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Duncan Whitaker

Duncan Whitaker is a player character played by Whitehart.

Duncan Whitaker
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: male
Age: YE 10
Height: 6'5โ€œ (1.95 m)
Weight: 276 ibs (125kg)
Organization: Independent
Occupation: Light hearted Mercenary
Current Placement:
Theme: Have a Nice Day

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 6'5โ€ (1.95 m)
  • Mass: 276 ibs (125kg)

Build and Skin Color: Duncan is very well built1) and shows his devotion to excerise. He works hard to keep himself in overall peak performance. He is tan though not noticeably dark.

Eyes and Facial Features: Duncan has blue eyes that sit open wide on his nose and portray a sparkle of confidence and ease. Though he has been through alot you can start to see laugh lines forming on his rugged square jaw.

Ears: His ears are normal save for the slight cauliflowering from his years fighting.

Hair Color and Style: Duncan has thick brown hair with no sign of thinning that he keeps styled in a faux hawk fashion. He prefers to stay clean shaven though sometimes lets it stubble over when he is on a job.

Distinguishing Features: It's easy to see that Duncan has broken his nose multiple times though this doesn't take away from his overall looks. Due to the many injuries sustained over the years he stands with an absent minded lean to his right.

  • Bounty 3.1: Duncan had a replica of a shredded Durandium plate tattooed onto his upper back to honor its service in keeping him alive.
  • Bounty 4: Duncan added a flame tattoo to the left side of his neck from his collar bone up to behind his ear to remind him of his close call with flames.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Regardless of Duncan's past, he has still found it within himself to keep his faith in people. Duncan is mostly described as easy going yet a little naive. He cares about people and their opinions of him. He wants to make this world a better place.

Given his life he has grown to have a strong sometimes violent reaction to certain activities, namely slavery and abuse. Especially that of a child. He is also sensitive to situations involving lies or manipulation. Sometimes it is a necessary tactic in the case of interrogations or intimidations. He believes that as long as the end result is another bad guy off the streets its worth it but lieing just for the sake of it is just wrong.

His affection for children and especially orphans makes it apparent that at the end of the day Duncan is still human. He volunteers frequently to work with troubled youths or to teach self defense to minors. He instills in them the values of violence as a last resort.

Duncan is a very loyal man. He believes that loyalty and friendship can overcome any situation. He knows he doesn't have much of a knack for leadership so he devotes himself to being the perfect follower. โ€œEvery General needs a soldier,โ€ is his motto when it comes to teamwork. While in the past his sense of loyalty blinded him to many bad situations he let's it roll off him and moves forward.

He chose to put himself into Bounty Hunting over Law Enforcement because he wanted to actively get out there and make the universe safe for all those kids, all those orphans growing up. Law Enforcement has its place and he respects them for it but they are much too reactionary for Duncan.

  • Likes: Gambling, Winning, Brawling, Volunteering
  • Dislikes: Manipulation, Abuse, Losing, Subversion, Slavery
  • Goals: Duncan hopes to one day be a legend. He has dreamt this from the moment he started fighting. he wants his name to go down in history as being a great fighter, in the ring or as a warrior.



  • Director Benjamin Truman (Mentor)
  • Natasha Whitaker (Mother/Deceased)
  • Jacob Whitaker (Father)
  • Leta Whitaker (Younger Sister)


Duncan grew up an orphan under the tutelage of Director Truman never knowing his family. It was apparent from an early age that Duncan was going to be a fighter. Always active, always fighting and never backing down from a challenge. Truman saw this as an opportunity and proceeded to teach Duncan about boxing, wrestling and martial arts. To Duncan this was like having a father in his life and he did all he could to please Truman. Unknown by Duncan he was being placed into fights at 15 and was making money for Truman illegally. This went on until Duncan turned 19 and saw Truman taking money after a fight. When questioned Truman told some lies but Duncan saw right through them and left after beating Truman to unconsciousness.

For the first time Duncan was truly alone. No friends, no family, no home and no money. He turned to the one thing he knew, fighting. He signed on to a security detail at 20 years old and went on to learn the basics of firearm use and defense in a team settting. His trainers were amazed that along with his physical prowess Duncan was a perfect team player, looking out for his fellows and following orders very well.

Like most things thus far in Duncan's life while it looked good it all fell apart a few years later. At the age of 25 Duncan had a healthy hard working career with the security force of a Dinest inc. Duncan fell witness to yet more corruption. As far as he knew he was transporting individuals tasked for rehabilitation in Dinest's mine. Though he was able to overhear the taskmaster that they were in fact trafficked slaves that they didn't have to pay and no one would miss. This drove Duncan into a fury at being manipulated yet again and also being made unwittingly into a slaver. Duncan did all he could to free those people but we was vastly outnumbered and quickly taken down and dropped off at the next docking station only due to his past hard work.

Furious at so many things in his short life he decided to change his life for himself. He went out and equipped himself as best he could and set himself to being on the right side from then on. While mercenary work could be brutal and hard he knew how to fight very well and in the end, he got to decide if he took the job or not.

Bounty Hunt 3.1

It seemed like Duncan was off to a good start with his new job under Jaina Derring's mercenary outfit. It wasn't a large group right now but it was quickly rising as a busy and reliable company. He was welcomed quickly by his comrade in arms and showed himself to be a reliable and loyal soldier. His first mission came swiftly when he was assigned along side Jaina, Katya and a handful of other mercenaries to an Origin facility in the Tami system. Apprently they wanted an update on their preciously abandoned property.

Things started off well enough as they landed at the staging area and learned the plan. Working alongside a small team of Bounty Hunters they were to retake the facility from the previous tenants who had fallen into insanity. The Hunters would head to a station to release an enormous amount of water while Duncan and the other mercenaries went to activate the power for the Hunters.

Very shortly after heading out for their destination the mercenaries came under heavy fire from the mentally insane residents. It was a bloody and brutal skirmish where the mercenaries were able to push back the masses though they found several traps left in their path as they continued on.

Finally arriving to the reservoir and accompanying machine station Duncan was on the receiving end of one last trap within the machine room. Luckily they his partner Katya was there to properly bandage him up. Once inside the station and in contact again with the second team they located the master control panel to activate the water release. Things started looking up until Duncan saw the oncoming mob again. This time however it seemed like every able bodied crazy on the planet was rushing the station. It was a literal sea of bodies.

Rifles, shotguns and even a well placed grenade by Duncan did little to slow the rushing mob. The fight soon started spilling into the small machine station. This was easily the most violent and brutal fight Duncan had ever been in. While he wouldn't normally go for the kill he had little choice in this situation. In the opening breach Duncan took a hard hit to the back of his body armor by a power saw, shearing his armored plate in half.

The fight raged further as the increasingly smaller team steadily retreated up to the roof of the complex. Little by little it seemed that they were lost. Firearm magazines came up empty, comrades fell. When suddenly the Bounty hunter ship, Iron Ferret, streaked out of the sky and laid waste to the crazed mob and knocked the roof occupants to their backs. Swiftly, the mercenaries were safe but their losses were great. Duncan used this first mission as an example that not every engagement will go well and that he can be a soldier for the right cause.



Duncan grew up in a neutral orphanage housing both Yamatai and Nepleslian orphans. This led to him being able to read, write and speak Trade and Yamataigo. While apart of a security detail he was given the basics in radio communications. Since then he has pushed himself to expand on this by using more up to date communication devices and techniques giving him slighlty more versatility in the field.


Duncan is very fit and well built He can easily lift over his weight and is surprisingly fast on his feet for a man his size. He enjoys excercising, running and especially lifting weights. This kind of activity really helps him focus and keeps him upbeat. Although his excercising gives him a โ€œmeatheadโ€ reputation he does it anyway as he says, โ€œIf you can't have perfection of mind, perfection of body is the next best thing.โ€


Trained from a young age in a mix of styles he predominantly excels in boxing, wrestling and martial arts. His muscular build points more towards his pentient for upper body power moves but he is able to fight with finesse when called for. Duncan learned to use a variety of weapons and firearms from his time as a security guard. While he is an able shot he tends to focus on heavy powerful firearms to compensate for his mediocre aim.

Vehicle - AFV series

Duncan learned to drive right after leaving the orphanage. He involved himself in street races and is adept at high speed maneuvers. While driving fast is fun and exciting Duncan prefers the heavy armored trucks due to their use in his profession. His time working security found him often driving the AFV series from the Paragon Initiative. He is able to drive these APC's very well and can do minor repairs on them.


Duncan has found within him the desire to teach. He has been working closely with children, particularly troubled or orphaned kids who need a role model or life direction. While he himself does not have a lot of schooling he believes his life could easily serve for some well learned lessons.



  • Black tight fit short sleeve shirt
  • Khaki cargo pants
  • Silver leather zip up jacket
  • Steel toe combat boots





    • Tightening black two point sling
    • Reflex sights (100 DA)
    • 6 NAM Frag grenades (90 DA)
    • 3 NAM Stun grenades (45 DA)
    • 1 NAM Smoke grenades (10 DA)
    • 2 NAM Movement restricting grenades (50 DA)
  • M115 SPAID (750 DA)
    • Drum Magazine (50 DA)
    • Durandium barrel (100 DA)
    • Foregrip
    • Two point sling
    • Holosight
    • Foregrip
    • Carrying strap
    • 3 Rocket Quiver Backpack
    • 3 HEAT rocket



  • Forced Entry rounds (4 rounds in forearm holder)
  • Beanbag rounds



  • Black magazine pouches
  • Black forearm shell holder



Duncan's Shopping List (In no particular order)







Duncan Whitaker is currently an Independent .

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
6000 DA Starting Funds
3290 DA 2710 DA Gear
7290 DA 4000 DA Job Payment
2165 DA 5125 DA Gear
1165 DA 1000 DA Orphanage donation
6165 DA 5000 DA Job Payment
1674 DA 4490 DA Gear
674 DA 1000 DA Orphanage donation
5674 DA 5000 DA Job Payment
3789 DA 1885 DA Gear
2789 DA 1000 DA Orphanage donation


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