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Edmond McClintock

Edmond McClintock
Species: ID-SOL
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Height: 2.3m (8'6“)
Weight: 91kg (200lbs)
Organization: NAM
Occupation: Weapons Developer
Rank: CEO
Current Placement: NAM

Edmond McClintock is a NPC played by Sigma.

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 2.3m (8'6”)
  • Weight: 91kg (200lbs)

Build and Skin Color: Edmond is a large, muscled ID-SOL with freckled pink Caucasian skin.

Eyes and Facial Features: Edmond has blue eyes and freckled cheeks. He also has a thick prickly orange-colored beard.

Ears: Edmond has human shaped ears.

Hair Color and Style: He has bright orange hair, trimmed short but fashionable. His hair is very prickly.

Distinguishing Features: Edmond often speaks with a thick accent that often forces him to have to repeat himself to be understood.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Like all ID-SOLs, Edmond is extremely MANLY. Guns, knives, and armor are the epitome of MANLY virtues. To use them, and use them well, was what every man should strive for. Anything less, you were failing your duties as a man to protect the womenfolk. However, only the smartest, toughest men could use and sell weapons they had made. With such direct bluntness, it is no wonder that Edmond wears his feelings on his shoulders.

Edmond is, without a doubt, arrogant and proud; traits he does not deny. He is also very misogynistic towards women, treating them like objects rather than people. While this does not affect his judgment of their work (which is usually submitted by a male colleague to be safe), it does color his judgment of them as people. Behind the bluster, however, lies a deep Machiavellian mind. Edmond is fully capable of overcoming his prejudices if he can see a practical purpose and beneficial goal in doing so. In fact, one reason why he puts up the bluster and the attitude is to disguise his own analytical skills until he needs to reveal them. Such bluffs have often resulted in successful negotiations and explain his rise through NAM.

He is also very racist towards others, Yamatai in particular. Most other races, in his opinion, aren't worth Nepleslia's time. They cuddle up to the Big Green Meanies as a way to ensure that they're not next on Yamatai's hit-list. This makes their fight Nepleslia's fight. While it is good for business, it also goes against his personal political beliefs.

  • Likes: Making money, drinking booze, making and shooting guns, sleeping with women.
  • Dislikes: Losing money, ending the day sober, being told someone makes better guns than NAM.
  • Goals: Make money, drink more booze, make and shoot more guns, sleep with more women.



None. Orphaned and adopted by an elderly couple who passed away in YE 32.


Edmond was born in YE 6 on Nepleslia and joined a gang as soon as he could. At some point in his youth, his parents died and Edmond was adopted by their relatives. Though he continued to be a ganger into his teens and early adulthood, the pointless of it began to wear on it. Even after he had become the head of his own gang, life was boring. There was no challenge. Until a friend of the couple introduced him to a weapons designer. The two of them spent hours talking about guns, their theoretical and practical applications, argued over what was the best gun in each category. The meeting left Edmond with a new inspiration. Make guns, use them and make money.

At age 23, he disbanded his gang and joined NAM Terratech as a weapons designer. His initial work was usually as an assistant but within a year, he was put to work alongside a team of designers to find and update various Nepleslian ground weapons. Between YE 31 and 33, Edmond played a significant role in the updates made to a lot of Terratech's aresenal, such as the NAM Light Plasma Autocannon LPA-01B, the NAM Plasma Lance Rifle PLR-02A and the NAM FEC-02A Forearm Plasma Chaingun to name some. This work, and the success that these upgraded platforms achieved in the field, earned him accolades from the government, his superiors and his colleagues.

With the NAM succession crisis continuing, Edmond was one of three candidates shortlisted for the position of CEO. What tipped him was that, besides his bluster, his work was far more successful than the other two candidates' who had worked mainly on the Aerotech equipment. Added to the fact that he played a large role in designing and testing the "Kegbuster" Tactical Rocket Launcher, Edmond was announced as the new CEO of NAM in August YE 34.


  • Fighting and Physical
  • Technology Operation
  • Mathematics
  • Engineering
  • Demolitions
  • Communications
  • Leadership
  • Humanities (Diplomacy)


Edmond McClintock has the following items:

Standard Issue

Personal Items


Edmond McClintock is currently the CEO of NAM.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
300,000 DA Starting Funds
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