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Eiven Lankinen

Eiven Lankinen is a Minkan in the Star Army of Yamatai. He is a Medical Doctor serving aboard the Plumeria-class (2D) Medium Gunship YSS Aeon. Eiven is a player character played by BionicSamurai.

Eiven Lankinen
Eiven Lankinen
Species: Minkan
Gender: Male
Age: 57 (born February YE -20, looks 30)
Height: 174 cm (5' 8.5β€œ)
Weight: 66 kg (145.5 lbs)
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: 08A Medical Doctor (Officer)
Rank: shoi_kohosei Shoi Kohosei
Current Placement: YSS Aeon
Orders: Orders

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 174 cm (6' 8.5”)
  • Mass: 66 kg (145.5 lbs)

Build and Skin Color: Eiven has a medium build with lightly tanned skin from the generations of his family being farmers in the temperate zone.

Eyes and Facial Features: Eiven has oval shaped grey eyes with normal eyelashes, slightly bushy eyebrows, and a subtle look of decades of experience. He also has a straight angled nose, medium thin lips, and an average sized mouth on a large round face.

Ears: Eiven's ears are the typical rounded human ears with attached lobes

Hair Color and Style: Eiven has platinum blonde hair like what he naturally had on his original human body. He keeps his hair in an short, nicely cropped comb over on top with sheered sides and back. The man otherwise keeps his face and the remainder of his body clear.

Distinguishing Features: Eiven can sometimes be seen with a smile that speaks of pain and joy at the same time. Otherwise he only wears where he's been on the inside as indelible marks on his soul.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Eiven is a caring person whom has learned his patience through his patients over his years in the profession. He is typically slow to anger, though he makes faces at minor annoyances as a deflection measure. The Minkan also puts his thoughts into performing the right action at the right time without rush or tarrying. He's all about the method, the precision, the intention when it's time to work.

This does not, however, mean that old man Lankinen is in capable of becoming cross or frustrated. His face can get quite red to almost purple, and streams of curses in the ancient tongue of his parents which is rarely intelligible in Trade, never mind Yamataian.

Also, should anyone be unwary, the good doctor can bend a person's ear with a good number of the stories he has stored away in his now 'overfull' digital brain. His childhood is a frequent favourite, while he avoids some of his more recent events; however now and then, a story about one unnamed patient or another can come up. Sometimes Eiven will use it as a way of easing someone he is about to work on, while other times it can be a funny story for someone recovering. One never knows what all may sit here hidden in that bio-electrical mass; but it is a joy for him to let it out once in a while.

Oddly enough, however, Eiven seems to like working under pressure and is thankful his current heart can keep up with it. The adrenaline makes him feel alive and the life in his hands makes him feel like he is making a difference in the galaxy. Even the challenge makes the doctor feel that much more engaged - just be sure that you don't call him on it.

  • Likes: Smiling, the newspaper, talking, open ears, open minds, sweets, a well made vodka, a well made cup of coffee, a recovering patient, electronica, airbikes, getting up and walking around.
  • Dislikes: Refusal to learn a lesson, wilful and unnecessary destruction of property, bagpipe music, lying, bad vodka.
  • Goals: To see if a war ship Medical Lab is more his pace.


Family (or Creators)

Isfjord Family
  • Jens (brother-in-law)
  • Anja Kawasaki (niece) - Married to Ken'ichi Kawasaki
    • Robert
  • Alfrid (nephew)


Fun and Curiosity

Twenty years before the Yamatai Star Empire was officially founded, Eiven Jussi Lankinen was born at a regional nursing station near his family's homestead on then named Geshrintall. He was an incredibly aware baby and happy baby who showed signs of congeniality at an early age. As the boy grew up so did his care for the fields, the animals, his family and welcomed his baby sister at three-years-old with open arms.

Young Eiven, however, also had a habit of disappearing once he was able to walk; often brought home hours later by a relative or neighbour. This often put a heap of stress on his parents and soon he was not allowed to go too far from his mother or father. This rule stuck until it was time to start sending him to the village for school where he began making friends with various other children - many of whom were some form of cousin to him.

Play time at school eventually migrated to play time at someone's family homestead and in these places where living and working happened, many injuries would result. This often brought adults out to care for the various bumps, scrapes, and bruises that would happen and Eiven would watch, sometimes even helping out. Eventually, as he got older, he became good enough to bandage his friends himself and would carry around a kit where ever he went, just in case.

Soon, with increased experience and curiosity, the boy began wanting to learn more about the body - what it did, how it worked - in more detail than local resources could help. Health class in middle and high school worked some, but it was still too little for him. Eiven stuck to his curiosities, however, and soon graduated and moved to Geshrinopolis where he began attending university.

As course after course ensued, Eiven found himself pulled more and more into how the body worked. Soon he made his decision to get a physiology degree as as part of his pre-medical training. This was also around the time when the galactic wars became settled and the Yamatai Star Empire was founded and when the young man learned about the NH-1 Geshrin, genetically enhanced body.

Though he researched what he could, the farm boy was unable to contain his excitement for the possible benefits such a body would provide. Counter to his better judgement, he applied to undergo the fledgling Soul Transfer process and be given a Human body of perfect likeness to his original human one. It would be a while before he would learn the implications of his decision, resulting in him managing to convince his elder sister, Ansa, to undergo the process as well.

The Great Plague

When the young medical student came home for the Yule of YE 03, there were various arguments flying about between his parents and his younger sister, Irja, as if something had blown up. As Eiven listened, however, the arguing seemed to be about things they thought each other were saying, but actually had not. That was when Ansa arrived with her Human fiancee and was also just as confused as her brother as to what the family was arguing about.

This prompted the academic to think along the only line there was dividing the normal humans from the genetically enhanced. When he finally was sure it was telepathy that they were using, Eiven began to wonder if he had cheated himself out of the natural evolution that was happening. He wondered if he sold his future for an underwhelming artificial one that may never advance unless technology did prompting the med student to further investigate when he got back to school.

In YE 05, PNUgen Corporation began introducing more of the medical information needed to diagnose and treat the new Human body. Many things were still the same, however the major and minor details did end up making the additional information necessary. The young academic was amazed with the information he had been lacking, though in the back of his head still wondered if his transfer was the right thing to do.

In YE 08, Eiven had begun his residency when some of the patients at the clinic he worked at were falling ill of a strange disease. Even after enlisting the help of the doctor he was under, there seemed to be nothing to be done for them. They quickly ended up in the hospital where soon after they would die. The young man could not understand it, but furiously he tried to think about what could be done with each possibility coming up empty. Then he got the call from his sister: Irja and their parents were dead.

This and the billions of tragedies around the world began making the young Geshirin question whether he should continue in medicine as nearly everyone he knew died around him. Even the doctor he worked under for his residency succumbed and he was left without work or help unless he went back home. That was when he received a call from a place he did not expect.

Work for Big Brother

PNUgen had contacted the young Mr. Lankinen to see if he still wished to continue his residency. The help included a contract stipulating that he would have to give them ten years of his professional career if he accepted. They implored him to help in the standardized communication as those who survived the plague, but had been affected by the accidents it caused, still required medical attention.

Seeing as he could not turn down people in need, Eiven accepted the opportunity and applied for an interview. It made him nervous, applying to such a large company, however having been reached out to he figured he should at least try. The young Geshrin soon found himself in a position that required bi-weekly rotating shifts, day, night, then off, at one of the company's hospitals.

It was not long before the young man found himself looking in on the status of multiple people. From small problems to burn victims, to those wrapped up in traction, Eiven was kept moving for the first month. Then as the conditions improved and people started to leave, he soon felt a sense of belonging again confirming his joy of the profession.

From then on through the next few wars, he worked there gladly and busily. On his time off he either did very little or visited his sister and brother-in-law back at the family farm, eventually welcoming a niece and nephew into the family. Through out this time, however he rarely managed to make the time for a family of his own.

The Fourth Elysian War eventually came and during it the destruction of Geshrinopolis resulted in he loss of both Eiven's new condo and the hospital he worked at. Thankfully, he was able to escape, but how homeless and technically jobless, the man ended up passed from shelter to shelter until reaching a major set up that included a tent hospital. There his employer got back in contact with him and he completed his most recent contract at the temporary hospital.

The "Good" Life

Once the war was over and his last contract with PNUgen expired, Eiven applied to start a clinic with a few of his fellow doctors whom he had worked with at the temporary hospital. It took some time to get set up, but it became part of the newly built Kyoto. There they worked out of a tent tending to labourers, but soon they had a set of offices from which they serviced some of the new residents of the new capital city.

When the NH-22C Yamataian was made available, Eiven took more time to investigate the pros and cons of the new body. He did not wish to feel any later regrets for the change as he did with his first switch which he also attributed to saving him. After being sure that the new upgrade was for him and seeing the health of the patients of his whom tried it though; the doctor was satisfied and made the switch.

Eventually the requests for transfer increased and the man petitioned his partners to add transfers, back-ups, and restores to their portfolio. It took some convincing, however soon the went about the appropriate paperwork to get the systems installed and hired a proper technician for the equipment. From there patients soon became customers and the number of machines needed increased; but instead of hiring more technicians, some of the partners, including Eiven took the training to run the equipment. This also resulted in him taking regular, half year back-ups for the convenience.

In early YE 33, Eiven began finding things slow on the side of treatment while the backups and transfer business did not too badly. This resulted in being able to afford a lifestyle that let him play, but without the feeling of fulfillment. Because of this, the good doctor began being reckless on his bike resulting in two speeding tickets at first.

The tickets did not seem to deter him however, and eventually he found himself meeting a rock wall at excessive velocity. Eiven Jussi Lankinen was pronounced dead at the sceen; his body recycled and airbike impounded. The elder Yamataian was later revived in the new Minkan body from his most recent back-up and paraded into the courtroom to face more fines and a sentence of six months of community service.

His back-up having been from prior to his purchase of the airbike, and with the loss of his operators license, Eiven decided to leave the machine in the care of law enforcement while he worried about his debt to society. Admonishment from his partners, and a letter from the Medical Board that he stands to lose his medical license with further infractions, the man also decided that he needed to find another way to deal with the boredom he was feeling. A boredom that the Mishhuvurthyar seemed content to relieve him of.

The Turn

In a way, the Battle of Yamatai could not have come at a better time. His place of work hit again in the bombing, Eiven began to wonder if it was a sign. The call to the old tents he remembered from a decade ago came up, and the doctor happily obliged.

This time his work at the camp was more supervisory, but the pace made him feel young again. Even when he had to get his hands dirty, Eiven relished each moment like an addict with a new shot in the arm. He was hooked, and soon wondered if this were the environment he truly preferred.

When the worst was over and Eiven was released from his tent duty, he began to look at possibilities for the movement he needed. Hospitals used to be good, but now with the healing abilities of the current human models, there just was not as much happening. He then noticed an advertisement for the Star Army looking to replenish its ranks. Message received, the Minkan doctor made sure to have any patient files he had left were transferred to the other partners and signed up.

When he arrived at the office to hand in his application, the recruiting officer noticed his long medical career and asked the man if he were looking to take the officer path for training. Eiven considered it a moment, but recalling how he enjoyed running the tent hospital the answer was an easy β€œYes”. Soon the Minkan was tested for physical and mental fitness then given his travel orders to report for training.

Basic, at first was gruelling as they worked to break him down to the point that he was a mailable mind they could rebuild to their needs. He studied, downloaded, and practiced from early twilight to late dusk working hard with the others as he became less the scared civilian and more the hardened soldier. Then there was the medical training where he received his military upgrade and got caught up on the remaining Minkan information he did not know as well as how to work with the Nekovalkyrja soldiers.

YE 35 soon found him in Officer Training where he learned the essentials of command and leadership, as well as the employment of those concepts. Here he did well managed to finish in the top quarter of the class. From there he still had his practical left, assignment to a ship, which Eiven applied for with measured excitement.

Current "The River"

Mission 7.5

Eiven arrived on the YSS Aeon after a mildly frustrating flight that was resolved simply enough. Even the interview with the captain, Ise Katae-Taisa, seemed initially tough, but helped make his understanding better of what was expected of him. However, due to the emergency situation, he immediately had work to do.

With the Med Lab setup to receive injured and an introduction to a newly discovered alien species - the old doctor had a chance to brush up on his familiarity with systems and learn how similar intelligent cultures can end up being. The latter particularly impressed him as he began wondering if he should join in on the Thaurgon entertainment; however that was cut short by the announcement of others teleporting in. Eiven tried to organize things as best he could; but with the notice that two arrived with missing limbs and a shock wave incoming, he knew things needed to be done NOW.

It took a little time for everyone of the away team to get aboard; but as soon as they were in the bay, Eiven did what he could to get them dealt with. Once the team and their Thaurgon burdens were stabilized, however, everyone was moved up to medical so that the more important work could be done. Along the way, the ship got hit, slowing progress initially, but not halting it - their arrival allowing them to complete necessary procedures.

With Eun-Kyung and Sunflower in the hemo tanks, two more arrived with issues: a SSS Liaison by the name of Josea, and another type of alien named Kata'Nova. Soon all the AMTC's were filled up with more people coming in for treatment. Thankfully, Sachi was around to help pick up the slack from already having one of the medical staff out of commission.

By the end of the action, Medical was full and a disaster. What was not broken was a relief, while the things that did were only a major problem until de-energized, yet the old man seemed to like it. Due to the damage all over the ship, however, it was soon taken out of service for maintenance resulting in everyone being sent off for leave.

Mission 7.6

Leave was a mix of things as short as it was. An unplanned dinner with Sunflower ended up a bit of an internal roller coaster ride of questions and answers that ended up rather inconclusive. Thankfully there was a little time to get a hold of Alfrid and offer him some encouragement in his studies.

Mission 8.0

With the repairs complete and duty calling again, Eiven returns with almost more questions than answers. The dinner with Sunflower was still a rather confusing encounter, and apparently there had been a medical emergency with Kata'Nova as well. This, however, had to be set aside with the new mission focused on getting in contact with their guest's people.

To further making things interesting, Ise-Taisa split up the crew, sending the group Eiven was put in to be the contact party. She even lent her personal craft, the ISC Tanoshimi, to be their vessel for the mission, and put XO Kurusu Misaki ( ζ₯ζ –ηΎŽε΄Ž )-Chusa in charge. This also came with an opportunity that the doctor was not expecting so soon as mission second.

With some false starts and a little stumbling things managed to move along, and soon they were all off on their way to first contact. It did not seem to take long, but they quickly arrived in a system that would hopefully be a non-threatening place to start and had Kata'Nova send a message. The reply back was cautious, yet promising.



Eiven has been trained in the use of civilian and military telecommunications equipment, including radio, FTL comms, video communication terminals, and the Digital Mind wireless system. He is well versed in standard military radio operating procedures over the aforementioned equipment. He can also use both Nepleslian natively and Yamataian fluently for these purposes, as well as in polite and operational conversation, documentation, interpretation, and instruction/reading comprehension.


Eiven has trained in methods of unarmed combat as well as the use of energy based weapons, knives, and power armour. Due to the variability of combat environments, however, he has been trained to use both sets of combat skills in Yamatai-like and micro-gravity conditions.

Technology Operation

Eiven has a basic understanding of the Kessaku OS, found on all Star Army starships as well as sensor systems. He also knows how to operate any medical lab equipment found on most vessels. Both of these he has learned how to do, both with his hands, and with his Star Army issued SPINE interface.

Medical and Science

Eiven was originally a general medical physician who worked as a family doctor from YE 12 to YE 33. He has also taken upgrade courses for the NH-22C Yamataian and Minkan bodies as part of his re-certifications. Along with those, the SAoY has added the military upgrades for the Minkan as well as the most recent few series of Nekovalkyrja.

The SAoY has also trained him in the use of combat casualty evaluation and the (7-Line) Request For Medical Assistance


Eiven has been educated in medical law in university as well as updates via recertification. He has also been trained in broader Yamatai Star Empire law and Star Army of Yamatai history as an officer.

He has also experienced much of the Empire's history since its founding.


Eiven has learned public speaking, command, group tactics, from his officer's courses as well as team administration during his time in the tent hospital in the Battle of Yamatai.


Eiven's experience in life allows him to be an ear to bend when needed and a voice of experience for suggestions and recommendations of a counsellor type, though he is not certified for it.


Eiven has learned the mathematics necessary for his studies in univeristy, along with some refreshers by the SAoY.


Eiven is a compitent operator of typical civilian vehicles and airbikes while he has also been trained to operate the Type 30 Light Utility Truck, the Type 30 Surface Terrain Vehicle.


Eiven Lankinen has the following items:



  • Civilian Professional Clothes
    • Sports Jacket - brown
    • Collared Shirts - 1 white, 1 cream, 1 burgundy
    • Cotton Trousers - 1 black, 1 warm grey
    • Dress Socks - 2 black pair, 2 warm grey pair
    • Leather Belts - 1 black, 1 brown
    • Dress Shoes - 1 black pair, 1 brown pair
  • Civilian Casual
    • T-shrits - 2 black, 2 gray, 2 forest green
    • Jeans - 2 pair
    • Socks - 6 white
    • Tennis Shoes
    • Printed T-Shirt with the wording β€œGalaxy's Best Uncle!” on the front
  • Misc
    • Brown backpack
    • Blue towel
    • Photo of family (Pre-YE 01)
    • Photo of sister's family (ca. YE 20)
    • Photo of niece's family (ca. YE 36)


Eiven Lankinen is currently a Shoi Kohosei in the Star Army of Yamatai.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3 000 KS Starting Funds
3 664 KS 664 KS March 36 Pay (Shoi Kohosei)
4 328 KS 664 KS April 36 Pay (Shoi Kohosei)
4 992 KS 664 KS May 36 Pay (Shoi Kohosei)
5 656 KS 664 KS June 36 Pay (Shoi Kohosei)
6 320 KS 664 KS July 36 Pay (Shoi Kohosei)
6 984 KS 664 KS August 36 Pay (Shoi Kohosei)
7 648 KS 664 KS September 36 Pay (Shoi Kohosei)
8 312 KS 664 KS October 36 Pay (Shoi Kohosei)
8 976 KS 664 KS November 36 Pay (Shoi Kohosei)
9 640 KS 664 KS December 36 Pay (Shoi Kohosei)
10 304 KS 664 KS January 37 Pay (Shoi Kohosei)
10 004 KS 300 KS Leave Expenditures
10 668 KS 664 KS February 37 Pay (Shoi Kohosei)
11 332 KS 664 KS March 37 Pay (Shoi Kohosei)
11 996 KS 664 KS April 37 Pay (Shoi Kohosei)
12 660 KS 664 KS May 37 Pay (Shoi Kohosei)
13 324 KS 664 KS June 37 Pay (Shoi Kohosei)
13 988 KS 664 KS July 37 Pay (Shoi Kohosei)
14 652 KS 664 KS August 37 Pay (Shoi Kohosei)
15 316 KS 664 KS September 37 Pay (Shoi Kohosei)
15 980 KS 664 KS October 37 Pay (Shoi Kohosei)
16 644 KS 664 KS November 37 Pay (Shoi Kohosei)
17 308 KS 664 KS December 37 Pay (Shoi Kohosei)

OOC Discussion

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