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Dhaval Dhawan

Dhaval Dhawan is a player character played by Legix.

Dhaval Dhawan
Species & Gender: Kudhacari Male
Date of Birth: YE 13
Organization: Independent
Occupation: Explorer/Settler
Rank: N/A
Current Placement: ISS Dig-It

Physical Description

Dhaval is a stocky-framed Kudhacari, standing at a height of roughly five feet and two inches tall. He is visibly well-packed with muscles to accent a lightly tanned skin-tone. Much like the others of his species, he has scales covering where hair should be on his head going down his back before proceeding down his tail. His scales are comprised of a dark green with black trim with blunt edges. Beneath plates on either side of his head, one can find the trademark leaf-shaped ears of his kind with black tufts of fur to protect the inside of his ear from anything that might get past the plate. Like all Kudhacari, he has claw-like nails on both his hands and feet, though they have been trimmed and blunted just enough to prevent accidental injury to anyone he unfortunately might nick, instead allowing him to use them more properly when deliberately intending to use them. And, with a stocky and strong form, one can easily understand his weight being roughly one-hundred and forty pounds of both muscle and scale-weight.

Facially, Dhaval has the humanoid features of his kind. Black eyebrows sit atop his large dark green eyes. Thin lips and a somewhat large mouth hide his sticky and six-inch long tongue. His jawline is slimmed lightly, contrasting his large frame greatly and making him appear somewhat younger even with the earliest signs of age showing with faded lines under his eyes. No scars cover any part of his body or face, but he carries a tally-like tattoo over his heart with three β€œstrikes” and the initials M, S, and N under them from left to right.


Unlike the various others of his kind, Dhaval believes in the worth of an individual more so than most. Because of this, he is confident and proud of his self-given identity. As a warrior of his race, he has considerable respect for those who seek to protect their friends and people. This doesn't change the fact that he parted ways in considerably bad relations with the majority of his people and even his family unit, leaving him mixed with regret when speaking about them.

As one might expect from the fact he has three special women in his life, Dhaval enjoys flirting and talking with the opposite sex. This leads to often arguing with one of the trio, but most often his wife whenever things get heated. Like much of the Kudhacari, he looks at it almost like a duty to ensure he passes on his genes and has a large family of his own. This has grown tremendously to such a degree that he will protect all three of the women from intentional threats.

Overall, this makes Dhaval a guy who tries to enjoy himself and bask in the moment. Long-considered a reject among his people for being independent, he loves the very fact that he gets to choose and act entirely on his own. Despite this, however, he retains some semblance of respect and duty to his people. This means that as he sees things, he will often estimate its worth based on resources before currency. And furthermore, he looks for any method to encourage or assist the Kudhacari in transitioning to the galactic stage properly. That way, he can spend more time around the fascinating wonders of the various other cultures with his own kin.



Dhaval was born in 13 YE on his kind's homeworld of Eutherion. Much of his childhood was spent being raised to fight by his uncle and aunt. This meant that he spent little time having any sort of need for his claws beyond the potential idea for attacking others and defending his family and the Kudhacari people. As his childhood pushed on, this left him at odds and often training with allies of his family unit his own age. It was here that he met Manju when they were only 10 YE old. She was one of the various Kudhacari who spent their lives in space, meaning it was quite likely they would be separated.

When they were both 17 YE old, however, in the year YE 30, Manju and Dhaval had hooked up sporadically when she was going to try and find work up in space. The result was a near immediate marriage between the two and Dhaval moving to join her in the stars. It took almost a year before he was acclimated, however, finally joining her. Countless incidents requiring the two to provide security from incoming asteroids had resulted in a most peculiar instance. He was propositioned by Sitara, a miner he had saved, to produce a child. Manju was hesitant at first simply because she didn't want to share her lover any further, but had actually encouraged it as she knew it was the quickest way to expand their family unit and provide numbers. It was against their tradition when it became somewhat more than that, with Sitara swearing herself to him as a close friend, but the trio had no reason to mind.

Despite his few hook-ups after that, the two had failed to do more than strengthen their friendship. It was at this time that he got his first tattoo with both women as strikes and their initials. Not much longer after that, as they were relocated to deeper space due to their effectiveness as a trio, he would meet Neha. The same sort of story would occur, instead of his heroics it was simply his reputation that led to her propositioning, and ultimately led to him gaining quite a bit of vocal dislike for his wide-berthing net. Most nights, despite what one might think, were filled with the four comforting one another from all the vocal harassment.

This changed all in a day, however, as something strange occurred as the worked in a deep-space asteroid collection operation near one of the cracked worlds in their home system. A foreign, independent ship warped in and near the four, the three women tethered to Dhaval to both anchor him and to ensure he could pull them to safety if need be. However, rather than provide safety, it would lead to the four getting caught and dragged along well-away from their home system. The ship had a universal translator when they reeled the four in, the two women hiding behind the shaky and somewhat uncomfortable duo of warriors. All four of them had been recovered by a trader in the year YE 35, the scale-covered individuals on their own.

Since then, for the last few years, they'd been working and trying to make a living with those who pitied them. It took time and resources just for the four to learn Trade, but eventually they achieved a what could be called a more proper living. Specifically, Dhaval acquired his own Justicar carrier after placing a large bet on himself in a wrestling match. When the man was unable to pay up the bet, Dhaval took the ship as payment and ultimately cut ties with the various groups that had been employing him. It lacked the full compliment thanks to it being second-hand, but its age and modifications to the interior made up for that. It was the tool Dhaval needed, however, and he dumped much of his winnings (barring a sum of roughly 3,000 KS) into stocking and preparing the ship. He had a simple plan, of course, and it was to try and earn as much money as possible and make a strike in the galaxy through any means possible. Once he'd done that, it meant he could return to his world and prove that the four of them weren't so foolish nor misguided. It could prove that the Kudhacari were destined for a place among the other nations.

Social Connections

Dhaval Dhawan is connected to:

Skills Learned


  • Proficient in Trade & Kudhacari Languages


  • Proficient in Blast-Mining
  • Proficient in handling explosives
  • Proficient in making primitive-styled explosives


  • Understands basics of commanding
  • Understands basics of diplomacy
  • Understands basics of military tactics such as ambushing and when/when not to attack


  • Skilled in Hand-to-Hand Combat
  • Skilled in handling drills, weapon or otherwise
  • Skilled in Void Combat
  • Proficient in handling Rifles
  • Proficient in fighting with traditional body armors

Starship Operations

  • Basic Small Ship Pilot
  • Basic Navigation Skills

Survival and Military

  • Can construct shelter from the terrain on soil or rock worlds
  • Can find water underground


  • Basic Mecha Pilot

Inventory & Finance

Dhaval Dhawan has the following items:


  • 3,000 = Initial
  • 2,000 (-1,000) = Initial Personal Equipment

Owned Ships

ISS Dig-It

The Dig-It is a Justicar Mecha Carrier, one of many designed by Origin. It currently is painted black and accented along the edges of its various parts with dark green. It maintains the traditional armaments of the common Justicar.

OOC Information

In the case Legix becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? NO
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? NO
Artwork to be made

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