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Ellie Maciver

Ellie Maciver is a player character played by Noodles.

Ellie Maciver
Species & Gender: Nepleslian Female
Year of Birth: YE -4
Organization: Order of the Knight Marshal
Occupation: Knight Marshal
Rank: Knight-Inquisitor
Current Placement: N/A

Physical Description

Ellie stands at a massive 6'5โ€œ (193 cm) and weighs in at 215 lbs. She has a wide, bulky frame with a large (35E) bust, a toned stomach, and strong, broad shoulders. Her skin is a very fair tone and is splattered with freckles that contrast nicely with her frizzy mass of red curly hair. She has green, rounded eyes and a small, flat-ish nose set precisely where they belong, right above a set of soft heart shaped lips.

Her torso to leg ratio is fairly even, and both are quite muscular. It's clear that a large of her bulk comes from muscle, rather than fat.

She smells faintly of fresh strawberries.

Her voice is a high alto and very loud. It's never a problem to hear what she has to say, or what she's feeling at the time.


Ellie is a fun-loving 'try everything once' sort of woman, who tends to live on a whim, doing whatever takes her fancy at the time with an insatiable drive to learn new things. Adaptable and open-minded she's the kind of person who is more than willing to adopt a new strategy than to stick to an old, outdated one, rather than being stubborn and paying for it. Loyal, but experimental is the best way to describe Ellie as a person.

She rarely takes anything seriously, but when she does she figuratively (and sometimes literally) bulldozes anything in the way of her, or her group's, success.


Ellie Maciver was born in YE -4

Skills Learned

Mechanical & Software Engineering

During Ellie's time as an Engineer in both the UE Spacy and The NSMC she is incredibly knowledgeable in many different fields of Engineering. She is especially well versed in Ship and Station wide maintenance, repair, and construction. If it's an old piece of equipment chances are she knows how it works and how to fix it. If it's new give her some time and she'll figure out how it works and how to fix it- given it isn't designed to blow up in her face for trying. Ellie is also good, though to a lesser extent than mechanical, for hacking, cracking, software diagnostics, and writing up new programs- though it should be noted she learned these skills on her own through studying on her own time, as well as a few lessons from her Computer Engineer 'cousins'.

Of course knowing how to put things together makes you all the better at taking them apart, either piece-by-piece or violently all at once.


Despite being an Engineer Ellie has seen more than her fair share of combat both on and off duty- this includes boarding actions, ground combat, and (Off the record!) more than a few bar brawls. She is well versed in several styles of fighting- such as the rough, bar-style Nep-Fu (NMSDT), and the Yamataian Gendaijutsu

Outside of hand-to-hand Ellie is trained with the use of firearms of all sorts.




Ellie, as a Knight Marshal, has a large, ever growing working knowledge of Asterian Law- with a focus on the laws and ordinances of the individual provinces within the county she is in charge of keeping an eye on.


Ellie is an excellent actor, fully capable of completely hiding her emotions- or taking on a whole new persona. She most often changes her accent, depending on who she's around. It should be noted she has no formal training, and has acquired this skill through many years of practice and natural talent

Social Connections

Ellie is connected to:

Inventory & Finance

OOC Information

In the case notred becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO

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