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Druid Vista Five-One

Druid Vista Five-One is a player character played by Legix.

Druid Vista Five-One
Serial Number | 51-3049-5821
Species & Gender: Type-Three Freespacer Male
Year of Birth: YE 30
Organization: N/A
Occupation: Druid
Origin Fleet: Love Decant
Current Placement: Skeleton Ensemble

Physical Description

Vista is a pinkish-skinned Type Three Freespacer, standing at roughly five feet and eight inches tall with a surprisingly androgynous or even outright curvy female-like hourglass shape. His purple-colored, almost moe-like large right eye and cybernetic left eye are partially hidden by shoulder-length, wavy, and vibrant fire-like red hair. Two cute, small human ears sit on either side of his head, complimenting the almost adorably young and almost soft face he has. The traditional cranial transceiver interface can be seen just behind his left ear, often covered by his lengthy hair.

Lacking body hair and facial hair of any kind, his body is rather smooth and deceptively lacking of musculature. Both of his elbows are replaced with ball-like joints, allowing a near-full three hundred and sixty degrees of motion to his forearms. The diatoms on his body have formed black-colored checker-like patterns along the left side of his stomach, going up to his chest, and then across to beneath his right arm. His right thigh is coated in metal to signify a cybernetic replacement, latex wraps around the edges ensuring that where it meets the skin at his groin and near his knee isn't visible to the common eye. It's within this specially designed part of his body that he stores his RTG!


Summing Vista up can be as easy as calling him a weird, sex-curious Freespacer. However, this isn't to say that the pretty-boy wearing panties is an outright pervert. In truth, Vista is often quiet and enjoys helping anyone, but doesn't quite open up to anyone he's only just met unless they're a fellow Spacer. This is due to slight xenophobia born from his fleet, not willing to immediately trust non-Spacers as a way of protecting himself and his kind. Once he befriends someone, however, it's a lot harder to shut this Druid up. A fan of most art, expressive and materialistic, Vista will try to get people to “talk with their feelings” with genuine interest in them.

As a Druid, this is part of his job and a crucial aspect he takes seriously. Those who joke of the occult or mystic will find an angry Type III to deal with. Similarly, his attitude quickly sours when someone bugs him while he's “in the zone” helping people. However, to one who takes his work seriously, there is an immediate way to make Vista quiet down and listen. Those who offer or can get him genetic samples, the very thing he set out for and studies/stores in his free time, will have a nearly naively compliant crossdresser on their hands!


Druid Vista Five-One was born in YE 30 aboard the Mothership known as Love Decant, the head of the same-named fleet. Specifically, this meant he was born while the fleet was en-route to a prime candidate for colonization following The Freespacer Genocide. Raised in a vat and spending most of his time being trained, Vista learned much about the specific culture of his fleet revolving around the idea of expanding and preserving the vast banks of organic Freespacer life. Due to this, the fleet was comprised of either organic-caring mechanicals or outgoing organics. In turn, his social encounters during his time out of the educating sleep involved learning both practical skills and social efforts but the ability to commune with fellow Freespacers regardless of differences. And compared to the rest, Vista strove to impress.

By the time he was five, in YE 35, Vista had begun to experiment with the various forms of work within the now-settling fleet. Initially, his efforts were invested in medical work due to a lack of doctors and a replacement eye earned to make-up for an accident during his childhood. While he was able to mend basic wounds and assess the health of others, Vista found himself longing to know more about the spiritual nature of which the Druidess of the ship aided the Love Decant. And when time came to dabble elsewhere, he immediately went to seek out the Druidess of the fleet. It was a job that had morphed within their collection of Freespacers with the settling of a world to rebuild their numbers, one bathed in the morale-inspiring and spiritual manner it originally held but also the act of encouraging relations between the many residents. Whether physical, mental, or spiritually, Vista was trained to bring others together for the better of the scattered people.

Not but a year later he was finally allowed to become a Druid… however, his fleet did not require another on the world with them. Often he found his counsel not required due to the success of his teacher, the unique culture of the fleet meaning they were relatively happy and intermingling effectively with only one person within the role. However, when questioned on how he could help, they found a purpose. Using his medical expertise, they understood that Vista could be the envoy they needed to bring other fleets together at least to share genetics. The goal of the fleet, after all, had been to encourage their kind to unify their genetics to preserve what was left of the mighty Free States! As such, they even granted Vista five vials of one of the more treasured remnants of the Freespacer technology. Vials that contained something that could make their species fertile to have children properly.

In YE 37, after a brief accident that damaged his leg enough to get much of it replaced and supplied with an RTG, Vista had recovered and properly prepared. He set out into the stars, armed with the coordinates to the Love Decant colony world, his vials, and his books to help with prayers and appeasements to Terra, Sol, Karma, and Entropy… he left. Vista was certain of his choice, hoping to spread both friendly relations with other fleets and to find allies to perhaps return to the Love Decant's new world. A military, merchants, or even basic labor fleets to help them settle and expand was the purpose of the fleet. Vista's purpose was to see that all happened… while he smiled and made the stars know that there were still Freespacers out there looking to make a big nation of ridiculously varied organics as much as there are unique machines!

By YE 38, he's found his way into some rather… unsavory situations. He's maintained his vials and well-being, but has not yet found any true allies that seem worthy of aiding nor capable of aiding the Love Decant fleet. That is, of course, until he caught rumor of a peculiar ship. Hoping they could be the type of people he's looking for, he'd begun trying to track them with his rather mediocre skills and resources…


Druid Vista Five-One has obtained the following skills over his travels…


Trained to speak Trade (language), Vista is capable of writing and reading most forms and variations of the language. With his is knowledge of deciphering various forms of code and dealing with puzzling situations, he's actually grown quite capable in deciphering hidden messages within documents. Atop this, of course, is the ability to utilize Mindware!

Medical and Science

While he chose to not become a heavily trained medical specialist, Vista maintains fairly basic understanding of effects of radiation on all forms of organic, Freespacer or otherwise. His medical knowledge of medicine extends to natural remedies and utilizing more advanced equipment, but lacks the experience of actual treatment in most situations such as surgery! However, his knowledge of genetics is equal to if not on par with a common geneticist in-line with the extreme focus on genetics that his fleet has to allow identifying new lines of genes in other Freespacers almost on sight!

Starship Operations

As a Freespacer, it shouldn't be a question of whether or not Vista has gained experience with craft. Rather, it comes into play that he can operate most basic consoles and positions aboard a starship (though obviously he might lack understanding of sensory equipment). His best skills with operating craft, however, boils down to operating medical and support vessels and consoles.

Technology Operation

On par with his ability to utilize most instances of starships, Vista comes with an inept pick-up ability to most gadgets. While he might not understand seismic readings, he can ensure the device is operating at efficient measures with guidance to understand its readings. His skills come forth, however, when operating medical equipment and welders, where he can mend both forms of Freespacer. To put it bluntly, this is the one pretty boy to trust with fixing your handheld radio if you don't have other options!


When provided with the proper equipment, Vista is rather proficient with making supplements, stimulants, and even steroid-like medicines and chemicals. This comes from his understanding of genetics and its necessary knowledge of chemistry. Don't expect him to make the new world's drug, though, without plenty of time and effort!


As someone partially expected to tend to the spiritual needs of his people, Vista carries an innate desire to help with the “basic things”. Finding ways to clean clothes and parts with little on hand, cooking tolerable meals, and tending to the knowledge and care of youths makes Vista powerful domestic presence. He's like a little proper house-husband… but in space!


Putting it bluntly, Vista is not a fighter at heart. His ability at close-range combat is terribly flawed in such a way that many would be appalled at him throwing slaps in a fist-fight. However, this doesn't mean that he can't operate turrets and the like. Rather, when someone hands Vista a gun he becomes rather competent at defending what's his. He might not be special, but he's not entirely defenseless!

Social Connections

To Be Added

Inventory & Finance

Druid Vista Five-One currently has…

Amount Transaction Info
3000 KS Starting Funds
500 KS Left after Initial Purchases

Personal Inventory

  • 10 short-sleeved shirts of various colors
  • 10 pairs of jean-like pants of various colors
  • 10 pairs of shorts of various colors
  • 5 long-sleeved shirts of various colors
  • 5 knee-length dresses of various colors
  • 3 pairs of pink shoes
  • 2 pairs of pink boxers
  • 1 pair of pink panties

The Treasure Hoarder

The Treasure Hoarder is a Porter-Class Short Haul Cargo Transport, modified with a unique fixture. Specifically, it's an air-lock chamber allowing properly prepared containers to be linked to the front cockpit. This allows for any containers it carries to not only be investigated and manipulated without needing to open them, but also for Vista to use the container as a zero-gravity space shanty. As such, the Treasure Hoarder is quite adept for turning the Porter from a cargo-hauler into a home-in-space!

OOC Information

In the case Legix becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO
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