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Ellena Frost

Ellena Frost is a player character played by Seehund.

Ellena Frost
Species & Gender: Nepleslian female
Date of Birth: YE 14
Organization: Intelligence and Pacification Group
Occupation: Commando
Rank: Private
Current Placement: IPG Interregnum

Preferred Plots

  1. IPG Interregnum

Physical Description

It has always been the source of endless hilarity, and no less than two or three scuffles, that an Operative with a name such as Ellena Frost could have matching hair. A single electric blue stripe runs all the way from the base of her neck to her hairline, cutting a cyan swath in her otherwise fairly ordinary brown hair. Otherwise, she has a fairly average face– for a Nepleslian, at the very least. Tiny, golden circuitry runs from the corners of her artificial lilac eyes and upwards, disappearing near her forehead. The same eyes are seldom seen: it is highly likely that, at any given moment, the prospective observer would find them hidden behind a pair of crimson-hued, angular shades. Shades which, by anybody's guess, extend from her skull, passing through two rather thick, free-floating frames embedded in her face. The frames are unbranded and, it would seem, retractable. Her nose, beneath, has been pierced, although the jewel itself is nowhere to be seen, leaving a small, empty hole in the left nostril. It should perhaps be noted that both her small lips are of a cool blue colour. The factor which prompted Frost to paint her lips blue is left as an exercise to the observer.

The rest of her body is entirely in canon with Nepleslian standards. What that means is, based on her looks alone, Frost could probably bench press a fellow Nep, or two. Then again, both her arms are synthetic, so perhaps that could count as cheating. Indeed, her original limbs are nowhere within sight, instead replaced by two white, clearly military-grade monsters. Segmented panels extend and retract to cover and expose all sorts of ports, status indicators and exactly one telescoping blade, around thirty inches long and produced from some sort of pitch black alloy, per arm. Appropriately-sized ports on both forearms and the back of her elbows give pretty clear indications as to their range of motion. When not in use, they are normally hidden inside the limbs' casings.

A close look at the rest of her body would reveal little in the way of anomalous details; the 5'6“, tan-skinned Nepleslian certainly takes care of herself. A few scars on her abdomen, those that only a particularly jagged knife is capable of leaving, and not much more. She has two legs, entirely natural - and fairly well-muscled, at that. Particularly interesting is a patch of plain, curved metal that seems straight-on riveted to her left calf, covering a good portion of it.


Frost, at a first glance, would seem to be under the conviction that most everything is a game of sorts. She is a somewhat interesting case, however, in that this part of her personality is much more subdued than one would think; an outside observer might not even recognize the characteristic at all, at least for a short while, given the operative's usually stoic, deadpan demeanour. While saying this is a façade wouldn't be QUITE right, it also wouldn't be entirely wrong.

Specifically, Frost is driven by a will to prevail– to excel, even, that reaches frankly harmful levels. For herself, and rarely others. What this means is that, once she sets her eyes upon a way to approach a problem, Frost will seldom change her point of view or, worse yet, recognize failure and try a different method. Instead, it's almost ASSURED the operative will keep butting her head against the problem, until either breaks.

Related to that, she has a tendency to bite off more than she can chew regarding just about anything. When coupled with the above, it can result in a nigh unstoppable force, hell-bent on achieving whatever crazy objective she set - or WAS set - for herself this time around.

There is also a far less known side, one which should perhaps remain relegated to the barracks in any and all circumstances.

It is rumoured she once made a bet with one of her close friends - something about sleeping with as many unknown, alien lifeforms as possible before the end of her tour of duty. As of this time, it is not known, which of the two is leading.


Ellena Frost was born in YE 14.

Frost's life could very well be construed as mind-numbingly boring. Born in one of the safer complexes located in the Argent Towers, in Funky City, sometime near the end of YE 14, the vast majority of Ellena Frost's life has been spent fighting crippling boredom. Her family was boring: a doctor and a lawyer for parents, the most action she got was the semi-frequent discussions between the two.

Her friends were boring: always ranting about the next stupid game to play for the hundredth time. School was boring - well, to be honest, she wasn't too good at it, so that might have been why. The one thing that kept her busy was picking fights. Didn't matter with whom, as long as somebody ended up eating the sidewalk. In hindsight, a bit grim and perhaps even more troubled.

To try and contrast the looming boredom, Frost tried all sorts of experiences. drinking, smoking, partying -hard-. And yet, nothing. Really, the only things she hadn't tried yet were traffic hopscotch and cordless bungee jumping.

It was this that ultimately drove her to enlist with the NSMC, in YE 34, a decision met by the absolute apathy of her parents. For a while, it seemed to have the desired effect. Boot camp was a new experience, a worthy dose for an adrenaline junkie such as Frost. Something was off, though. People were applying for an elite branch, and SHE wasn't part of it? Oh, no, that couldn't fly. Within one evening, she had applied for the IPG.

Now, training was… unexpectedly tough. Not that it bothered her, oh no. The harsh conditions, particularly during Commando training, helped shape what would go on to become Frost's extremely stubborn and competitive behaviour. She fondly recalls one particular instance during a hand-to-hand exercise, during which she had to be ORDERED to stop fighting and go seek medical assistance, such was her state. That nearly cost her the admission into the Commandos proper.

In the end, though, she made it - Frost wasn't the same woman who had entered boot camp, literally and metaphorically. She came out an augmented, almost distant killing machine, with a dangerously one-tracked mind and, most notably, an appetite for war. More specifically, an appetite for bloodshed, and the intention to sate it with the help of the Imperium's enemies.

Social Connections

Ellena Frost is connected to:

Skills Learned


Ellena is very much aware of standard Nepleslian radio procedure, thanks to her military training. She can send and receive transmissions using hand-held equipment, as well as craft-specific devices, in particular power armor-related. She is fluent in Nepleslian, able to read, write and speak it to a satisfactory degree.


On top of standard Nepleslian training, Frost underwent IPG Commando training - to say this left her a killing machine would perhaps be a minor understatement, but one nonetheless. Vicious CQC aside, she is capable of operating all manners of conventional pistols, rifles and, to a degree, explosives. She isn't a particularly good shot, when unassisted - remarkably, she very much prefers shotguns for this exact reason. She is also able to operate land-based power armor.


Once more part of Nepleslia's standard training, Frost is capable of surviving in all manners of hostile environments. She can start a fire with the most rudimentary of tools, build a shelter, forage for water and food, and signal for rescue, should it come to that.


Despite what her personality would have anybody believe, the chain of command is deeply engrained in Ellena. She knows when an order must be absolutely followed, and can give precedence to whichever, as the situation requires, even under dire or otherwise distracting circumstances.


Not only is Frost a very much decent storyteller in most cases, but her repertoire includes some skills that, for the purposes of this listing, are perhaps left unmentioned and undescribed. In fact, all that should be known is that they are most commonly applied in the bedroom, and have been used to earn Frost quite the reputation during boot camp.

Inventory & Finance

Ellena Frost has the following items:


Standard Wear

  • 1 IPG Armband
  • 4 white undershirts
  • 4 pairs of black briefs
  • 2 pairs of black steel-toe SynAraS Combat Boots
  • 4 pairs of black Socks, 2 pair cotton, 2 pair wool
  • 2 sets of standard workout gear (Black synthetic fiber T-Shirt, black shorts)

Public Wear

  • 2 black double-breasted, knee-length trenchcoast, poplin with internal zip-up weapon pockets fit for pistols or XAR rifles
  • 2 black Pinstripe Italian-style dress jackets, silk
  • 2 white blouses, poplin
  • 2 black neckties
  • 2 pairs Pinstripe black slacks
  • 2 black leather belts
  • 1 pair of black leather wingtipped oxfords
  • 1 IPG Badge with belt clip
  • 1 shoulder holster
  • 1 black fitted SynAraS ballistics vest with durandium trauma plates




  • 1 Tactical SynAraS ballistics vest with Durandium trauma plates


Medals and Awards

OOC Information

In the case Seehund becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? YES

In the case Seehund becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? YES

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