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Isaak Moltolav Sutuk

Dr. Isaak Moltolav Sutuk (Dr. Twitch)
Species: Random Alien
Gender: M
Age: 24
Height: 4'6
Weight: 135
Nickname: Dr. Twitch
Organization: Rapid Reaction Force (Former Union Engineers affiliate )
Occupation: Field Doctor/Demolitions Expert
Rank: Storm Trooper Basic
Current Placement:

Isaak Moltolav Sutuk in Roleplay

Isaak Moltolav Sutuk is a player character played by phacon. The character still needs a picture and is using a random male alien picture in the mean time.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 4' Mass: 135 Build and Skin Color: Isaak is a rather short, muscular green alien. Like most aliens, his skin is a very common flamboyant green designed to help protect against the harmful UV radiation of their homeworld.

Eyes and Facial Features: Isaak Moltolav Sutuk has a standard oval shaped alien face with cat-like sea blue eyes. Like most aliens, Dr. Suluk does not have colored vision, rather they see in black and white, but have excellent depth perception and are drawn to movement.

Hair Color and Style: Isaak’s hair tendrils are of the common Hard type meaning it is a bunch of quills or spines. Style-wise his hear is slightly curly at the beginning but then ends long and straight. He usually ties it back into a ponytail.

Distinguishing Features: Like most aliens, the Isaak Suluk has a thick prehensile tail; however, his tail makes up for his lack of height being little longer than it normally should be. This is because his take is the exact length it should be if he was the average size of an alien male.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Dr. Twitch gets his nickname from the unusual borderline ritualistic behaviors he displays and unusual interests he has a severe case of aspergers and obsessive compulsive disorder. Often when working he has several unusual behaviors or phrases that he does. Being a demolition expert, he does have a healthy dose of slight pyromania, mostly toward sound and power of explosions than anything else. Beyond his autistic behavior, Dr. Twitch is actually a very excitable soul and eager to make new people or hang out with friends. However, his strange eccentric behavior often leaves him with few friends in alien society even within his adopted family who treat him at a slight distance, like a distant cousin. Although his alien loneliness has left him sad at times, his tendency to be an outcast has left him with an optimistic and semi-sarcastic dry wit that borders on craziness.

Likes: Friendly People, any in covert ops, biochemistry, meeting new alien creatures, books, puzzles and games, Justice and Truth, Dislikes: mean people, arrogant people, mass murder (surprisingly he loathes it), genocide, and prejudice Goals: To build the ultimate explosive or disabling ordinance, to make real friend (bond)


Family (or Creators)

Foster Parents, 3 Foster Sisters, 1 younger foster brother


His original parents died in the vast ghettos when he was four being of mixed blood. He does not remember much from his childhood before his parents’ death other than they would make up games to play with him. After his parents death he was adopted by rich long distance relatives and friends of the family, Moltolav A’soongao, due to a promise they made with his parents should anything happen. Less than month after his arrival, he developed a presence as a sort of black sheep in the family, due to his eccentric behavior; he did not integrate into the social structure of the rich youth school. While his foster mother and father preferred the fine rich life as avid gossipers, he was obsessed with not only reading but also bones and explosions. He would often steal his sister and mother's cosmetics to see how they mixed together or exploded with other household items and ran around playing with broken bones he found in the trash. Instead of simply memorization, he actively questioned and tried to analyze out how things worked. After a school incident that was not his fault, he was sent to one of the military wayward-youth academies own by the D’jashii Bithut clans to help lessen the negative gossip he had brought on the family.

Unlike his foster family, the academy principal and teacher recognized his scientific and intellectual potential. They not only allowed him to skip several grades, but also helped to fund his college tuition into a Viras-owned nearby technology and research institute when his foster parents wouldn't pay because it was not a business or medical college. He did make a couple of friends at the academy through team building exercise; however, his rapid transform from grades did cause him to be apart from others. Thus, he was sometimes outcast, though he was more accepted as a slight wild card you could trust in the local group thanks again to team building. He entered college at age 15.

After eventually getting his dual bachelor degree of nuclear physics and biochemistry 3.5 years later, he later tried to apply to medical school while getting a part-time job helping the Union Army branch as a civilian-military worker to repay the academy. Realizing his college military-based scholarship would not pay for medical school, he had reconciliation with his foster parents, who hoped he would get a medical degree and became a famous doctor or rich pharmacist. He did get a M.D. in medicine and biology in 2 years; however, he secretly tricked parents slightly by simultaneously working on an explosive ordinance masters at a nearby technical college. (Actually, the reason why scholarship would not pay for medical school was because he signed up at the other college first). During was at this time he got an well-paying job to a very famous military research lab, and made a few nice acquaintances in his spare time by working for free military hospital as a bone physician.

As he wrote doctorate in medicine, he developed a groundbreaking thesis in cellular regeneration on small rodents especially the bones and muscles. He did also work on some groundbreaking ordinance work as a lab assistant, but wrote under the pen name Twitch, what his few friends called him, in order to hide his identity from his foster parents. When he turned 21, he would publish, his second thesis on “Advanced Radioactive and Antimatter Explosives from Simple Biological Reactions and Biochemical Polymers” while still helping part time at military hospital. This shocked of course his foster parents who realized they had been had.

Eventually, when he got his second doctorate in explosives, he would change his family and clan name back to the original Moltolav Sulak instead of Moltolav A’soongao. He kept the Moltolav name since his foster parents did love him in their own distant weird way and to remind them while they did not always like him, he was still family. In addition, he never found out his parents original family name, which is mysteriously missing from birth records. He is still looking for information about is original father and mother. Due to the name change and his eccentric behavior growing up, his brother and sister avoid talking to him; they do smile slightly every so often when they hear his name in the news.

While he still helped out with certain patients at the hospital on the weekends, he then soon turned to establish his own research into explosives by working full time at the nuclear research lab for the Union.

As he became a leading explosives researcher 2.5 years later, Rapid Reaction Force became aware also learned about how he had gotten out of being an army officer and any further military training in order go to medical school while going another masters. While he legitimately had mild OCD, he was able to trick other military psychologists into thinking he was so crazy that he was psychologically unfit for the stress of military service when he came of age. Thinking something was odd, the RRF commander called up the academy principal, who was a good and long-time childhood friend. He asked how there could be a famous researcher, who having one of the most usually optimistic faces, could have passed through his friend academy without anyone detecting that he had “severe psychopathic chronic depression brought by childhood boredom” as two of the military psychologists claim yet did enough military activity to get a new scholarship for one masters.

A very unique conversation later, the RRF commander realized what had happened with their wilily doctor and quickly expunged those medical reports and pressure the right people in governing body sneak in a minor law to make an exception for Dr. Twitch OCD and asbergers being medical problems needed for further evaluation. After all, the RRF needed use a man that could not only build a bomb from simple twigs, dust, bodily fluids, gum, and a paper clip lying on the ground but wrote a modest paper on it. They commander then sent military recruitment officers who played on fact that thanks to his bachelor’s degree scholarship, Dr. Twitch still owed the military service especially beyond just military hospital service. After a brief 6-month military refresher course and introduction to RRF tactics, he was sent to join a new RRF team as a demolitions specialist, field doctor, and grunt.

Skill Areas


While getting his masters in explosive ordinance, Dr. Twitch spent years studying medicine and biology and has an understanding of how most life forms should and can function. In order to better understand how to break bones and wipe out all life down to the cellular level, you have to first understand how to heal and preserve it. Thus, the doctor specializes in bone/muscle injures, biochemistry, and radiology. He has extensive knowledge of emergency care, surgical techniques, and pharmaceuticals, and is capable of diagnosing illness, or figuring out ways to reduce the symptoms of an unknown one by observation. The character has studied taxonomy, xenobiology, and pathology, and can classify new species and diseases based on the traits of pre-existing ones. Being a certified MD, he is a healer primarily, but being a researcher, he is ultimately creature of science, and will not hesitate to expand his knowledge of xeno-life forms he may encounter in the field or turn and use them to build new ordinance to defend his allies.

Master Demolitions

Dr. Twitch can identify, manufacture, handle, and dispose of explosives. With the proper tools, he can not only detect and disarm enemy explosives; but also reverse engineer them or set them on their masters. As a leading expert in demolitions, he is master demolitions expert or one of the high-ranking researchers who have studied architecture, nuclear physics, explosive ordinance, and a type of chemistry or polymer-fiber science for over 6 years. Dr. Twitch specializes in biochemistry. Master Demolitions are found in research laboratories or called to assist in reactor construction (for safety reasons) on ships and installations.

Technology Operation

The character is proficient in the use of alien computers, and other pieces of technology. They have taken basic classes to get an understanding of modern computer operations, as well as how to interact with alien neuro-computers systems. Isaak is trained in the Operation of Exo-suits, and other terrestrial based vehicles.


Isaak has trained and studied the art of fighting. He/she is proficient in the use of small arms though he specializes in blades weapons and unarmed combat. He is in excellent physical shape, and able to endure the stresses of combat in space or on the ground.


The character has been trained to be capable of operating all alien communications technologies. They are can speak in low-level code talk with ease, and can concentrate on speaking when under-fire or in a combat situation.


Based on his extensive background and constant drive to discover new things, Dr Twitch can serve as a science adviser of sorts on the battlefield. He is very familar with most forms of scientific equipment. As mentioned before, expertise mostly though in biology, biochemistry, demolitions, and medicine. He is also familiar with basic engineering to do very simple repairs or follow instructions.


Like all demolitions experts, the doctor learned guts of structures and constructions. It is only throuh proficient mastery of alien architecture, material science, and alien construction methods that allowed Issak to perceive “broken chi flow” or weak-points in buildings, barriers, and obstructions. Occasionally, Dr. Twitch does dabble fabricating miniature models and statues as a hobby.


Isaak Moltolav Sutuk is currently a Storm Trooper Basic in the Rapid Reaction Force (transferred from Engineers Union).

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
6000 GC Starting Funds


  • 1 XRASER Pistol
  • 1 XRASER Rifle
  • 1 Set of Ballistic Armor
  • 1 Networked Relay System
  • Medical Bag
  • Demolitions kit(For making Improvised explosives)
  • Demolition Pack (For destroying structures and fortifications)
  • 2 Rapid Reaction Force duty uniforms.
  • 1 Rapid Reaction Force duty boots.
  • Standard Hygine pack
  • Personal Clothing(Alien Civilian clothing is revealing and generally spartan. Typically loose fitting pieces of cloth that cover the genitals other unmentionable parts of the body)
  • 2 pairs of safety goggles.
  • Data pad, and electronic interface.

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