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Che'valier Sa'gesse Elza'beth

Elza'beth is a Shukaren Daur (Sub-Species) of the Kingdom of Neshaten. She is a Ini'she (Counselor) serving aboard the SNV Gam'trosha. Elza'beth is a player character played by Nashoba.

Species: Shukaren Daur (Sub-Species)
Gender: Female
Age: 32
Organization: Shukara Volunteer Navy
Occupation: Ini'she (Counselor)
Rank: Che'valier
Current Placement: SNV Gam'trosha
Physical Characteristics
Height: 4' 7โ€œ
Mass: 85 lbs
Body: Fox like features
Fur Coat: Black
Skin: White
Tail: 2' White with blue tip
Eyes: Green
Ears: Light grey fuzz
Senses: Blind
Distinguishing marks: Her eyes are greyish white from the damage that blinded her. Noticeable when she does not wear her goggles. Also visible at that time are two small silver objects on each side of her face.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Elza is a quiet personal normally, but over the years, she has developed a temper. While it does not appear often, those who are the target of it regret it. She uses her 'disability' to help when she works with her subjects.

  • Likes: Dar'tagnan, cooking, music
  • Dislikes: Bullies, people who hide behind fake macho-ism
  • Goals: Elza's goal is to make her father proud, and to serve her people with distinction.




Elza'beth was born to a middle class family in the city of We'mena. Her parents both worked to provide for her and her sister, La'urel. Her father was a doctor working at the local hospital. Her mother worked in a clothing store that specialized in custom pieces.

Her early childhood was uneventful beyond the typical childhood events. Life changed when she started attending school. The small, shy Elza found herself being picked on by other students who saw her as an easy target. This is how she came to meet Dar'tagnan. Dar'tagnan saw himself as her protector. The two of them soon became good friends, with him constantly urging her to try new things. Their families became close and often went on trips together.

By the time she entered I'oshen the two of them were best friends. That is when Elza's life would change drastically. While on a school trip with her mother and class mates an explosion tore through the building they were in. Her mother was killed and El'za was injured. She survived but when she awoke she could not see. Her eyes had been damaged by flying debris. Dar'tagnan visiting Elza every day she was in the hospital and convalescing at home. He read to her and even brought her homework home to help her.

Elza's father was very grateful for Dar's being with Elza during this painful time. He actually encouraged the two of them to spend time together; because he saw how Elza would light up when Dar came over.

Pas' allowed Dar and his mother to help pay for Elza's treatment. While the goggles gave Elza the ability to see, it was limited. She considered it better than the alternative of living without any sight.

While in Jui'ashen, she was unsure when he first suggested that they go through the Rite of Honour. However, she eventually agreed. One of the benefits that she did not expect was the ability to see through his eyes when they linked.


  • Technology Operation: Required for My'leke due to their biological tail and its ability to control technology.
  • Fighting: All Neshaten, Myleke and Shukaren alike, are taught hand-to-hand combat. However, given their culture, most already know both hand-to-hand and weapons training before they even enter the military. Fighting requires to the use of Martial Arts, Swordsmenship, and Archery.
  • Knowledge: Because of how important history is, but also in order to curb the racial problems that would naturally exist in their culture, all Neshaten are taught about their past and what lead up to them having to colonize a new world but also about their allies the My'leke or the Shukaren. This is also related to law as well, where-as a soldier must know their Kingdoms laws so they can enforce them when needed.
  • Survival: The art of surviving in battle and addressing the wounds that a soldier may take is an important skill that they must not only learn but also perfect.
  • Counseling: Elza has completed her training as an Ini'she, as such she is proficient in her job. She took additional training to cover dealing with military situations.
  • Musician: Elza is proficient in playing the harp. She has two a small one and full size one.


Elza'beth has the following items:

  • Clothing
  • Weapons
  • Standard Hygiene Pack
  • Utility belt
    • Extra weaponized power crystals
    • Communicator
  • Duffel Bag (for storing personnel items)
  • Personal Clothing
    • Scarfs Purple, Green, White, Red
    • Headband Purple
    • Windbreaker jacket
    • 2 pairs of pants
  • Black PID Crystal (Enlisted)
  • Credit Card (Only if their PID Crystal isn't being used for that purpose)
  • Personal items
    • Necklace from her mother, a pendent with a tree on one side and the family name on the other
    • A ring from Dar'tagnan given to her after the bombing
    • Wedding ring
    • 3 light weight sun dresses, pale blue, pale green, bright red
    • 2 pairs of sandals
    • 2 pairs of Pajamas


Elza'beth has no military rank, but she is a Ini'she (Counselor) and receives a monthly salary of 4,125 RN.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
5000 RN Starting Funds
7,175 RN 2,175 RN 06/01/37
9,350 RN 2,175 RN 07/01/37
11,525 RN 2,175 RN 08/01/37
13,700 RN 2,175 RN 09/01/37
15,875 RN 2,175 RN 10/01/37
18.050 RN 2,175 RN 11/01/37
20,225 RN 2,175 RN 12/01/37
22,400 RN 2,175 RN 01/01/38

Nashoba transfers this character to club24 Feb 9, 2020

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