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Doctor Cotton

⚠ This page's contents are a work in progress and cannot yet be used in the RP

A mad-scientist in every sense of the term, Doctor Tiberius Cotton was a disenfranchised Geshrin who defected from the Yamatai Star Empire due to increased racial prejudice and… well, really he's just a misogynistic bastard who was sore at the power Nekovalkyrja were gaining. First he defected to Nepleslia, but unable to find funding for his anti-neko experiments he was seduced by a Mishhuvurthyar contact into joining and working for them. It was a match made in hell, as the Doctor quickly found he had a lot of things in common with the Mishhu and bought in whole-heartedly into their conquest of the galaxy. So much so that he turned his experiments, in cooperation with the SMX scientists who would eventually design the Mishhuvurthyar and helped on the project to produce the new Mishhuvurthyar parasite NMX. Eventually he used a modified 1) Parasite-Type on himself, injecting it straight into his eye, to gain some of the abilities of the new, upgraded Mishhu, such as their Mishhuvurthyar Tentacles.


Approximately a late-thirties Geshrin with short, dark hair that's starting to grey. He's missing his left eye, and the entire socket forms a hole in the back of his head, which blooms out like a flower into a morass of tentacles. His brain appears to be missing from his skull, having had it placed in a more secure location in his body.

It had only basic brain functions so that he would not lose his own mind and personality
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