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Elissa MacKinnon

Elissa MacKinnon is a player character played by Gunsight1.

Elissa MacKinnon
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Female
Age: 29
Date of Birth YE 10
Height: 5ft1
Organization: MacKinnon Ballistic Solutions
Occupation: CEO, Engineer
Rank: None
Current Placement: Vandenberg

Preferred Plots

  1. Vandenberg

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5ft1
  • Weight: 112
  • Measurements: 36D-28-35

Build and Skin Color: Elissa is short, but curvy in build. her skin is fair, with cheeks speckled with a dusting of freckles.

Eyes and Facial Features: She has large deep emerald green eyes flecked with gold.

Ears: Regular human ears, pierced.

Hair Color and Style: Elissa has long, fiery red hair that is slightly wavy. She usually wears her hair pulled back into a tail or braided, always kept out of the way of her work.

Distinguishing Features: A long scar on her left abdomen, a wound from her time serving in the Nepleslian Navy.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Elissa MacKinnon can be a hard ass, a prima donna and is down to business, very involved with her work and often quick to anger when interrupted. But she is not a mean person. She has a compassionate streak and a very sarcastic sense of humor. She enjoys an engineering problem to solve and to get her hands on a piece of technology. She is an inventor at heart.

  • Likes: Engineering, inventing, electronics, technology, food, coffee, ice cream, jazz music
  • Dislikes: Being interrupted, being ignored, spiders, mint.
  • Goals: To invent and build until the end of her days.


Family (or Creators)

  • Garrison MacKinnon (Father)
  • Sonja MacKinnon (Mother)


Elissa MacKinnon was the only daughter to Garrison and Sonja MacKinnon. She was born on the world of Vandenberg. Her parents were both engineers by trade and she developed a keen interest in engineering and electronics at a very early age, an interest that was eagerly nurtured by both of her parents.

When she was 18, Elissa enlisted in the Nepleslian Navy, joining to try and get a proper education in starship engineering. Her family was poor and could not afford to send her to a good school, so she saw this as a way to gain the education she needed, while serving for her nation.

She did not get along too well with the structured military life, always feeling that her time was being wasted with the requirements of the service, when all she wanted to to was work on ships and engines. She had a lot to overcome with her fellow students, who did not take to kindly to her disregard for protocol, scheduling or most other things important to life in the military. She did, eventually, learn to play by the rules and graduate from the navy technical school and be posted to a ship.

Elissa spent the next few years posted to various star ships and stations, developing her skills as an actually very brilliant engineer, but also making few friends along the way. She was eventually discharged from the navy after taking part in several stressful combat actions, in which she disobeyed orders to do what she thought was the right course of action. Her discharge was not dishonorable, because her actions did serve the situations well and aid her fellows greatly, but the command could no longer tolerate her ways, so she was let go when her initial service contract was up.

Over the next few years, Elissa took whatever work she could, as a ship engineer, or mechanic or factory worker, whatever she could get to make ends meet. She finally got her luck in YE 25 when she joined with a mercenary group made up of people she had worked with in the past and others hired for a covert mission by a private employer. While at the time, she endured great risk to life and limb, and would have flatly rejected the thought that taking the job was a good idea, let alone a sane idea, she did reap the rewards after its conclusion. The pay was enough for her to set up her own business, MacKinnon Ballistic Solutions LLC. on her home world of Vandenberg in YE 37.



Elissa MacKinnon has the following items:


Elissa MacKinnon is currently a none in the .

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
30,000 DA Starting Funds

OOC Discussion

127,000 DA
200 DA

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