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Dranacy "Feather" Fyunnen

Dranacy “Feather” Fyunnen is a player character played by Chris Young.

Dranacy “Feather” Fyunnen
Species & Gender: Female Lorath
Date of Birth: 1日 4月 YE 01
Occupation: Soldier
Rank: Footman1)
Current Placement:

Physical Description

  • Height: 6'6“
  • Mass: 236 lbs
  • Measurements: 32-26-28 38F
  • Body type: Solid, muscular, big breasted
  • Skin tone: Greyish bronze
  • Eye shape/color: Amber, narrow and focused
  • Hair color/style: Shoulder length stark white hair with diagonal red dye streaks from upper right to lower left. Has a single braided ear tail on the right side of her face that traoils down her shoulder and rests on her breast
  • Facial features: thin straight nose, slightly full lips. Slightly pointed ears
  • Attire: Dyed red double breasted leather Plastron jacket. Black plating on the arms and shoulders. Red leather gloves. Matching red slacks with matching plating on thighs and shins. Black boots. A saber and basket hilt dagger are attached to a belt around her waist, with a larger two handed sword attached to her back
  • Physical quirks: How someone with breasts as large as hers is a successful fighter, is anyone's guess


  • Likes: Winning fights, Helashio that know their place, succeeding at objectives
  • Disikes: When none of the above happens
  • Goals: Just doing her job

Feather is, to put it simply, a sad product of her people's prejudices. Arrogant, self assured, cocky, boisterous, demeaning to men, Helashio and aliens alike. She believes in the superiority of her own race over others but will work with them to further her mission, though she has little tolerance for jokes.


Bullet point highlights:2)

  • Was the official first contact between the Lorathi people and the Yamataian Star Empire
  • Assisted in defeating one of the first Mishhu/Neko Hybrids during her stay on the YSS Sakura
  • Was the cause of her delegation's diplomat's murder at the Hands of Taisho Rufus Sydney
  • Made acquaintances with Yosef Elowhim after he sought asylum on Lor
  • Partook in a bonding ceremony with a fyunnen male named “Forge”
  • Partook in the Ceremony of Greeting with the Kotori clone
  • Eventually was promoted to Chief Aide to Sen’yhty “Fate” Fyunnen
  • Survived the Moon Fall Incident and resulting Chaos
  • Assisted in the evacuation of Lor, the mass exodus to the Yugumo Cluster and resettlement in the United Outer Colonies
  • Aided in the resettlement of Lorathi who did not follow the High Priest in the Asterian Frontier
  • Has been tasked with evaluating the tactical usefulness of “Levy Mercenary Companies”

Skills Learned

  • Fighting: Feather is a natural adept when it comes to edged weapons, her discipline being swords, having mastered the use of daggers, short swords, long swords, Hand and a half swords and great swords. She is also skilled in hand-to-hand combat. but mostly disarming techniques
  • Domestics: Feather is skilled in domestics enough to properly survive as a single adult, she can clean, wash clothes and arrange a room acceptably. She can also cook, but her skills there are very pedestrian
  • Leadership: Feather is an adequate. not outstanding, just adequate. leader. While able to command and issue orders, an incident from her past has greatly traumatized her and she tends to seieze up during high stress moments
  • Survival and Military Skills: Feather is a skilled survivalist, though she's forced to re-learn fauna due to relocation. She is also adept at various tactics

Social Connections

Dranacy “Feather” Fyunnen is connected to:

  • Tetchy “Saber” Fynneun - Mother Deceased
  • Unknown Fyunnen Male - Father, unknown status
  • Sen’yhty “Fate” Fyunnen - Mentor, Master, Employer, Mother figure
  • Selryam “Forge” Fyunnen - Bond Mate, weapon/armor maintainer, blacksmith

Inventory & Finance

Dranacy “Feather” Fyunnen has the following:

  • Code - a basket hilt dagger with a single edge blade length of 18” sheathed across her lower back
  • Forge - a saber with a 21“ 15 degree curved single edge blade sheathed at her left hip
  • Fate - a great sword with a double edge blade length of 35” attached to the shoulder of her Plastron
  • A suit of light armor, dyed red and black

Dranacy “Feather” Fyunnen currently has 3000 KS.

OOC Information

This page was created by cdyoung on 11, 25 2017 at 23:25.

In the case Chris Young becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? Yes
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? No
Feather's actual rank is Viscountess, due to being the personal aide to the Leader of the Lorath people
Since seriously writing out her history would be a light novel worth of effort.

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