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Donvan Black

Donvan Black is a Player Character played by SirSkully

Donvan Black
Full Name: Donvan Chestire Black
Species and Gender: Human Male
Date of Birth: YE 20
Organization: Galactic Horizon
Occupation: Public Team
Rank: Head of Public Relations
Current Placement: Horizon HQ
Theme Song: Natural – Imagine Dragons

Physical Description

Donvan stands at 5'11“ with a rather impressively toned and sculpted frame from the man's wonderfully firm and curved behind to the light six pack that defines his midsection, while not maybe as athletic as he could be there is no denying Donvan cuts a rather impressive figure that is only further highlighted by the well-fitting suits he wears - he is usually either clean shaven or baring a five-o-clock shadow across his strong jawline, with deep ocean-blue eyes that run in his family and sandy blonde hair he currently keeps collar-length and swept back.

Despite the constant suits however Donvan likes to bless his feet with a set of hi-tops for most occasions bar a funeral, often going for the open-neck tie-less variety of suit and saving ties for business meetings and the like - a 1.5 inch scar sits just to the left of his spine and is often a fascination of whoever has decided they wish to be glued to Donvan's hip for the evening.


Donvan is a classy and well spoken individual who has a reputation for being a bit of floozy who playfully flirts with most people he comes across though despite all this he remains a gentleman regardless of if the situation ends with him sweaty and naked in his suite, while not a person to shove it in the face of everyone he comes across Donvan is more than happy with his pansexual nature - though is yet to come out to the majority of people about his Kaserine-fuelled gender-fluidity, with Donvan's sister and a few of his lovers being the only ones to know.

The man is a genius in his own right though not too boastful about all this, he simply does what is needed of him and does it well, able to put goals ahead of his own libido even if the opposite is what most people assume of Galactic Horizon's resident playboy - Donvan throws himself at everything life has to offer with open arms, always willing to try something new and can often found to be a loyal ally to those he holds dear.

One thing Donvan does make clear though is his aversion to getting intimate with anyone working for Galactic Horizon, with him still acting flirtatious if the person takes his fancy but not wanting to make things difficult by mixing his workplace with his pleasure.


Donvan Black was born in YE 20 just two minutes before his twin sister Kryss in their parent’s small home on Planet Yamatai, their parents raised the twins with love and affection. His father father worked full time to make ends meet while their mother stayed home to watch over them until they were old enough to be released into the public education system.

They both exceeded beyond their classmates in school, despite the fact that Donvan was the twin with all the social skills – he threw that under the bus when his sister was bullied and even accused of using his answers to cheat despite her academic performance, against his better judgement Kryss eventually convinced Donvan to let her admit to cheating despite any evidence pointing toward it. Setbacks aside they both graduated with outstanding recommendations and moved to Planet Osman where the family set up a small up and coming company with big ambitions.

Donvan though had other plans, choosing to follow his own path for a while as he seemingly fell off the grid up until he returned to join the family business in YE 40


Skills Learned

Donvan Black has the following notable skills:

Languages: Donvan is fully fluent in Tinacen, Yamataigo and Freefolk/Sixcog in addtion to Trade.

Entertainment: Having fun is definitely among Donvan’s top priorities, he loves to hold social events and strives to keep each of his patrons entertained – whipping out his guitar if mixing drinks in an impressive manner didn’t do the trick.

Fighting: Donvan is one hell of a kickboxer and frequently makes time to visit Galactic Horizon’s test range and keep his shooting arm accurate, recently he has been training with Terrins Dassau to improve both his aim and his hand-to-hand skills.

Technology Operation: Being the son of Riccard Black and a key figure of Galactic Horizon, Donvan is well versed in the company’s systems and methods of construction – he can tear a system apart and put it back together with the best of their technicians.

Knowledge: Donvan is a quick learner, despite the laid back demeanour he often possesses he studies everything rather attentively - this alongside his extremely rare combined case of combined eidetic memory and photographic memory as well as hyperthysemia makes him a mental force to be reckoned with.

Social Connections

Donvan Black is connected to:



Friends ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°):

Inventory and Finances

Donvan currently has a few million KS

1x data pad

Prototype Aerial Navigation Suit

Galactic Horizon 7.7x15mm Covert Carry Revolver

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