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Dion'Sirith is a player character played by Legix.

Species & Gender: Separa'Shan Male
Date of Birth: YE 16
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Star Army Medical Personnel
Rank: Nitô Juni
Current Placement:

Physical Description

As a male of Pythus lineage, Dion “stands” at a rough height of six feet tall, able to rise to a total of eight to reveal a white, armored “belly” of the snaky tail. A tan and sandy white coat adorns his scales down the full length of sixteen feet, riding partially up to the center of his back where it meets with his tan skin-like hide that covers the rest of the human torso. In contrast to his lower half's bulky and muscular size, he is remarkably slim and light in musculature on his torso and arms.

Despite his lack of visible muscles, his face carries a sharp, but wide-set and prominent jaw that hints at its ability to go slack, his eyes stuck in a narrow squint that just barely reveals the white-colored slit-shaped pupils. His brown hair, growing long, is kept slicked back and pulled into a two-inch ponytail. A flick of the tongue reveals the snake-like tongue of his people, making some sense as to a thin and seemingly worthless nose. His ears ride out into short points, a few scales visible from behind them.

The smell of medicine and hospitals seems to waft around him, intermingling with the scent of what could only be a “masculine” hint to give it just enough edge to avoid sterility and make it seem natural. When he speaks, the slight hiss following his words is hidden by a slightly deep tone. Because of this, when he gets worked up or excited, one can often hear the hiss more prominently.


As one may expect from a Pythus, Dion retains a somewhat more “wild” mannerism in his posture and very demeanor. This means that he's often found smiling and lacking some of the more proper Yamatai mannerisms in favor of simply treating others equally. As such, he tends to not get along with those uptight to customs be they other Separa'Shan like himself or simply other members of the Star Army. However, this doesn't mean he fails to offer prayer to the gods who might watch over him. In fact, it means there are many times he might recognize his own attitude or mistaken acts of rudeness and pray for forgiveness.

Professionally, however, Dion loses some of a rather cheery and carefree personality in favor for one befitting a more “proper” idea of someone with a potential to lead a clan of his own. Ditching a smile for a somber frown, he takes his medicinal work seriously and has no qualms even using himself to stop bleeding. Because of this, he can make cruel decisions at times that require even hurting a patient to ensure their survival.

As far as men go, it's safe to say Dion is one who holds himself to standards that expect others to recognize his own efforts and willingness to find a way to profit and prosper above his flaws. Those who see fit to try and work on a friendship will find him welcoming, warming, and even confiding in the men and women who choose to take part in such activities. And, as one might expect, he's gained quite a bit of experience both from his own time between tours and sometimes even when faced with other Separa'Shan of more loose custom-standings with handling the opposite sex. This “sleeping around” has led to him gaining a following as a “great hugger”, but also a stigma among the more serious of his species to the point that his mood sours and he becomes dismissive of others if the subject is brought up and pushed.



Dion was born in YE 16, on the planet Essia, within his family's abode. They were part of one of the many clans that dotted their kind's home-world, but it was Dion born first to his parents from their clutch and the only one to survive in the earliest years of his life. Because of this, though he would receive siblings through luck later on, his earliest years were spent preparing him for a life that could potentially allow him to command the other families within their clan. Things were peaceful, to a large degree, but his life changed roughly around the time Yamatai made contact with his home-world during his last year of being a child.

In the year YE 29, Yamatai made contact with the Separa'Shan and changed the course of his (and many others) life. The contact had led to profit for many traders such as his mother, bringing the opportunity to learn from the nation alongside the prosperity. As he ascended, the first thing Dion requested was to go off-world with his mother to study and examine the culture of the empire. Such a decision meant he couldn't bring any of their beliefs back, but he didn't mind much at the idea of seeing just what lie beyond his home.

And among Yamatai, using some of his mother's funding over the next three years, he began to study as a doctor. He grew stronger and far more powerful, gaining the eye of plenty of xeno-lovers and even other traveling Separa'Shan. It reached a point that, as he was supported by friends and lovers, he was able to become fully independent at the age of eighteen and focus entirely on his studies and efforts to learn medicine. Taking the time to enlist alongside his medical teaching in the year YE 34, he served his first tour at roughly the same time he earned qualifications to practice medicine and act as an every day doctor. All the time he'd spent sleeping around meant that going back home or even to another place within the Yamatai's more common “hubs” would mean likely slithering into some unwelcoming faces. It wasn't hard for him to re-enlist, hoping both to continue seeing the universe while working toward gaining another qualification as a proper surgeon or something specialized like a chiropractor.

YSS Sakishima (YE 38)

Dion was transferred to the Sakishima in roughly YE 38 to become their ship doctor. His first impression of the crew, humorously enough, was that they were all on break and using the onsen. Here, he met his first vekimen and began to prepare files for his service aboard the ship. He served for a single mission before being transferred.

Social Connections

Dion'Sirith is connected to the following people…

Name Connection Description
???'Sirith Sister Dion's sister, the second-born of the family.
???'Sirith Sister Dion's sister, the third-born of the family.
???'Sirith Brother Dion's brother, the fourth-born of the family.
???'Sirith Sister Dion's sister, the fifth-born of the family.
???'Sirith Sister Dion's sister, the sixth-born of the family.

Skills Learned

Star Army Common Skills


Medically speaking, Dion is more than proficient as a doctor and a field medic. He's more than capable of using all the various kits and tools within them that Star Army fields, including improvising using his own natural body to substitute things such as a tourniquet or pressure-bandage. Atop this vast knowledge comes with some field experience, but the newest edition to his medical knowledge is the beginnings of chiropractic therapy, such as massaging and focusing on one's natural limberness.


In terms of fighting, Dion is obviously quite capable as a soldier within the Star Army. While he is better off utilizing weaponry, the man's Separa'Shan nature actually allows Dion to carry others in his tail while fighting without hindering himself much. This also doubles, of course, in allowing Dion to strangle one opponent or hold them hostage with his tail while still being proficient in battle.

Physical Prowess

Physically speaking Dion isn't terribly strong in terms of his humanoid half. However, this doesn't include his abilities utilizing his tail. The lengthy addition is more than capable of pulling objects for long periods without much effect on his overall stamina. The amount of force he can exert equally makes it dangerous, as his constrictor-half is immensely powerful and weighs an absurd amount to boot!

Housework/Utility Work

As one of a medical profession, Dion is exceptionally gifted at cleaning and preparing a room. Whether basic cleaning or an outright surgical scrub-down, this man is good enough to make most housewives and househusbands swoon. Over the years as a field surgeon, oddly enough, he has even gained knowledge on removing stains quite extensively. Of course, it could also be that he had some sort of domestic training while back home…

Inventory & Finance

Dion'Sirith has the following items:

Additional Art


OOC Information

In the case Legix becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? NO
Art by Ametheliana! Thanks Ame =3=

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