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Eguchi, Eisei

A player character and WEEB KILLING MACHINE used by Primitive Polygon.

Eguchi Eisei
Species: NMX-Type Nekovalkyrja
Gender: Female
Age: 6
Height: 4“8 ft
Weight: 96 lbs
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Star Army Infantry
Rank: Yontô Hei
Current Placement: YSS Ryūjō (Plot)
Theme music
This Time Will Be Different… ACVD- Sirus Type 2
A Cadaver Is Fine Too MM&B- Burnerman's Theme
Questionable Enthusiasm Ristar- Busy Flare

Physical Characteristics

Build and Skin Color: Particularly short, pale beige skinned and lightly built. Eguchi actually has a vaguely adult body type with proportionally wide hips and shoulders, but it's undermined by her lithe and petite stature making her head look a little too big.

Eyes and Facial Features: Bearing a slightly rounded head with pointed chin, Eguchi's face is an scattershot mix of both cute and sinister elements. Her glowing but deep-set amber eyes are huge and angular, bearing long pink eyelashes, whilst her ever-present toothy grin is almost entirely filled with canines. Her pointed nose is long but inoffensive, whilst sharp eyebrows are constantly arched to match her relentless unwholesome smile.

Ears: Triangular, pink and fuzzy. They are rather large and difficult to keep under control.

Hair Color and Style: A long wave of pink fluff that is tied into a massive cloud-like pony tail, generally using oversized sky-blue ribbons that smell of candy floss.

Distinguishing Features: There is a pale yellow crescent on her forehead as a genetic marking. Original NMX serial number in light blue on chest. Various wands and magical items. It changes frequently, but is always a balancing act between dementedly cute and downright strange.

What appears to be long pink girly nails are in fact improved NMX claws, able to slice flesh to ribbons at a moment's notice… But also making it extremely awkward for her to hold certain objects.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: An intensely mercurial personality that is incredibly morally ambiguous, Eguchi spends half of her time feeding her obsession with girly anime, and the other half training to stab things in the head. The deep-rooted dark side of her personality actually came first, born from a lifetime of violence and thoughts of warrior's pride. What warped concept she has of Yamatai magical girl culture is played out in real life, bringing love and justice to the enemies of peace and love, preferably at the point of a blade.

Whilst she's actually fanatically well-meaning in this fashion, that doesn't really change the fact that she enjoys hyper-violence tremendously. They are smiling almost constantly regardless of the situation, far past an amount that could be considered healthy. Their happiness actually increases during challenging fights, making sparing against her probably the best way into their good books. They almost never hold grudges, and have next to no concept of personal space, both suggesting that they might not be the most sharp or robust tool in the shed.

  • Likes: Blood, carnage, sex, violence, causing fear, eating meat, sleeping in late, cute things, girly anime.
  • Dislikes: Mishu, being hungry, feeling defeated, boring-looking people, yamataians who think NMX-Neko should just 'disappear'.
  • Goals: Become a legendary airy space valkyrie, gain fans and praise, find her old squad 'family' members.


Family (or Creators)

Mishhuvurthyar NMX cloning facility on HX-13.


Created near the end of the Second Mishhuvurthyar War, Eguchi was born into the NMX ranks as a simple soldier and shock trooper. Her name and appearance was different at the time; All three dozen of her green-skinned siblings had identical bodies and simple numerical labels. Given the sheer depersonalization and apparent disposability of their individual lives, the only way one could only distinguish themselves through abominable bloody-handed cruelty. Eventually they were used to control slaves when power armor supplies began to run critically low in their sector, not helped in the least by this particular planet's swampy and dangerous biosphere, causing the brigade to become notorious for their focus on hand-to-hand skills and sheer barbarity. Officers could be challenged to a life-or-death duel at practically any time, leading to the title changing hands so often than soldiers would simply follow whoever was carrying the officer's sword in any one battle.

Most did not give up when faced with a new skirmish against Star Army of Yamatai forces, namely during the invasion of Legion XII during Operation Khozan. Despite the now decrepit state of their equipment and little chance of victory, Eguchi was no exception. She was critically wounded by a grenade blast, and only taken prisoner for the purpose of interrogation.

The next three years were spent in a Yamatai detention center. Much to her shock and disgruntlement, they actually had more amenities there than she had ever experienced before in her life, including things like public television. It was here that her idolization of series like Magical Girl Aeternalis first started, seeing her own warrior culture reflected back at her in a fantastically more optimistic light, and she chose to take on a new name and body resembling these concepts upon the eventual completion of her reeducation and release.

It took some convincing for the Star Army officials to allow her into their ranks, but it was it was pretty clear in the end that she could never adapt to civilian life anyway. Her new comrades might sleep with one eye open, but Eguchi was an experienced and enthusiastically loyal potential soldier that didn't deserve to be outright ignored.


Things went… strangely, to put it one way. After being recruited to the Orochi Squadron and immediately being deployed in an NMX carrier assault, the mission turned into a total bloodbath. Eisei faced her old nation in battle willingly, living the dream of becoming a real life magical girl, but perhaps did not meet up to her superior's standards in such a willingness to force enemies to give up, rather than kill them.

She survived, but it seemed her loyalties were now suspect. The Santo Hei went completely undecorated, like many of the other grunts, but unlike them, could not seem to find a ready transfer window out of the dire outfit. Her training regime became even harsher and tending more towards immediate violence after this point, as she came to the realization that she would never gain respect as things were.

In the end, Eisei Eguchi was sectioned and brought back for psyche evaluations, before finally defecting from the army completely. The next year was spent taking random side jobs just to survive, from waitressing to holding score cards at boxing matches. Both a job at Akemi's and a trip to Planet Osman ended up going nowhere.

Then… Well, the authorities caught up with her. Having failed to pay her way out of the three year nekovalkyrja contract, which her newer body was subject to, Eisei suddenly found themselves slapped in cuffs and given an ultimatum. Either they would rejoin the ranks of the Star Army infantry as a member of the YSS Ryūjō, or they could spend the rest of their term back in prison.

A cruel twist of fate, perhaps, but Eisei certainly felt like her venture into the outside world had already been an abject failure. If they really wanted to live up to their dreams of fighting evil, they could resign themselves to being seen as little more than attack dog for the time being.

Some day, at some pivotal point, her luck had to turn around…

Well, at least she was in time for Halloween.


After another year of being bounced around and being generally useless, Eisei ironically ended up being able to buy themselves out early since the remaining Yonto Hei salary was cheaper. After that, they pretty much just bummed around on the couch of Toyoe Tsuguka's Yacht for a while, having met them during a Love Day encounter with Heram J. Wazu.


Fighting & Physical

Unthinkably savage with a bladed weapon, Eisei loves to exploit her extra-Nekovalkyrja light weight, anti-gravity organ and impressive flexibility to inflict surprise attacks on unsuspecting enemies… But only practicing with such a specific skill set means she's also the bare minimum pass rate for ranged accuracy, and has a lot of bad habits to do with over-exerting herself since the most part of her combat experience was gained before she even had any formal training. The ability to use power armor and stealth fields does lend to her value as a shock trooper, however, and she is at least technically certified to use heavy ordinance and grenades.


Alrough her countless macabre fanfics and digital-based artworks are disturbing to say the least, she does have an eye for cosmetic details, and a dedication towards physical appearances that borders on obsessive. Nekovalkyrja holographic abilities mean they can also produce many outfits on a whim, which in her case are often extremely garish or sometimes outright physically impossible; Mostly based on magical girl heroines and transformation sequences, of course.

Survival & Military

Despite their first appearances, Eisei is actually relatively able to navigate and find food in the wild, mostly because of experiences during their early life on HX-13. It does bring up bad memories, however, so they are not particularly happy or willing to do it, given the choice.

Interrogation & Psychological Persuasion

Torture of prisoners of war is illegal under Star Army regulations, but seeing as Eguchi's personality was specifically constructed by the NMX to lean towards terror and unease, it's a flavor that she can't particularly shake off no matter how pretty she tries to make herself. To be frank, she still knowingly enjoys causing fear, to the point where a minder is probably necessary to prevent her from getting carried away.


Eguchi has the following items:

  • Many random frilly dresses, cute shoes, technicolor gloves.
  • Various sweet-smelling shampoos and toiletries.
  • NMX Type 31 Saber (She bought it freemarket.)


Eguchi Eisei is currently independent.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds
36,075 KS +33,075 KS One Year Santo Hei + One Year Yonto Hei Contract
21,000 KS -15075 KS Bought themselves out of the Star Army!

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