embedded in the digital world.



Voidcharter, Dhanel (Dan) Ghiles the numberless is currently a None in the Independent. She receives a weekly salary of -salary- per week.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds

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