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The carpet name for anyone who is a member of the bodyguards of Doppel. So called because like her, they have abandoned who they were and adopted a transient name, and a similar look. They are considered part of the upper echelons of Doppel's part of the Independent Worlds League.


The Doppelganger were formed shortly after Nosaka Mamami left the United Outer Colonies and joined the Independent Worlds League. Soldiers that joined her also followed her lead and allowed their identities to be erased to spare any relations reprisal. They serve as Doppel's personal retinue, as well as her bodyguards, and on the case of the female agents, they also serve as body doubles for Doppel, generally serving as her avatar by proxy.


The equipment the Doppelganger are outfitted with are generally the armaments they have either managed to keep when they defected with Doppel, or are items they have managed to either steal or purchase through the black market, or more then likely one of their Consul's dummy corporations. Most carry light pistols and melee weapons, but some also have heavier weapons, but those are also mostly concealable. They generally wear similar attire, a long sleeved shirt, jacket, slacks and boots, save coloring to allow for the illusion that Doppel is everywhere. The women all wear a face concealing mask, save the possibility for eye holes. While the men, being unable to actually be doubles, wear a pressed suit, with a tie, and a mask that generally obscures the upper face and forehead.


Currently there are only about two dozen people who identify themselves as Doppelgangers. Each has thematically taken a name that is in someway a reference to their nature of being impersonators. The currently identified agents are as follows.

Evil Twin

The Doppelgangers are meant as a sort of elite mook meant as stand ins for Doppel should people wish to use the IWL in their plots. The list provided are only NPCs made for Task Force Lantern, if anyone wishes to use Doppelgangers in their plot, please contact Chris Young via fourm PM or over the IRC channel, then add your Doppelganger to the above list.

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