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Duncan Shaw

Duncan Shaw is a player character played by ShotJon.

Duncan Shaw
Species: ID-SOL
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Height: 8'
Weight: 350 pounds
Organisation: Rapid Reaction Force
Occupation: Infantry
Rank: Authoritarian
Current Placement:

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 8'
  • Mass: 350 pounds
  • Measurements:

Build and Skin Color: As every Id-Sol Duncan is very tall and muscularly built. He has very well built muscles. His shoulders are broad and he is built like a tank. His skin is flesh coloured, but he is quite tanned usually.

Eyes and Facial Features: Duncan's face is of a rectangle shape. It is more tall then it is wide and his chin is quite broad. He has hawk-shaped nose and green eyes. His upper lip is graced by moustache reaching up the the middle of his cheeks.


Hair Color and Style: Duncan keeps his ginger coloured hair cut short and neatly combed.

Distinguishing Features: Duncan can be often seen with pipe. He either holds it in his hands or it hangs lazily in corner of his mouth, even when he is not puffing it at the moment. His nose appears to be broken few times in his life. Medical process luckily save it from regular boxer-nose.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Duncan is mostly cheerful and smiling fellow. He like good laugh, nice story and glass of good brandy. He usually does not dwell on anything for too long. He is also proper gentleman, being nice polite in almost any situation and happy to help others if they need and deserve the help. He values courage and loyalty. That said, if anyone hurts any of those who are dear to him or under his protection, than that anyone is up for the fight of his life. Duncan has little mercy for people who endanger those he care about. Duncan already lived through some hardships in his life and mastered his fears. He can be afraid, be he never lets it control him. If anything he fear for other the most.

  • Likes: Alcohol, hunting, tobacco, woman, exchanging stories, his family, blacksmithing
  • Dislikes: NMX, Democracy, War
  • Goals: Duncan wants to open his bussiness again after his service.


Family (or Creators)

Father: Edmund Shaw (65) - University professor Caitlin Shaw (62) - Writer


Edmund and Caitlin Shaw were happy husband and wife living on Kennewes. He was teaching at local Uni, she was writing short stories into magazines. They were very happy with their lives until they found out Ed could never have babies. It did not stopped them though and they seek medical help. Which is why miss Shaw underwent artificial conception. Though against the advice of her doctor she chose random donor. That was probably mistake since the donor who got chosen was an Id-Sol. That was of course not know to Shaws until few months after the procedure. Luckily Miss Shaw was a fighter and saw small 5'8โ€œ tall woman gave birth to 20 pound little baby Shaw.

Little boy was named Duncan and he grew up quite fast. Always bigger then other kids but also always more polite and nice. His father was old-school gentleman after all and he made sure that his son won't grow up a ruffian. Young Duncan saw himself in sport and he did very well in them. He took up boxing and fencing young and it stayed with him since.

Later on he got interested in metallurgy and working with metals. That lead to his first chosen profession. Duncan became a blacksmith setting up his own small bussines. It actually seemed that there was interest in hand-made weapons like knives and swords. Kennewes has a lot of hunters after all and you cannot skin your game without proper knife. Large Bowie knives was Duncans main article.

His other hobby was hunting. He often went into wild with few friends, big knife and a rifle for few days. He was no crazy hunter though. Hunting was thrill, but he did not seek dangerous prey most type. Not that he was not afraid he did not see reason for risking.

This all ended up during civil war. Duncan was never really Red, but her never showed up love for democracy too. His dad taught Politology and they talked about it often. In Duncans eyes, democracy could never work. And at the civil war those democrats besieges Kennewes. Duncan's business was shattered by war and so was his home.

After war he got little bitter and did not believed in Nepleslia much anymore. With NMX war coming on he got fed up. He persuaded his parents to move to Yamatai and he himself packed his pack and left Nepleslia. But he went elsewhere. He moved to the Union. Seeking to gain citizenship and open new bussiness there. But to gain citizenship he had to join the military. It was hard choice but her joined up in the end. Him being Id-Sol made him pretty sure choice for the RRF very quickly.

Upon finishing his training the colony, where trained was attacked by unknown slavers. Most of the RRF stationed was killed, until one defending the injured and civilians were Duncan and his alien friend Bapz Suitez. They both held long enough, somehow killing a large number of the assailants, until the RRF came to help. Noticing how well they did Arta, commander of a RRF unit, put them both in her unit.

Upon joining the unir, Duncan and Bapz served in a mission where they scouted an abwehran colony. The colony was attacked by NMX, which the unit found and fought against, while saving several civilians. Upon their returning, the unit was interviewed by a smug Nepleslian reported. Duncan and Arta quickly dealt with him.

After a little downtime, during which the whole unit was accepted into Arta's clan, the unit was send on a patrol mission in bad part of an alien city. Duncan and XO of the unit Tam, were contacted by a CORE unit, warning them and telling them to rescue someone. Duncan decided to trust the CORE. He and Tam managed to persuade Arta to let them.

When they arrived at the coordinates, the RRF troopers were attacked. They quickly took care of the oposition, only to find a small alien girl. Her name was Shen'Leon. Tam and Duncan took her back to Arta, when palace in the city exploded. The main leader of the Union was dead and royals tried a coup. RRF remained to be loyal to old regime and fight, back while confused army listened to the new leaders.

Shen'Leon was a reason why coup was possible as Royals tried to say that the old leader was making bussines with aliens. In reality, they cloned the girl from very old corpse, found on an alien world's moon. Duncan suggested they broadcast the truth. The unit battled its way to the orbital elevator, where they met a young RRF engineer Vidiam. They took over the elevator and held it on, while Tam called for help from the navy. The Arta was wounded and in the end it was Bapz who told everyone the truth. And that was how the unit stopped the coup.

After few days to recuperate, the unit was sent ons Ship. Their next mission was to investigate the ruins on the moon, where Shen'Leons body was found by royals.

Skill Areas

Fighting (close combat):

Duncan is very proficient boxer. He boxes for so long it stopped being sport and became deadly technique. His fists are fast and hard-hitting. He also received training Union Military CQC training. That combined with his boxing skill and Id-Sol physique made him deadly opponent. That not being enough he is also quite good swordsman. He fenced for fun back in Nepleslia and even fortified that skill with training in RRF

Fighting (ranged)

Duncan liked to hunt and for that you need to be good marksman. Duncan learned to shoot fast and accurately at still and moving targets same. Then came the military training and his skills got even better. He is now proficient sniper and can use most of alien guns with ease.

Metallurgy and blacksmithing.

Duncan knows his metals. He can work magic with alloys and metals. Whether he uses normal forges and hammer or technical furnaces he can create beautiful and strong weapons. He specialises mainly in bladed weapons, but he can make things like armour too. For his skill he has to know how metals worked and how they behave. That made him also average metallurgist.


Duncan is a strongman. He is and Id-Sol but that was never enough for him. He likes to move and the training. He weight lifts and runs. He is perfect physical shaped and he is strong even for an Id-Sol

Technology Operation

Mr. Shaw is proficient in the use of alien computers, and other pieces of technology. He has taken basic classes to get an understanding of modern computer operations, as well as how to interact with alien neuro-computers systems


Duncan has been trained to be capable of operating all alien communications technologies. He can speak in low level code talk with ease, and can concentrate on speaking when under-fire or in a combat situation. He is able to speak alien fluently now, but still with thick accent.


Although he is big Duncan had to learn how to move silently. You do not catch the game if it hears you from kilometer away. Which is why Duncan knows his stealth. He knows where to step and where not. He also has basics of survival in the wilds. He can navigate well through landscape and has good sense of orientation.



  • (1) Arc Railgun
  • (1) XRASER Pistol
  • (1) Claymore sword, durandium, laser-sharpened.
  • (1) Blackjack, leather, filled with steel balls
  • (1) Brass knuckles
  • (2) Rapid Reaction Force duty uniforms
  • (1) Rapid Reaction Force duty boots

Personal things:

  • (1) Standard Hygiene pack
  • (2) Personal Clothing(Cargo pants and tank tops)
  • (4) ration packs
  • (1) Wooden pipe
  • (1) Pack of tobacco


Duncan Shaw was field promoted to an Authoritarian in the Rapid Reaction Force.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
6000 UD Starting Funds
5160 UD 840 Starting melee weapons.

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