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Doctor Wilhuuf Creed

Doctor Wilhuuf Creed is a player character played by Frankly.

Doctor Wilhuuf Creed
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Height: 5'9“
Weight: 170 lbs
Organization: -
Occupation: Fugitive Neuroscientist
Rank: -
Current Placement: -

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5'9”
  • Mass: 170 lbs

Doctor Creed doesn't cut an imposing figure, not as widely built as many of his people or even as tall as one might see in the Marines. A tired looking face with a dark, brown creamy tone sat in a shard frame with lines and creases cutting into it from years of scowling. He had heavy bags under his eyes, and short black hair parted to the left. A tired, worldly look framed him, and he wore it with a sense of purpose, though he maintained a certain sense of distant aloofness about him that seemed to often keep him at a distance.

He wore an well kept looking suit, with a brown jacket that stopped at just about his knees, wearing a darker brown vest underneath, and matching slacks. His jacket had brown buttons on the front and at the cuff of the sleeves, and the shirt he wore underneath was a plain with buttons running down the length.

He looked like the sort of person who cared a great deal about his appearance, but didn't have the time to keep it anymore, and although his suit was impeccable. A great deal of care clearly went into the maintenance of his suit and his personal appearance.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Doctor Creed is a depraved man interested in the distress of others. As a killer he takes great personal enjoyment in the murder of others, but rarely enjoys taking a life that was not worth living. Thuggery and assassination hold little interest to him outside of maintaining his expensive lifestyle. Doctor Creed truly felt at home among the finer things in life, expensive clothing, drinks, and most importantly interesting victims to pursue. Beyond all of his culture and intrigue lies a distinct sadism that he must fulfill to a point of compulsion.

  • Likes: Research, high society, “dangerous foods” (people), mental sparring (be it with colleagues or victims), distress
  • Dislikes: Dull people, men of moral ambiguity, people with clam, collected lives.
  • Goals: Doctor Creed seeks only to find more interesting and enlightening places in the universe, and perhaps more interesting victims to take along the way… after all, no intellectual pursuit was victemless.



  1. Franklin Smith (Deceased)
  2. Hilda Smith (Deceased)


Doctor Franklin Smith Jr was born in Nepleslian space, where he studied Nueroscience with honors and developed several profitable pharmaceutical solutions for common neurological problems before joining the Lambda Group.

Inside the Lambda Group he found himself developing a new drug designed to stimulate the development of the human mind to unnatural levels, thereby expanding human potential and creating the next breed of thinker. However this project eventually drew itself to the unavoidable phase of testing in its target demographic; Children. Orphans taken from the streets of Funky City were used for testing a drug that essentially forced the brain to develop minor mutations over a period of years; this unfortunately meant the test had a 90% mortality rate. For years Doctor Smith continued his horrific experiments with less than marketable results, but every failed application was another step in the direction his benefactors (corporate parties who chose to remain anonymous) wanted.

Eventually he hit a point where he could no longer stomach his research, or the “results over ethics” nature of the project. Doctor Smith fled the Lambda Group compound, and planned to expose their work and turn himself in only to find that the Lambda Group had not only already done so. When the Doctor abandoned the project, the Lambda Group implicated him fully as the head researcher and sole perpetrator of multiple crimes against humanity in their labs. With the Lambda Group now defunct and it's unnamed corporate benefactors denying any involvement, Doctor Smith was forced to flee Nepleslian Space. Ever since then he has gone by a false name, Doctor Wilhuuf Creed.



As a neurologist Doctor Creed is a studied linguistics in relation to his field. As a result he understands the way sentient beings form language the effects of the brain on language. This allows Doctor Creed to learn languages more easily and he can fluently speak, read, and write in both Yamatiago and Trade. He has not yet needed to learn a third language, as Trade is incredibly prevalent among the scientific community.

Science: Neurobiology

Doctor Creed was an award winning Neuroscientist before his work with the Lambda Group was exposed. Being that his field is so cross disciplinary focused, this means that Doctor Creed has a background in chemistry, cognitive science, basic computer computer science, basic engineering, advanced mathematics, linguistics, medicine, genetics and psychology; all building up to his specialty in the study of the nervous system and the brain.


Doctor Creed is far from a proper physician, with only basic medical training and no surgical knowledge. However the doctor is an experienced pharmaceutical chemist, and has developed several drugs for obscure non life-threatening neurological disorders in the past. He can diagnose illnesses and prescribe medication as necessary, but has little practical experience in the physical aspect of medicine outside what he was required to learn for his field. He can set broken bones, but gunshots and stab wounds are at the outer limits of his training at best.


Doctor Creed minored in culinary arts during his graduate studies and often had to pay his rent working in kitchens before finally being rewarded with a research grant and teaching position at his Alma Mater; he is often known to use this skill set to barter his way onto passing ships.


Doctor Creed has a working knowledge of small arms in their various forms ranging from ballistics to energy weapons as most of Nepleslian Culture gun ownership to a level of fetishism (and even has a holiday devoted to it). He knows how to hand load his own cartridges, but doesn't see any great necessity to do so when using semi or fully automatic weapons he plans to use in personal defense, reasoning that they will not be impactful in a firefight because he will not have the time required for precision shooting. Doctor Creed fights dirty in a crawl, often preferring to use his cane as a bludgeoning weapon.


Doctor Creed is on the run, hiding where every he can and leaving when he thinks he's been found. He's always watching for bounty hunters or other less reputable sorts and knows how to disappear into a crowd.


Doctor Creed has spent his time training to be physically fit in the event that he is found. He has not only taught himself to sprint effectively, but can also climb and leap at impressive distances and will take any route to evade capture. This ability can inky take him so far, however, with his lack of ability to pilot a starship. Unfortunately he lacks the muscle definition of most trained sprinters, and cannot hope to outrun pursuers with significant athletic training.


Doctor Wilhuuf Creed has the following items:


Doctor Creed's Cane
  • Type: Baton
  • Size: Three Feet (91 cm)
  • Mass: 4 lbs
  • Components: Basic sturdy steel, Concussion Modification, BR28A Rechargeable Battery
  • Cost: 560 DA

Description: Doctor Creed carries a sturdy looking black cane with a screw on top designed to house a battery that will power it's concussion system. In a fight he will use this cane two handed.

  • Basic Survival Knife (100 DA)
  • Zen Arms PIMP (500 DA)
    • Includes three magazines
  • Zen FEAR Carbine (650 DA)
    • Zen Standard Foregrip/Weapon Light
    • Zen ZAH-1 Holographic Sight
    • Zen-FEAR 35-round Magazine 6x
    • Zen-FEAR 75-round Extended Magazine 2x
    • Zen ZWS-2 Thirty Caliber Weapon Suppressor
    • Zen ZSS-3 Single Point Weapon Sling


Doctor Creed's Suit
  • Type: Full Suit (Jacket, Vest, Shirt, Pants, Shoes, Gloves)
  • Role: Aesthetics and Mobility
  • Mass:
  • Base Materials: Exotic Fibers (24), Breathable Material, Power Weave, Self Repairing Nanites, Integrated Exoskeleton, Pocket Holster, Rechargeable Battery
  • Price: 2830 DA

Description: An expensive, custom tailored suit purchased not long after Doctor Creed began to make financial windfall in the pharmaceutical industry. One he was on the run from the law, Doctor Creed had the suit further tailored to take a powered weave and an exoskeleton designed to increase his physical strength and by extension his running speeds. It is useful if a brawl starts, but not enough to compensate for its lack of protection, but has a hidden holster for his PIMP machine pistol. The suit itself is more for personal comfort than actual utility, and is one of the few indulgences of his former life that Doctor Creed allows himself.

Field Maintenance Procedure: The suit is self repairing, and as such only requires time and material to mend any damage received. In one of the coat pockets is a set of dry cleaning instructions. The suit can generally be hand washed if a dry cleaner is unavailable, and the battery is rechargeable.

  • Three pairs of cloth slacks (150 DA)
  • Six button down cloth shirts (300 DA)
  • Two cloth vests (80 DA)
  • A pair of cheaply made metal rimmed circular sunglasses


Doctor Wilhuuf Creed is currently unemployed and seeking!

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
6000 DA Starting Funds
830 DA 5170 DA Starting Gear

OOC Discussion

Doctor Creed is inspired by a combination of Simon Tam from firefly and Doctor Delia Surridge from V for Vendetta. His remorse for what he did was initially what caused him to flee the program, but soon found himself being used as the fall guy for them.

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