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Dylan Bjarkmar

Dylan Bjarkmar is a player character played by yoerik. He is currently involved in the Osman University plot, and has participated in the The Fringe plot.

Skeggason Bjarkmar
Species: Minkan, before NH-22C Yamataian, before Human, born Human
Gender: Man
Age: 39 (Born YE 01)
Organization: Yamatai Star Empire
Occupation: Geography/Geology teacher
Current Placement: Osman University, Planet Osman

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 179 cm (5'10“)
  • Mass: 68 kg (149,9 lbs)

Build and Skin Colour: He is slender, yet somewhat muscular. He is tall for an Minkan, and his muzzles are not very developed, but his farm history can be seen in his muscular build. His skin is light, not very sun tanned but somewhat darker than normal white skin. He is decently fit, for he is often seen jogging long ways.

Eyes and Facial Features: He has round, light blue eyes with big brown eyebrows and small eyelashes. He has a slender face with a few freckles. He has no facial hair, except for small sideburns just beneath the jaws and a small bit of stubbles, enough to be noticed but not a real beard.

Ears: He has Neko-style ears, small with some fur; he wanted the ears to remember his mother and chose to have his body modified to make able those Neko-ears. He also choose them for their beauty and natural ability to hear better. He was however born with small, round ears, and he had such before transferring to a Minkan body.

Hair Colour and Style: He has short, brown curly hair. The size is just above the ears, over the eyes, cut to the left side. On his head, it is shaped in the form of a flattop.

Dominant hand:Dylan is strangely enough left-handed. He could have had it changed in his Minkan body, but since he was born left handed, he wanted to keep it that way.

Voice:Dylan's voice is quite low and baritone-like, but not as low as bass.

Distinguishing Features: He has a small tattoo of black stripes resembling a hand on his left cheek, in memory to his brother death. He has Neko-style ears to, which help to set him apart from the crowd. He has enhanced hearing capabilities because of his ears.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: He is described as helpful, reliable, skilled and overly a hard worker. But he also is viewed as defensive, eccentric and easily distracted. He tends to be reliable and sociable, but most of the times his trials go wrong and people don't really understand him. He is also described as peaceful, and would not hurt anyone, and highly believes that nature must be preserved. He only shoots for sport. He feels justice is above all else, and that knowledge should be allowed for everyone. He is also very curious, and always tries to find ways to become the first to discover new things.

  • Likes: chocolate, justice, nature, science, alien live, running
  • Dislikes: injustice, ignorance, destroying nature, discrimination
  • Fears:He has no fear of any animals, as a real biologist should.
  • Religious belief: Agnosticism
  • Goals: See never-before seen flora and fauna


Family (or Creators)

Johan Bjarkmar(father, 68), Annette Bjarkmar(mother, 66), Borgar Bjarkmar (older brother, died at age 26), Willem Bjarkmar-Oldhaus(uncle, 62).



Dylan was born on Planet Yamatai in YE 01, near Tania, where his parents had a farm. He was born human and his parents were humans as well. At the age of three, his parents all opted for the transfer to the Human body for the entire family in YE 04. Thanks to the family's rural farm, and their updated bodies, they were spared from The Great Plague of YE 08. He was a quiet and cute baby, and at a young age he learned to speak and write. His parents called him a child prodigy. At the age of only four, he was able to speak, write and calculate.

His uncle was a well known psychologist locally, and it is from him that Dylan got his interest with psychology. When he was younger, he and his uncle would have hour-long discussions about philosophical questions, but also about biology.

At a relatively young age(only 5 years old), his only older brother died because of a horrible accident on an unnamed planet, where he was ripped apart by indigenous beasts. His brother had served in the Yamatai National Police, where he had the rank of detective. Why he was on the planet where he was killed at the moment, was to investigate a pair of criminals, but the situation got out of hand, causing the local wildlife to attack the police force where Borgar was in. Bjarkmar's parents were devastated, and were unable to help Dylan comprehend the situation at that time, so he learned of his brother's death years later.

At his preschool, he showed great interest on unknown species and plants. He paid great attention to both biology class and chemistry, but later on he decided to solely focus on biology and let go of the chemistry. He was often described as a nerd and was mostly lonely. He became more social later on. At the age of 17, he got a tattoo on his left cheek which resembled his brother's hand, shortly before he attended to his first of the four study that he would follow.


At the age of 17, he began a bachelor study in biology at the prestigious Kyousou Institute of Technology. He got most of his college money from his uncle and parents, but also took on various loans from various disreputable loan sharks. After that was finished, he began studying for a Master in the school of science.

His mother transferred into a Nekovalkyrja body when he was 21, in YE 22, after which she fought in the Star Army of Yamatai. After the six year mandatory service, she returned to the Bjarkmar farm, opting not to continue her service. She was forced to return her Neko body, but insisted on keeping the Neko-ears. To remember her services Dylan chose to have Neko-style ears on his Minkan body, insisting on having them as a sign of his mother's years spent as a Nekovalkyrja. He also choose him for their enhanced hearing capability.

He only got of college in YE 30, after first a 4 year Bachelors study on biology, and a 8 year Masters in Xeno-biology. At school, he'd worked many jobs to pay of the bills during his holidays. He also finished a 1 year basic course about stellar navigation and cartography in YE 35.


The Fringe

Lately, it has come out that Dylan actually has debts with the loan sharks from which he got his college money and now tries to find ways in the “criminal” underground. Lately, he has been independently hired aboard a ship of prospectors as a consultant to study core samples from asteroids. Since then, the ship has experienced a blast, and Dylan was locked up in the medbay. After drifting for a while, the crew of the Concordia Veil managed to locate Dylan. After a conversation between Dylan and 'Six Four', they manage to secure a second space suit. When an impending slave ship threatens to destroy the ship, Dylan and 'six-Four' battle of several slavers mercs, before Dylan was tossed to a nearby escape shuttle. After dangling a while with the controls, He tried to steer the shuttle, but his limited knowledge left him spiralling out of control, nearly crashing into the Concordia. After that, he was rescued by a Star Army cruiser and send to the medical bay.

Biology Teacher

After some time recovering in Kyoto, Dylan took up a job as a biology scientist for Origin Industries. After that, he was hired at a Kotogakko school in Tania, where he thought biology. This was still his job in YE 40. He became Lab head in YE 39.



As a child, Bjarkmar already spoke well and had interest in reading. He is fluent in Yamataian and Nepleslian. He recently started learning Lorath Language, specifically 'Ly'thir' dialect, but he is not as good in it as he is in Yamataian or Nepleslian, and he certainly has some difficulty speaking it and is not very fluent. He is trying to improve it some more.


He has degreed in biology and xeno-biology, which means he has a greater understanding of never before seen plants and animals than most. He likes experimenting in the field over laboratory working, and is often seen outside conducting research on animals and plants. He is not very good in genetics, but has a bit of experience in zoology as well.


He loves studying the human thought process and his biology study gave him a chance to further experience the study of the human and animals thought processes. It is not his first occupation or study, and he did not degree in any psychology school, but he has the basic skills to study behaviour of animals and humans, which he learned in his biology studies. He has some slight skills pertaining to anthropology as well.


He really enjoys jogging, and he often takes long runs to get his stamina up and improve his endurance. He has good skills and can run for quite some time under duress. He also knows some basic things about swimming, good enough to not make him drown. He has enjoyed jogging since high school, and in college was often seen jogging with his friends.


Dylan knows the basics of firearm usage, drawn from time when he was younger, when he enjoyed practising with the scarecrows on the farm, eventually being told to stop for destroying the scarecrows, irritating his father. Since that time, he has maintained practice to some extent, using target dummies instead. He also has limited skills in hand-to-hand combat, drawn from a bit of martial arts experience.


One of Dylan's other hobbies is cooking. He was often seen cooking when with his parents at the farm, and he started at it at a relative young age. On board, he can be quite critical too about other people's food, and prefers to bake his own food himself. If others want it too, he doesn't find it a hard job to cook for many people and even enjoys it.

Starship Operation

While not very good at stellar cartography, he has recently taken some basic courses about navigation and stellar cartography. He has tried to improve his skills, but has so far found no mentor to assist him.


Dylan Bjarkmar has the following items:

  1. 17mm pistol
    1. 225 Gyrojet rounds
    2. 5 magazines, 9 round
    3. Black leather holster


Dylan Bjarkmar is currently unemployed.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS 3000 KS Starting Funds
1530 KS -1465 KS bought 17mm pistol + 5 magazines & Black Leather Holster
2830 KS 1300 KS Origin Industries job pay
56,830 KS 54,000 KS 3 years of Teacher salary
56,720 KS -120 KS bought Universal Traveller's Folding Bike
51,320 KS -5,400 KS bought Universal Traveller's Motorbike
49,520 KS -1,800 KS Bought Taiwa Portable Interactive Map Device

OOC Notes

Still improving, but I hope it's getting better.

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