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Eliot N. Steele

Eliot is the Cargo Manager for the Horizon's Key plot.

William Howard Harrison
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 6'4β€œ
Weight: 198 lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eyes: Grey
Identiying Mark(s): Left Bicep- Gearwheel Tattoo
Employer Gem Tabier
Rank None
Occupation Cargo Foreman, Medic, Engineer
Current Placement The Horizon's Key
Theme Song Cliffs of Dover/Eric Johnson
Voice Clip Guy at 1:16

Family (or Creators):

Mother: Anna Steele

Father: Tobias Steele

Sister: Anna Steele II

Half-Brother: Jefferson Lee Roberts

Psychological Characteristics


Steele is a bright person, always willing to make friends and work for the betterment of the group dynamic. However, he can become cynical and remorseless at times.

Likes: His job, his friends, airbikes, anything that can go above 200 mph.

Dislikes: Slow drivers, messing up, government in general.

Goals: Do his job and not screw up. Simple enough.


Elwood was born on Delsauria to a freighter pilot and a stay-at-home mom. He has lived a relatively normal life, eventually moving from Delsauria to Pisces Station to better manage the loading and unloading of cargo.

Horizon's Key

Elwood's day started off bad. First, he missed the first shuttle to Pisces station, so he arrived late to work for the Twentieth Time In A Month. Today was his last day as cargo foreman (because of his 20 late arrivals, he was being replaced), so he placed an ad on classifieds and put his datapad on to search for the ad that would get him a new job.

He found the Horizon's Key.



Being a cargo manager, you have to have a little skill in stacking boxes, eh? Steele can assemble simple shelters and stow cargo effectively.


Steele knows how to run most civilian vehicles, and can run forklifts very well.

Technology Operation:

Steele has serious tech skills. He can operate most computerized, hydraulic or pneumatic equipment easily.

Maintenance and Repair:

Steele is a capable mechanic, and can repair vehicles and equipment that isn't severely damaged.


Being a person of normal intelligence and a box stacker by nature, Elwood had to adapt certain skills to keep himself entertained. As such, he is a good joker, can play the electric guitar and mix cocktails off the top of his head.


Being a cargo foreman was a tough job, believe it or not, and Steele does not lack in sheer physical strength as a result.


Steele has seen bad stuff in his time as a cargo foreman, from people getting nicked by equipment, crushed by cargo boxes and worse. As such, he has done well at repairing his crewmates and keeping them alive until more capable help can arrive.



  • 1 Brown bomber jacket, wool collar, well-worn
  • 2 Black T-shirts, well-worn
  • 5 White dress shirts, clean
  • 3 Pairs cargo pants, drawstrings on bottom, urban camouflage
  • 1 pair black Converse sneakers, clean
  • 2 pairs jogging sneakers, worn
  • 3 pairs steel-toed boots, well worn
  • 1 shoulder holster
  • Enough socks and belts to outfit a small army

Bangles, Baubles, etc.

  • 1 Sapphire necklace, sapphire pendant, steel chain
  • 1 β€œPioneer” choker, Sterling silver, black leather lining
  • 1 Atomic Watch, stainless steel, digital. The face has a scratch on it.
  • 2 wristbands, name and hometown stamped on them, stainless steel.
  • 1 Cross necklace, iron with steel chain.


  • 3 pairs of long johns, white
  • 10 pairs boxers


  • 2 baseball caps, black w/ Pisces Station Cargo Crew logo (self-designed)
  • 1 hard-hat, green w/ earplugs
  • 1 bandanna, blue


  • 1 Long knife, 8” blade, tempered steel with durandium edge. Well-balanced, finished teak handle, brass fasteners. Well-maintained, clean.
  • 1 Liberator pistol, in shoulder holster.
  • 1 box of 10mm bullets, half-empty.


Eliot is currently a crewman aboard the Horizon's Key and earns an undetermined salary. His current balance is holding steady at 15,000 KS.

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