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Elisa Metea (Deceased)

At A Glance

Elisa Diana Metea
Species Yamataian (NH-22C)
Gender Female
Age 29
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Height 5'11“ (1.8 m)
Weight 150 lb (68 kg)
Measurements 82-70-84 cm (32B-28-33”)
Organization Star Army of Yamatai, First Expeditionary Fleet
Rank Santô Juni
Occupation Combat Arms/Navigation
Current Placement Navigation, YSS Sakura (NG-X1-360)

General Information

Species: Human-type Yamataian Gender: Female Age: 29

Family: Elias Metea, father, racing pilot (52, living) Miriaria Alphonse, mother, engine specialist (48, living)

Employer: Star Army of Yamatai Occupation: Combat Arms (Starfighter Pilot 'Victory'/Power Armor operator/Starship helm) Rank: Jôtô Hei Current Assignment: Navigation, YSS Sakura

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'11“ (1.8m) Weight: 150lb (68kg) Measurements: 82-70-84 cm (approx. 32-28-33 in), B cup

Build and Skin color: Athletic build, somewhat pale skin Facial Features and Eye color: Boyish face, thin blue eyes Hair color and Style: Brown, short, sloped to the front

Distinguishing Features: Two faint scars on the back of her neck; actually genetic tattoos. One of them, Elisa cryptically refers to as a 'fencing accident'; the other, caused by the NIWS unit 'Hate' removing her head to save her life.

Psychological Characteristics


You have a bit of a problem, here. Because although Elisa is a rather quirky, nervous, cocky, tomboyish, funloving, and rather energetic girl, you really wouldn't know it by looking at her. She's extremely distrustful, and around those she doesn't know or doesn't trust, she is silent and reserved. Not that this is much of a problem: She's quick to judge and quicker to reevaluate, capable of making friends quickly and enemies even quicker. This distrust, however, doesn't keep her from questioning authority when she deems it necessary, even if it means a court martial. She's manipulative and rather intrusive even to her friends, always desparate to know absolutely everything and having the skills to do it. Overconfident of her own skills and being somewhat overly hateful to certain people, she is nevertheless a good person to know. For all her faults and iffy methods, she's generally a good person, who likes helping people and showing them a good time.

Just don't get on her bad side.

Likes, Dislikes, and Goals

Likes: Geshrin, Piloting, sidearms, sabers, starfighters, air/spacecraft, interesting people, general fineries, “knowing” people (read: spying on/using manipulative methods to gather information), casual relationships Dislikes: The self-absorbed, the dishonest, Nekos, Power Armors, heavy weapons, interruptions, Samurai, traditional command structures, monogamy(?), trampled freedoms Goals: Advancement, prestige and recognition, piloting a starship, command aspirations, goals of an…*ahem*personal nature


Elisa isn't anything terribly special. She lived on Yamatai most of her life, in the capital city of Kikyo and a specific community where many Nepleslians also made their home. Like most, she had a rather normal childhood in which she had such hobbies as fencing and hobbyist flying, among other things. Her parents often away from home, she had to learn to fend for herself in the streets and did so admirably. She studied for an MBA at a reputable university, but since she wasn't terribly into accounting and management, she decided to transfer herself into a Yamataian body and follow her calling to the sky and stars, joining the Star Army and *ahem*borrowing the callsign 'Victory' from her father. She is currently serving aboard the YSS Sakura, and enjoying herself immensely.


Vehicles (Starfighters, general air/spacecraft, cars)

Having flown vehicles in her past, not to mention her father's career, it was only natural that Elisa would train in starfighter operation. She has completed all required training and done quite well. Though she isn't really anything special, for someone so inexperienced, she really is very good at what she does. These skills also extend to basic starship piloting and other air and spacecraft (including hovercraft and airbikes) as well. In addition, she can drive most automobiles with a moderate level of proficiency.

Fighting (Power Armor, Saber, General Athletics, General Star Army training)

Power Armor/Star Army training

Elisa has completed standard and advanced Power Armor training. She doesn't like them (they don't fit her well because of her height), but she is willing to use them when she is required. She also has basic training in the required sidearms and weapons that are required for Star Army enlistment and Power Armor training.


Having practiced with this weapon in sport usage for many years, she is quite competent with it, and it is her prefered last resort weapon. She keeps one taped to her Power Armor at all times (usually a fully functional one built for military use), and can often be seen practicing on her off time.

General Athletics

Elisa can't do any one physical thing very well, so she makes up for it by doing many things somewhat well. Generally, her skills extend to limited acrobatics, running and ground agility, as well as swimming and zero-g manouvers. She's better than the average person at those things, but will fall easily to a true expert.

Rogue (Appraisal, Bluffing/Sweettalk, 'Stealth')

Elisa is very good at estimating the market values of unknown items. In fact, this skill comes in very useful when she goes shopping, allowing her to haggle with ease. Where she aquired this skill is unknown (likely in her childhood), but she has it and uses it at every opportunity she gets. As well, she is remarkably good at hiding things and being evasive, not to mention outright lying, though due to her personality, clever people can usually find out what she's going on about. However, in such cases, she can often put up a facade of certain feelings (depending on the situation) that fools many, especially those who don't know her well. (This skill, coincidentally, also can be used for seduction.) And when it is required, Elisa can be somewhat sneaky, able to get into and out of places quietly and without much notice. (She lacks many related skills, however, such as lockpicking, so it really has little use except surveillance and hiding.)

Technology Operation (Star Army training)

Elisa has never been terribly good with computers, and all the training in the world couldn't change that. That said, she is competent enough to find what she needs when she needs to - just don't ask her how it works or to fix anything.

Communications (Star Army training, basic operations)

Elisa's communication skills are quite a bit above average, due to extra courses she took in operations. In addition to the standard training, she could likely double for a communications officer in an emergency.

Knowledge (business, useless trivia)

Despite keeping her MBA stashed somewhere in her closet, Elisa still retains some business savvy. Although one wouldn't think that such skills would be useful in the military, stranger things have happened. As well, though a stranger wouldn't know it, those who know Elisa closely can submit to her vast repository of completely useless information.

Entertainment (dance, *ahem* other)

Though she has recieved no formal training, Elisa's athletic skills give her a certain extent of dancing skills as well. However, she is rarely in a position where she wishes to, so the point is moot. As for other things…she has a little bit of skill in… *cough* intimate techniques. (I shan't elaborate.)

Mathematics (Star Army training, accounting)

Elisa's mathematical skill is somewhat above average, and she does particularly well with arithmetic and simple algebra. In addition, her university days provide her with accounting skill as well. So if her ship encounters an alien race who needs their books balanced, they know who to call. ;)

Personal Items

Elisa's old career as an accountant was quite lucrative once she aquired real-world experience. However, a great deal of her things are locked in a large storage locker on Yamatai (rental 100KS a year). These refer to the assets she has taken with her suring her tenure in the Star Army:

Money in cash card: 6100 KS

Star Army equipment:

  • 2 female Star Army uniforms (bodysuit type), blue panel
  • 1 male Star Army uniform (unauthorized, usually the uniform worn), blue panel
  • 1 weather uniform
  • 1 rank pin, Santo Hei
  • 1 yukata with sash
  • 2 black bikini swimsuit bottom
  • 2 black T-Shirts
  • 1 pair black sandals
  • 4 black panty
  • 6 black sport bras
  • 4 pair of black boot Socks
  • 1 Type 28C pistol with 2 extra magazines
  • 1 survival knife

1 medal case

    1 Bottle of shampoo
    1 Bottle liquid body soap
    1 Toothbrush and tube of toothpaste
    2 washcloths, white
    2 towels, white

Personal items:

Practice Saber: Standard sport saber, like one would find in a fencing club. It's somewhat old, but still well-maintained, and Elisa practices with it often. It is built for electric scoring; however, Elisa has no access to the equipment required, so she usually relies on the computer to assist her (as much as she hates them).

Practice Sidearm: Training sidearm, civilian grade. It's actually a laser in the shape of the standard Type 28, with diagnostic software to rate accuracy.

Military-grade Saber: Elisa's preferred last-resort weapon, this saber is fully sharpened and functional, made out of the same materials as any number of military knives. Though it is useless against Power Armors, she still keeps it taped to the one she currently operates. Recently aquired (YSS Sakura Mission 7 Part 1), it is actually a dao provided by a KZ outlet in Kyoto.

Diploma: Elisa's MBA. Though it is beautifully framed, it's usually stuck in some closet somewhere. She isn't terribly proud of it, despite the time and money that went into aquiring it. To fund it, she sold her plane and her airbike (which she still regrets).

Flightsuits: Though Elisa sold her plane, she never sold the three flightsuits she bought. Each is a different style, though all are fully functional. One is thin enough to be used in a properly adapted armor, and the other two are pressurized (with appropriate helmet).

Airbike suit: Elisa did always like the feeling of open-air flight, even if she couldn't handle an airbike as well. It's in a different style than her flightsuits, but it does the job.

(OOC: Airbike references are here: and here:

Clothing: Elisa has clothing for a wide variety of situations. She took little on her initial service, but upon beginning her service on the Sakura, she decided to take a selection out of storage. She uses the standard underwear and swimsuits in her uniform package (except for one swimsuit, a blue onepiece) when wearing this clothing.

(OOC: I have pictures of the chosen clothing selections to download here: If a list is required, I will give you one.)

Headphones: Full of Elisa's favorite music, these headphones include all the player equipment required for use, as well as external plugs for other devices. She uses it not only as a music device, but as a fashion statement.

Choker: Aquired during YSS Sakura Mission 7 Part 2. Ebony with somewhat elaborate silver trim, with a large blue spherical gem matching Elisa's eye color. Designed to clasp around cover much of the neck. While Elisa does like its appearance, more important to her is that it covers the scar on the back of her neck - it helps avoid questions, and it helps her forget about the man who caused it.

Recently aquired/Things of little concern:

YSS Sakura, Mission 7 Part 1:

  • Tactical armored vest
  • Teal jumpsuit uniform with all-range vision capabilities (chosen due to Elisa's disdain for the Nekos' similar ability)
  • Type 29 NSP
  • Bomber jacket
  • Stretchy silver shorts
  • Lingerie
  • Silver ben wa balls
  • chrome egg

YSS Sakura, Mission 7 Part 2:

  • Several gold necklaces, most with strange pendants (currently searching for buyer)
  • A few dozen ancient magazines, titled 'Mini Magazine' (currently searching for buyer)
  • NovaCorp plasma pistol
  • Large supply of Kaserine candies

YSS Sakura, Mission 7 Part 3:

  • WickedArms GP-16 plasma pistol w/rail-mounted laser+light

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