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Dracus Volcanus

Dracus Volcanus
Species: Separa'Shan Pythus
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Height: 6'
Weight: 250 Lbs
Organization: Independent
Occupation: Hunter
Current Placement: N/A

Dracus Volcanus in Roleplay

Dracus Volcanus is a player character played by Cory and is currently involved in the roleplay plot.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6' Mass: 250 Lbs Measurements: Build and Skin Color: Dracus has a white upper torso with well sculpted muscles for a thin man. His tail is an alternating pattern of short grey stripes and long black ones.

Eyes and Facial Features: His eyes are snake slit pupils with grey irises. He has a longer more drawn out and pronounced chin then a normal human.

Hair Color and Style: Dracus has black hair that he lets grow to the top of his neck. He brushes back every so often but for the most part he lets it lay as it will.

Distinguishing Features: Dracus has a silver snake shaped bracelet and a silver necklace with the symbol of Nagashun hanging on it that he is never without. He also slithers with a smaller ripple width then other Sepera'Shan

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Dracus is your typical Pythus loving to bask in the sun or resting after gorging on a freshly caught and cooked meal. However he is different in that he loves to travel and wants to explore the stars and other planets to hunt the myriad prey and predators. Dracus is normally relaxed and collected when he hunting, not fighting, or around other people. When he gets into a close combat situation he explodes with a berserkers fury and he will attack friend and foe alike blindly.

Likes: Snakes, Meat, Stars Dislikes: Traps, Cramped areas, Having his tail stepped on Goals: To find out what life is like on other worlds


Family (or Creators)

Father: Draken Volcanus Mother: Hera Volcanus Brother: Volcanus Brother: Vin Volcanus Sister: Tera Volcanus Sister: Aqua Volcanus Sister: Sunny Volcanus


Dracus is the son of Ex-Temple Guard, Draken Volcanus, and herbalist, Hera Volcanus. From a young age Dracus and his brothers would wrestle and fight with him coming out on top half of the time and his brothers coming out together on the other half. When it came time for them to test to become Temple guards he failed out due to his desire to see other worlds so he was told to become a hunter under the tutalige of a female pythus named Hera. over the years he developed a crush on her, however she died in a mudslide one day and he couldn't save her. Whit her last words Dracus was givin her necklace and bracelet as well as a single kiss on his cheek.

While his two brothers went on to continue thier family's tradition by becoming Temple Guards themselves while he became a hunter to help feed his family. Using his natural talents he soon became one of the villages top hunters and was respeccted almost as much as his brothers however he was still considered a bit heratical from his desire and only dealt with as much as neccesary. He knew the reason behind it so he ignored it till even his own brothers started to distance from him.

When Dracus was thirteen he got into an argument with his brothers during a festival and soon a brawl started that went from playful drunken banter to a full blown fist fight that took out three stands and put a hole in the bar door. When he was told to pay for damages or work on a trader ship for seven years he chose to join the ship as a bodyguard. Getting to see other planets only made his desire greater instead of sating it and since he had to deal with more advanced races he learned to use a rifle. After his seven years was up Dracus decided to become a bounty hunter since the job used his talents at hunting and made the universe a better place.



Growing up having to hunt for his food Dracus became an expert tracker and wilderness survivor in coniferous forest. He was always the best at it amongst his siblings since his tongue developed even more so then other he had meet. Being of drab colors has also helped him hide better in the forests and stalk closer to his prey without being seen.


Dracus is an amazing marksman with a crossbow but he normally only uses it to hunt birds and other hard to reach animals. He prefers to use his sneaking skills to slither up to an enemy before grappling them and binding about them tightly slowly squeezing the life from his victim. Dracus is also a very adept spearman and martial artist honing his impressive muscles for use as a living weapon which he uses when he starts the occasional bar brawl with his brothers. Moving off planet Dracus learned to use a rifle well enough so that he wouldn't shoot himself.


Dracus works out every day he can to keep himself in shape so he can be on top of his hunting game. He also likes to stay fit just in case he gets into any fights or if he just feels like starting one. Dracus also has to be in good shape to climb cliffs and walls as well as โ€˜runโ€™ for long distances after prey.


Dracus not only knows how to catch his meals, but he is also skilled in cooking them too. From jerky to quality steaks and gourmet chicken, when it comes to meat Dracus is the first choice for who is cooking


Dracus loves to play panpipes when he is alone in his room or around a campfire at night. He gets nervous when playing for people even if he knows them well and he will constantly make mistakes. He loves to play songs that sound like the whispering of the wind through trees and plains.

Arts & Vocation

Dracus is a fletcher and spear carver and uses his craft to not only make his own weapons but sell them off as collecters items to collecters and nostalgic hunters. He also knows how to turn any suitable item into a spear quickly incase he needs to make an improvised spear.



-Cloth vest -Cloth belt


Personal Items


Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS / 6000 DA Starting Funds

OOC Discussion

Just hoping to have fun

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