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Dimitri Greco

Dimitri Greco is a player character played by Syaoran.

Dimitri Greco
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Born: YE13
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Infantry/Driver
Rank: Santo Hei
Current Placement: Fifth Standard Fleet, Fourth company, First platoon, Squad four

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 180cm1)
  • Mass: 81kg2)
  • Measurements:

Build and Skin Color: Dimitri has olive skin and a well built frame. He doesn't go to the gym much though so his muscles lack the definition of intentional growth, but he's got more than enough strength.

Eyes and Facial Features: He has a particularly Grecian appearance and dull green eyes. He likes to look 'rugged' so keeps his face rough with stubble.

Hair Color and Style: Dark brown, messy, ear length hair that always looks like he just ran a hand hand over it so it doesn't look like he just got out of bed.

Enhancements: Dimitri has cybernetic eyes that are better at motion tracking that normal eyes, as well as a cybernetic improvement to his reflex arc.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Dimitri tries to always present himself as a 'true man', not to be confused as a 'Macho man', always a bit gruff, but kind, and pays respect to those above him. He has some trouble dealing with women though, back home, he never had to treat women different from guys, the ones he met were generally just as into the whole macho stereo type as the me. So when he meets someone with a 'lady like' demeanor he doesn't know what to do. Man or Woman though, Dimitri will not hesitate to help out his comrades, and even put his life on the line for it.

  • Likes: driving, hanging out with his buddies, modifying vehicles(not illegally…anymore)
  • Dislikes: People who use drugs to control people, hit-men, cheaters, and people who disrespect their 'friends'.
  • Goals: Dimitri is constantly trying to make himself a better person and live a respectful life


Family (or Creators)

Father is deceased. His mother last he saw was on Nepleslia, but he is unsure if she is still alive.


Dimitri was born to an average Nepleslian family, his father was a hired gun who had a reputation for his quick work, and his mother was a bassist in a band. When he was young Dimitri was diagnosed with a degenerative disease that was cured with an operation and along with it, his parents had his reflex arc augmented to help him quickly adapt to his properly functioning muscles.

There was nothing really eventful in Dimitri's life afterwards until he became 14 years old, when Dimitri's father was killed while out shopping. It was thought to be a random mugging, but after his mother did some digging, not able to cope with the loss, she discovered that it was a planned. Some guy was pissed that Dimitri's father was better than him and surprised him, and shot him dead so he could take the hit-man work in the area. Though she managed to keep herself together for a while Dimitri's mom soon fell apart and quit her band and began to just idle around at home.

By time Dimitri was 16 his mom was dating again, but it was not something that made Dimitri happy, not because he missed his father, but because his mother was doing drugs. Her new boyfriend was getting her hooked on drugs and using that to have his way with her. Dimitri began spending more and more time out of the house and quickly got involved with racing gangs, where he learned to drive and became respected amongst his peers for his talent. During this time Dimitri ended up at a race through a chemical plant, and due to some rough play had an accident that resulted in the loss of his eyes. However he soon had them replaced with cybernetic eyes that could track motion better, and his reputation improved.

This reputation though was not all good. It meant people expected him to win and if you could bet against him and be right it meant a lot of money was coming your way. This was the idea that his gang boss had, he'd use his cousin to bet against Dimitri in a big race and get some extra cash. However once the race started, Dimitri of course did not want to lose to someone so out of his league, even if it was for money and he ended up winning the race. Of course his gang was not pleased and they chased after him, now with a massive debt on their shoulders. Dimitri fled the planet and after some hopping around, ended up in Yamatain space by the time he was 20. There he decided to turn his life around, and become an upstanding soldier and a real man.

Fifth Fleet Service

Chapter 5 Antagonist



Dimitri is fluent in Nepleslian and proficient enough to properly communicate, but when he gets really angry he tends to speak in Nepleslian…which is good, cause he swears a lot. He of course has learned the standard communication methods of the Star Army, as well as knowing some trade ship jargon from his time traveling.


Even before joining the army, Dimitri knew his way around a good fight (armed or unarmed). The army has taught him some of the mechanics behind fighting so he can be more effective, but that wont stop him from drop kicking someone at the bottom of stairs, or wasting a bullet to shoot someone in the family jewels.


He knows how to operate both Nepleslian and Yamatai basic OSs proficiently. Computers were never really his thing, but he makes due.


Dimitri has passed the basic math courses the star army requires, though it was a bit of a struggle.


Dimitri is a gifted terrestrial driver, capable of handling land and water based transports with ease. Though it's a bit more difficult for him, he can pilot air born vehicles. He has never actually piloted something in space before though.


Dimitri has a basic understanding of engineering from constantly working on his own vehicles back home. He is capable of fully servicing a standard personal terrestrial transport on his own, as well as performing modifications. He might have to look at a manual for bigger things if he's doing something complicated, but still general service and repair should be no issue.


After being on the run for a good time Dimitri learned how to 'keep his head down' so to speak, and live in places people wouldn't find him. He can sustain himself without civilization fairly well, provided there is actually things he can use as food and shelter. He's not McGuiver.


Dimitri Greco has the following items:

"Old World" inventory

  • Mechanical wench crossbow
    • Broadhead Bolts
    • Bodkin bolts
  • Travler's Knife
  • Goblin sword
  • Gambeson


Dimitri Greco is currently a Santo Hei in the Star Army of Yamatai.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds
5652 KS +2652 YE37 pay


This character is NOT up for Adoption


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