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Drei Xanatos

Drei Xanatos is a player character played by Readlliea.

Drei Xanatos
Species & Gender: Human male
Year of Birth: YE 39
Organization: Independent
Occupation: medic
Rank: n/a
Current Placement: n/a

Physical Description

Drei stands at six ft with a slender build, perhaps a bit too much on the slim side. His skin is a pale white, giving him a kind of ghostly appearance save for the areas on his body that are scarred. The biggest scar on his body is the one on the left side of his neck that crepts up his jawline, onto the cheek, and partially under his eye. His eyes are brown with his hair being black and rather long, going past his shoulders and messy. Often it stands up in various directions and on his chin, he has the start of a beard trying to grow. His overall look is that of a messy individual. Messy and unprofessional is the way most see him. There's also a scar on his left hand on the top.

His clothing consists of a white body suit with some tears at the ends of the pant legs near his shoes, there's also a cerulean blue on the sides and partially down the sides. Over his shoulders is a coal grey torn and tattered piece of clothing. What it used to be part of is uncertain though it was most likely a cloak of some sort. A brown belt is around his waist that has various compartments for bandages and some medicine, a more varied first aid kit. His shoes are dark brown.


Drei is glitchy at best, aware of what he is but wanting to deny and hide it. His focus is often all over the place, making him seem scatter brained and easily distracted. While he's a disorganized mess, he's actually able to find things and figure it out this way. It's a chaotic mess but one he understands and while it's disorganized, he sees it as organized chaos. Able to work on things this way rather than having everything all straightened out and pretty. If something looks horrible and is in a mess, then he's more than capable of understanding it in his own way. Drei works best by these and he usually acts without a plan. Going forth without thinking and not caring about what's going on around him.

Due to this glitching nature, Drei has something else that makes him different from Vier. His emotions become unstable when a fight arises or one's life is threatened. He can react different each time but most often, his response is a more violent one and he can become lost in that violent emotion. Going overboard and only snapping out of it when his systems believe that the threat is gone or someone somehow snaps him out of it. While this is the norm reaction for him in this situation, he often acts as if nothing has happened once he comes to and seems to have gone into a trance. Suggesting that some of his memory is damaged when in this state or just isn't able to pick up on it. In truth, Drei has a more human vibe to him than Vier does. Even though it appears to be a glitch with how his emotions go when in a life threatening situation, he's seems perfectly fine in normal situations. Being able to react more humanly to situations and having a sense of human and a drive to enjoy life.


Drei's creation was started two to three years before Vier, a birthdate isn't determinable due to the various set backs during the process of creating him. The two beings working on him was a man by the name of Heram Wazu and another by the name of Xanatos. Things just weren't connecting properly or imprinting, the skills they were trying to put in as well as the personality linked to certain memories. Xanatos was the one to suggest starting over a little before YE:36; where in YE: 36, Vier's body parts were manufactured. Progress went faster with Vier and they didn't come across as many problems, what problems if any, were easily fixed and figured out. With Vier finished and Wazu gone, Xanatos took to finishing Drei himself. Things still didn't want to work right, the many was suspecting some faulty parts and circuits but he worked with what was there. By YE:39, Drei was finally done and operational.

As Wazu had left, Xanatos altered Drei's original purpose as a technician into that of a medic. Issues still persisted but only after a couple of months of being online, Xanatos told the young creation about Wazu and that they had also worked on him. Being told of a possible location, Drei left his home in search for the other person who held a hand in their creation.

Skills Learned

Optional section. Drei Xanatos has the following notable skills:

  • Nodes- The nodes are small little robots that Drei is capable of inserting himself into and controlling them. They share one personality despite their different functions, they act glitchy but are still capable of getting the job done. They hold a hive mind like structure instead of operating as individuals. These are the only machines he can connect to and they're used for performing surgeries were it's too dangerous for him to use his hands or any other tool.
  • Dressing wounds and understanding how various medicines can help a person recover; he's used to treating small injuries and has yet to take up anything major.
  • While he's got the basics on how to Cybernetics installation, that's his worse area and he does want to keep away from that option.
  • Has knowledge of how to do surgery for shrapnel removal; has never done it before.
  • First aid knowledge

Social Connections

DREI XANATOS is connected to:

  • Heram J. Wazu (Father)
  • Xanatos (secondary father; partner who took over building em)
  • Vier (sister)

Inventory & Finance

Drei Xanatos has the following items.

  • One slightly damaged body suit
  • one belt with items attached
  • one pair of dark brown boots
  • One torn up piece of cloak, cool gray colored
  • three small node bots that are in the size of quarters.

Drei Xanatos currently has 3000 KS.

OOC Information

In the case readlliea becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? No
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? No
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