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DJ ENtropic

Freethinker Ender 11-7701-55, more popularly known as DJ ENtropic is an Independent DJ, electronica artist and music producer who operates largely in the underground circuits of Nepleslia, and is a frequent guest at Polysentience jam sessions with artists all over space. ENtropic's has something of a cult following, with a few people that follow the music industry occasionally breaking into a smile when they recognize his upbeat and almost ethereal sound. Due to reasons of ethics and personal safety, he does not take any jobs inside of the Yamatai Star Empire.


Originally a Type 3 automata acoustics major in his early days, ENtropic picked up a vivid passion for music when he attempted to build a working sonic gun that would work in space, via a plasma projector and an unstable quartz allotrope. The device obviously failed, but the resulting detonation was heard by his nodemates as “the most beautiful sound they'd ever heard”, before experiencing a state of deafness that lasted three days. While a failure in his field of study, he had discovered something about himself, and quickly went on to become a famous DJ and mixmaster for Free State Radio. His first album, “Entro to Intropy” was widely distributed inside of Polysentience, and coincided with the first encounter between the The Free State and the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia (at the time known as NSE). He later went on to sell two million copies in Nepleslian space, and was noteworthy in his expenditure of the money. Aside from upgrading his body with fully integrated mobile sound studio, most of the money went to Nepleslian charities and the purchase of raw materials for the Free State.

Style: Hard Trance, Uplifting Trance, Techno Trance, Acid House, Electronica

Hit Single: “Flight of the Rovers”

Defining Album: “Entro to Intropy”


In Polysentience, access to his works are free via video steaming or download, but may be a difficult feat to accomplish for non-Freespacers, while sales in Nepleslia are done via the record company “Gunz an' Muzik”. Distribution into other nations is possible, so long as censors allow.


  • Nova Gunner Give
  • Flight of the Rovers
  • W.R.Y.Y.Y
  • Thi Eleat Beet
  • The Dirge of Priapus
  • Catagga
  • The Game We Lost


  • Elevator Capacity
  • Entro to Intropy
  • Entrospective

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