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Elisys Amare

Elisys Amare is a player character played by MaidenInsider.

Elisys Amare
Species & Gender: Human Female
Date of Birth: YE 20
Organization: Monarchy of Dovania
Occupation: Combat engineer
Rank: Corporal
Current Placement: monarchy_of_dovania

Preferred Plots

- Xuno Army

Physical Description

Elisys is about 5'6β€œ and has a lanky build to her. She has brown hair and blue eyes, about a cobalt shade, with a fair complexion. Body development is average, not overly curvy or brick like . Hair is short and in a pixie cut to keep it out of her face.


Elisys has a very positive attitude towards life, but has an intense need for structure. They see life as a machine, people do their part and everything goes all to plan, and when they don't or get injured, someone has to fix it up again. She prefers machines to people most of the time, as machines always go for the best overall outcome. She builds and repairs machines so that she has a semblance of order in her life. She does, however, have a tendency to say very dirty things without even realizing it.


Elisys Amare was born in YE 20.

She was born and raised in Reever, The United Republic of The Reeves, Xuno to an engineer and mechanic. She had a spartan life, not many toys or any entertainment, but was surrounded by weapons of all shapes and sizes. They also left her in the care of whoever was working at their garage while they were off working elsewhere. Not much to say about her early years, except that she saw engineers (including her parents) as the lifeblood of the Empire, as well as that she could reassemble her first gun solo by age YE 12. Once she was able to enlist, she immediately went to engineering. She worked as hard as she could so that she would be selected to be a combat engineer. Because of this, she push relationships to the side so she could focus on her studies.

Social Connections

Elisys Amare is connected to: Kylie Amare (mom), Lukas Amare (dad), Mark Tazar (Father figure), Kaine (Husband)

Skills Learned


As a child living in what was essentially a giant war garage, she was exposed to not only a lot of mechanic jargon, but bits and pieces of other languages. She can understand a sentence in another language, but it would be something really simple like β€œPass that over” or β€œF$^K”. She can speak fluent trade and some broken Seraphim, but not much else

Maintenance and Repair

Since she lived with engineers and mechanics her entire life, she has a near perfect understanding of the machines around her. She can pick up a gun, see what might need to be fixed, and replaces any broken parts all in under 90 seconds.


As both her parents were engineers and she joined the engineers after enlisting, she has a expansive knowledge on building and designing weapons and armor for combat. While not very good at it, she can also make small, non-combative gadgets like noisemakers and machines that do nothing but be obnoxious.


When there was a lull in the workload, Elisys and her father would go to some of decommissioned vehicles and drive them around. Elisys would have her dad first give her the basics, and once she had a good grasp on it, they would race around the lot they were held in, only going outside if it was bigger than a car. She learned how to drive cars, motorcycles, trucks, and small hovercraft during her time with dad.


Her parent were often very busy with their work. Before a big project would come up, they would buy ingredients and cleaning supplies, then leave instruction on how to use everything. As time past, they just left money on the counter for her so she can buy what wants to eat that week.

Survival and Military

Once she enlisted, she was sent to do survival training for about 2 months, where she learn how construct a shelter and how to camouflage it as well. She mainly excelled at land navigation and signaling while being average at everything else

Inventory & Finance

Elisys Amare has the following items: 80 DT

OOC Notes

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In the case MaidenInsider becomes inactive:

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