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Dy'ra Cher'naya

Dy'ra Cher'naya is a player character played by Bloodyscarlet.

Dy'ra Cher'naya
Species: Shukaren-Laibe Neshaten
Gender: Female
Age: 25 (ER 727)
Height: 6'5β€œ
Weight: 115 Pounds
Organization: Neshaten
Occupation: Healer
Rank: C'Baruce
Current Placement: SNV Gam'trosha

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 6'5β€œ
  • Mass: 115 Pounds
  • Measurements: 33D-28-35

Build and Skin Color: She has an athletic build from training and her ancestry but she had kept her chest quite big, her fur colour is blue so is his tail with a purple tip.

Eyes and Facial Features: She has slitted eyes set away from nose. Her right eye is red and her left eye is green.

Ears: Her ears are very long and swept backwards and are slightly upwards, with purple fuzz on the inside and purple tips.

Hair Color and Style: She has thick fur all over her body that is fully blue.

Distinguishing Features: She has a tail that’s two feet long that’s blue with a purple tip.

She has a jagged scar on her stomach, she is sort of proud of.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Cher'naya doesn't have the superiority complex that others have, she loves to help anyone that requires help, no matter what it is as long as she can do it she will do it.

She is really serious and determined in whatever she does, she doesn't understand jokes and hardly smiles unless something went successful for her. She can be quite motherly at times but only went it is really needed.

The only thing that she does that seems off is talk to herself a bit mostly speaking out loud what she is thinking sometimes random recipes normally medical supplies.

  • Likes: spicy meats, authority, sweet foods and helping people.
  • Dislikes: joking about serious things, fruit and veg, anger and arguing when she works
  • Goals: Cher'naya's goal in life is to find way of helping the kingdom with medical advances.


Family (or Creators)

The Ha'na Family:

Father: Dy'ra Unich'tozheniye Mother: Dy'ra Istse'leniye Sister: Dy'ra Ket'sueki


Cher'naya grew up as the youngest siblings of a family of three, all of whom looked after her while she was growing up; one notable sibling was Dy'ra Ket'sueki, her older sister. As she grew up, her bond with her older sister strengthened, thanks in large part of her spending her time teaching Cher'naya what she needed to know to survive in the world. Because Cher'naya viewed men as being impatient and annoying, her relationship with her father suffered - while the one with her mother and siblings only got stronger as the years passed.

Shortly after coming of age, Cher'naya's older sister left to join the Volunteer Military; leaving Cher'naya without a mentor and a loving friend and sister. Determined to follow in Dy'ra Ket'sueki stead, Cher'naya spent much of her time in hard training, improving herself not only physically but also mentally and soon the chance to put all of her training to the test came. During one of several survival courses, she would nearly fall pray to one of the planets various creatures; surviving thanks only to her agility and quick wits, although not before suffering a jagged wound on her stomach. Falling back on some of her medical training allowed her to properly patch up her wound, although it still hurt in the days that followed, making life and training difficult - although not impossible. Despite the problems she had encountered, she still managed to pass her tests and was quickly given her first assignment.



She can speak and write Tinacen.

Technology Operation

She knows how to use the Medical technology to a high standard.


She can fight with both sword and rifle, not as good as Marines or Swordmasters but can still hold her own if needed to, she learnt fighting with melee weapons from her sister and some move advance skill from basic training and rifles from her basic training.


She knows the Laws and past of her kingdom, she also knows a lot about herbs and plants that have medical properties.


She understands and knows the inner workings of all the Neshaten species, with this she can help and heal all the people of the Neshaten.

Medical and Science

She knows what to do with all medical equipment and procedures ranging from surgery to addressing the wounds on a person.


She has also learnt how to be a consoling person even though her personality may not seem like it, she can listen and help a patient of the mind as well as a patient of the body.


Dy'ra Cher'naya has the following items: * Clothing


Dy'ra Cher'naya is currently a C'Baruce in the Neshaten.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
5000 RN Starting Funds

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