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Drachenbaum Hufschmied

Drachenbaum Hufschmied
Species: Abwehran, Nacht Bewohner
Gender: Male
Age: Gender: Male Age: 12 in Abwehran Years; 42 in Earth Years; Appears to be 19.
Height: 6'3”
Weight: 215 lbs
Organization Abwehran Armed Forces (AAF), Weltraumflotte
Rank Maat
Occupation Rifleman
Current Placement (NS-D1-04) HMS Fearless

Nevaraon in Roleplay

Current Events

[Prologue] The Beginning of a Legend


Oddly enough Drachenbaum bears a rare skin pigment of ash grey, and his body is that of a towering stone statue in both color, height and size. Often, one might mistake him as such, if such a person was ignorant enough.


  • Height: 6'3“ (??? cm)
  • Mass: 215 lbs (??? kg)


Withdrawn however bears a bit more pride than most should. However he is never the type to ambitiously attack or speak for that matter, without an absolutely good reason. He was too quiet as a child, it was thought that he might bear the rare birth defect that would make his vocal chords unusable, until he burst one day, and attacked a child, speaking vengefully to the boy he snapped upon.

Withdrawn and reserved can be confidently said about this man. His words come out when necessary, though he is a man with many words; there aren’t any of which he would like to use. He has a sense of pride and honor, from stories his father told him. As such he feels more like an honor-seeking warrior in service to Abwehran, making him loyal by nature. However in his short youth, he was known for his aggressive behavior towards others. That fire of his former self lives on, preparing for the day when the flame will spark an inferno on its enemies! Though, it only happened once, not many people have tried to make him angry, though at his age he would be able to release it through physical exercise properly, rather than releasing rage again.


Born into existence by his father, Drachenblut and his Mother Kran. He was brought up, speaking of their land being long lost. He spoke with some sorrow before he brought his son, to hone his skills and might at an early age. The training might have been difficult, however the father cared much for his son, and thus went easy on him, in addition the laws might have effected his mind, though the boy grew up without a want in the world, not at all spoiled.

By the age of 12, he engaged the practice of coming to age. When he climbed up the steep mountain face into the cave to meditate. He felt the watchful eye of an entity whom had lost the eye to gain wisdom; he soon became fixated on this entity, only able to gather the name ‘Wodan’. Regardless, this vision had to be the sign signifying his cleansed state, as he climbed back down early on the third day. Next he would duel his father, and the two would clash fiercely without trying to kill one another, it lasted a long time, being Drachenbaum's father being quite a strong man, being he trained every day. In the end, Drachenbaum defeated his father, youth lasting the trial of time, though he was quite achy and tired. The third task was up to his mother, and his task was at the dead of night, gather herbs, hunt for meat, and gather enough that could last a week as rations.

It was difficult, though he had accomplished this task just before morning, on the same day he fought his father and passed out after accomplishing the task, as it had been 3 days without rest. He then soon received a family sword, the true family sword. It was called Flammenschwert. This large, two-handed sword survived where all other two handed swords failed, having an additional grip past the innitial hand guard with a set of smaller extended hand guards to prevent the hand from slipping over the blade. This sword was possibly one of the only Two-Handed blades, forged by the large Hufschmied family. He soon-after sought his way into the military, and spent a great deal of time further enhancing himself, taking lesser stations for experience before he felt he was ready, 7 years of taking petty posts before he finally would feel he was ready for a true post or mission.

Family and Relatives

Father: Drachenblut Hufschmied Mother: Kran Hufschmied

Summarized Events

Service Record


Communications: Drachenbaum is fluent in Abwehran and English, after contact with the Star Army of Yamatai, and knows the proper procedures to write reports and fill out military documents. He can also know basic operations of shipboard communications systems and standard military communication equipment.

Fighting: Drachenbaum has received training in basic close quarter combat using hand-to-hand, knife, and sword combat techniques. Your training has also included firearms training with mass-driver pistols and rifles. Also, being he wields a weapon that has long fallen from favor, He has learned to effectively use the Flamberg, using a style he has self-taught himself from learning martial single-handed sword training. As such, it requires using 2 of his four hands, and alternating from hand to hand to handle various situations in melee combat.

Technology Operations: He can operate shipboard computer systems efficiently and can enter/search for information. Basic operations of ship systems and skinsuits are also included in the training. Mathematics: Unlike most militaries, his training requires him to learn basic calculus along with algebra and trigonometry.

Maintenance/Repair: Being of the Armorer profession, He takes his choice very seriously. He not only repairs and maintains weapon and armor, but also keeps track of them, labeling every repair order that comes in, and makes sure that he abides by a careful system, to ensure all weapons and power armor are ordered by priority.

He underwent as much training for this, and Knowledge exersizing, during training. He has a great deal of competence when it comes to working on valued armor and weapons. As an Armorer’s job is an important one. Not only will a repaired weapon determine life or death of the battlefield, but also it reflected the Armorer’s care, precision, and skill. They could even come to affect morale depending on how well an Armorer was at repairing weapons in crisis. If you couldn’t trust the man fixing and maintaining your weapons and armor, whom could you trust?

Survival and Military: Why not learn how to survive in various environment to increase the value of himself as a warrior? He requested transfer to another boot camp, on the emphasis of Survival in unfamiliar territory. Here Drachenbaum learned basic techniques from finding water, making shelter and finding consumable vegetation through basic biology, however nothing beyond the means of survival.

Demolitions: Shortly after undergoing training, to hone his maintenance and repair skills, he decided to make himself more useful by learning how to dismantle enemy vehicles and weapons. He soon underwent intermediate training with demolition experts and trainers. The training was rather difficult and rough, but he just managed to complete the training session.


Currently on Nevaraon


  • 1 T-Shirt, white, with Branch logo print
  • 1 pair black sweat pants
  • 2 black swimsuit bottoms
  • 1 pair black sandals (standard issue)
  • 4 cotton Briefs
  • 10 pairs of pants
  • 20 civilian T-Shirts
  • 16 Boxers
On Uniform

He has the standard Weltraumflotte Marine-issued uniform. He has a HMS Fearless Patch on his upper left arm a Maat Rank Pin on the left side of his collar

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