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Dollmaker Diharmonious Phase 46-9084-314

Dollmaker Diharmonious Phase 46-9084-314 is a player character played by Moogle.

This character may not be adopted.
Dollmaker Diharmonious Phase 46-9084-314
Species: Freespacer Type Four
Gender: Mechanical Sentience, chooses pronouns as suiting for the situation
Age: YE35
Height: 4'11“
Weight: 200lbs
Occupation: Roboticist
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: Smaller: 4'11”, Larger: 8'2“
  • Mass: 200lbs
  • Measurements: n/a

Build and Skin Color:

Smaller: Arms that look like a metallic version of human bone structure, except a little thicker. The insides of these “bones” have all the essential wiring. The upper and lower arms connect on a hole-shaped joint on circular bases . The four-fingered hand connects to the arm on a ball-joint, but can be swapped incredibly easily for a different one through some activateable electromagnets at the base. Body seems smooth and unmarred until the chassis meets a large, black sphere connecting the chest and the hips. The ball sits in the hips and contains a safe, but otherwise is electromagnetically connecting the upper and lower halves of Phase. The legs are simple, z-shaped with no “feet” to speak of, but contains both magnetic clamps and bolts that push out in event of extra balance needed. The upper legs also contain multiple hand-swaps for Phase.

Phase frequently decorates themselves in beads, in various methods and patterns, but never to the point of inconvenience. Sometimes, uses old Yamataian gatchapon containers in a bandoleer configuration to carry components in convenient fashion.

"Twist and pop... And here, a reel of components. And when I let go of the reel, the spring-loaded part sucks it back in with the parts, like tape-measure. Aren't I clever?""

Additionally, The wrist joints are a time-telling device and a magic-eight-ball (or at least rigged to act like one). The former involves the joint being painted to look like a very complex dice, and then the faces shifting in strange motions to form the current time, which is illuminated by light peeking out of the cracks surrounding the correct numbers. Phase uses gunshell bodies in tandem with her larger frame to make rudimentary “fingernails” on her body.

"Stop what?"
"Would you STOP THAT"

Phase uses the hollow space in their arms to make a harp by adding wiring from a reel contained in their elbow to it. Sometimes, they tuck their knuckle under her chin, Elbow out, The strings become a violin. Sometimes, they use the “fingernails” to pluck. (See also: The Soloist) With clever modifications, Phase can also make it into an electric violin.

Larger: See References. Phase decorates the hands of her larger body with body of gunshells as fingernails thanks to some clever slicing and splicing. Chunky form - Not thin but also not stocky, Sort of like a chubby groot. Lean, but with heavy parts ontop, Feminine, but still visibly strong mechanically. More mechanical than human in nature. Has an external, massive set of hands that mount over the actual hands of the Frame, for multipurpose use. But, when not mounted, they lock to the waist, wearing the fingers like a dress - but mostly over the back. The front of the hips have a pair of simple manipulator (tooling) arms mounted, blocks that flip out and extend while in use, but otherwise hang down forward slightly as implied skirting for the front

Eyes and Facial Features:

Smaller: A metal jaw covers the lower half of a screenlike face. Said jaw is more like a turtleneck sweater's collar than an expressive facial mechanism. Screenlike face extends from the jaw's tip up to its forehead. Boltlike circles exist where ears should be, and the left one can extend outwards (like a pop-up) to reveal ports for most accepted forms of information transfer. The right is basically a molding mechanism containing an attatchment for Phase's multi-head tools, which, upon assessing an object, can sculpt an appropriate (but small) tool for the situations Phase is not already prepared for.

Larger: See references. A cross shaped visor in a smoothed dome for a head that has an emotive glowing eye in it.

Distinguishing Features:

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Phase prefers using uncontracted, formal (But not necessarily polite) forms of speech, choosing “correctness” above “convenience” in most respects. Correctness means “original intent.” It means taking the long way without cutting corners. Has the nickname “Face” for the fact that, while they lack a “proper” face, their screen can act expressively with minimal projections combined with full body language to communicate things. Lots of emotive use of hands, hips, head tilts, shrugs - things like that - mixed with two-eyed emotes (all lacking a mouth) from the face. Their formality in speech is contrasted by the way Phase uses language, often coming off as sly and playful. Additionally, they use several different voices to interact. Sometimes machine-like to mess with people's expectations. Phase, on occassion, rotates their stomach and ball-joints randomly, without moving the rest of their body. Tends to run places to get things done. “Clak clak clak clak krwreuuun kudunk.” Has a habit of making puppets of people they know or media they've seen. Phase is very utilitarian, and thinks of their body as one big tool for her to take advantage of. For space, for action, for whatever.

  • Preferences:
  • Phobias: Agoraphobia, danger-related paranoia,
  • Goals: Live and enjoy life.
  • “1 4M 4 R0B07 B33P…” *doing the robot* *shrug* “Naw just kidding. So what was it you wanted?”
  • I can see someone being uncomfortable and to rub it in, smacking her hip and being all "You want the booty, huh?" or "There's junk in this trunk if you know what I mean" -- then after holding it for a moment, laughing it off somewhat embarrassed.
  • "Yes, you are!" she says, a sock-puppet in hand while a split hand does the work of two hands, holding one thing with one and fixing the thing with a tool in hand with the other, eyes on the puppet. "No lips, see? I'm a gifted ventriloquist."
    She turns the puppet inside out.different color, different face. Seems to be holding a tiny baseball bat in both hands
    "And how are you today, Mr Whacks?"
    She has two puppets on the same split hand, one beating the other with the tiny baseball bat while the other cries.
    "Now now Mr Whacks. That's domestic abuse. Do you want the man on your back?"
    She turns the wife inside out
    "Oh no! Mr. Whacks is in prison and he's being raped by a tall Nepleslian!"
    "Shame on you for dropping the soap! Now you'll have to hide crack in your backside and suck dicks if you want to get by! Oh and look! Mrs Whacks has taken custody of the children and is demanding child-support! Shame on you, Mr. Whacks!"
  • I can see her having one of Aiesu and one of Luca with little button eyes and felt sideburns and making the Aiesu act all nervous around the other one. Peeking out from behind doors at him
    "Rwar I am Luca Pavone! Mighty space hero and pusher of complete twaddle! Look at my mighty merchendise!"
    *Now speaking perfect Lorath, subtitles on her face* "Oh gosh, look at him, that stupid manly idiot with his biceps and bodyhair. He should shower more instead of smelling so dreamy! How dare he!"
    "Oh hello little su-su! Have you come to speak technotwaddle to me about things I don't know because I'm too busy being cool?"
    "Yes, the Glarantifier of the phfwghwaghadifonicer seems to be broken. I need a lock of your hair to fix it"
    "A lock of my hair? What ever could you need that for?! Dohoho!"
    "For making a constr-- er, because the ... "
    "Yes, that thing you just said. It eats hair."
    "Oh, that reminds me of a Mishhu I once met. They say tentacle sex is not for the shy. Do I look shy to you?"
    "No Luca. You don't look shy at all."
    "I was then! Dohoho!"
    <Aiesu> "Dear god, what in sweet fuck's name are you doing?"
    <Phase> "1 H4V3 N0 ID34 0F WH4T Y0U SP34K 0F"
    <Aiesu> "uhhuh... I've been watching for a few minutes now."
    <Phase> "TH4T M4K3S Y0U 4 V0Y3UR. DuLY N0T3D."
    <Aiesu> "What? No, that'd be"
    <Phase> "V3RY STR4NG3."
    <Aiesu> "Yes."
    <Phase> "Oh~ What a shame."
    <Aiesu>"I'm going to call you Diehard. Dihardollmaker. Diehard for short."
  • <Aiesu> "What say you?"
    *Phase makes a motion of masturbating, O shaped hand with her right.
    *Stares at her wrist.
    <Phase> "Don't count on it."
  • And sometimes she'll strum a faint bar of harpsound before saying something in a very sweet voice that's very blunt and emotionally damaging.
    >Someone's compaining about something
    >In the background she plays a "sad" violin


Family (or Creators)

The Free State


Dollmaker Diharmonius Phase Four-Six came about as one of many attempts to improve the processes of constructing Synthetic Intelligence more efficiently, with less physical presence required to house it. Replicating neural networks with less faults and more benefits. Phase is not much of an improvement. Phase developed severe agoraphobia and (danger related) paranoia quickly, anything more than a small room causing them much anguish. Even hallways are a problem, though they can bear through them better. So, as Phase grew, they took the skills they learned and improved, improved, and improved on them, crafting an external “husk” to wear while traveling. Eventually, Phase obtained a Traveller Shuttle, preferring the cramped spaces of the craft to anything else. With some minor improvements, Phase never had to leave the shuttle thanks to integrating their second body into the door as a sort of exosuit access point.



Phase is very advanced at building and maintaining all forms of mobile machine, including various subskills needed in order to operate hydraulics, circuitry, general metalcraft, and so on.

Starship Operations

Living in starship environments their entire lives, they naturally learn quite a bit regarding starship architecture and related systems. In a pinch most Freespacers can fill a wide range of roles.

Starship Modification (Maintenance and Repair

Phase is very familiar with altering their space to suit them, and has done exactly that with their Traveler.


(Accelerated learning, digital memory, knowledge.)

Freespacers all have basic neural tech installed at birth for childhood education. These may be used later in life to accelerate learning ability, allowing a Freespacer to learn a skill in a fraction of the time it may take most humanoids. These also provide a small digital memory bank, allowing one to privately record and store memoirs, or share these with others. Finally one can download reference books or instruction manuals into this digital memory, giving others the illusion that a user knows much more than they truly do. This skills also allows them to stay connected to Polysentience and to access the collective consciousness of their race, and to remotely connect and interface to most technology.

Collective Intelligence

By networking with other nearby Synthetic Intelligence, a Syntelligence can achieve much higher levels of computational ability and creativity. Furthermore, they may uplink with compatible equipment remotely; using their ships' sensors to achieve what is essentially a degree of omnipresence aboard their own vessels, or controlling drones.


Dollmaker Diharmonious Phase 46-9084-314 has the following items:

Number Item
1 Traveler-Class Shuttle
1 Collection of spare parts
1 Crate of refined metal
1 Collection of various robots and drones, all custom.
8 Hand puppets
1 Box of crafts supplies
1 Crate of 3d printing materials
1 HHG ‘High Hybrid Gun’, with 50 S-NAM (FMJ) and 50 S-NAM (JHP) rounds


Dollmaker Diharmonious Phase 46-9084-314 is currently a in the .

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds
13000 KS 10000 Tamamo Drone Purchase


<osaka>Walk me through loose feels of character.
<osaka>..Dollmaker is also a really good name for a Laz member.
<osaka>You could make its first name "Face", jokingly.
<osaka>Like the face in wrestling vs the heel.
<osaka>(Meaning protagonist vs baddie)
<osaka>>Only Joking! Waggon Modo!
very sly and playful, wearing two to four different voices.
<osaka>Sometimes they act more machine-like than they are to mess with people.
<osaka>"1 4M 4 R0B07 B33P..." *doing the robot*  *shrug* "Naw just kidding. So what was it you wanted?"
<osaka>Slightly exaggerated body language to make up for inexpressive face.

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