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Emily Miranda Knight

General Information

Species: Human Age: 26

Family: Fairly robust: Father, Campbell Knight; Mother, Jessica Knight; older siblings Kenneth, Maria, Jarel; younger siblings Bethany, Melody, Harmony, Destiny, and Symphony. Cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and grandparents.

Employer: none Occupation: Mercenary/Scout Rank: not applicable Current Assignment: Drifter

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6 feet/1.8 meters Mass: 148 pounds/~67 kilograms Measurements: 34,32,36 (imperial)/86,81,91 (metric) Bra Size: 34E

Build and Skin Color: Olive-hued tan skin, stretched over a lean frame with toned but only slightly bulky muscles. Shapely and attractive, though only to certain tastes.

Facial Features and Eye Color: Narrow chin and broad cheekbones, giving the face a somewhat egg-shaped appearance. Eyes are perfectly spaced with amber irises. Eyebrows are somewhat thin and forehead a little prominent.

Hair color and Style: Jet black, allowed to cascade freely down to her middle back, bangs cropped to cover her brow but otherwise left alone.

Usual Clothing/Dress Style: Emily owns a wardrobe full of the same outfit: a sleeveless calf-length blue dress. The dress slits up both sides, allowing her to move and run freely, and white scrollwork patterning at the hems. Though not self-conscious or even modest, she often wears a pair of white pants at the same time. This ensemble is finished by a white travel cape with a spacious hood and several pockets on the inner side. Halfway down the cape it begins blending into blue, ending in gold thread at the hems. Plain leather sandals finish this outfit but she also sometimes wears boots instead.

Aside from having a set of this outfit for each day of the week, she also possesses the clothing she received in basic training, as well as a healthy assortment of clothing styles.

Distinguishing Features: Emily is marked by an unusual set of teeth: her canines and incisors are longer than what is accepted as normal, though this is only readily apparent when she smiles. Since they are not excessively long nor do they impede her ability to speak or eat she has not opted to have them altered.

Psychological Characteristics


Straightforward, no-nonsense and quite intense. Emily does not possess what most people would call a sense of humor; she understands the concepts well enough but simply does not find most things amusing. She never hesitates when given an order, though strangely enough will often 'misinterpret' the context the orders are given in.

She is not prone to violent mood swings or excessive anger; even so she is quite capable of performing some rather questionable acts in order to complete whatever task she is given no matter how small an infraction against the rules it may be. If she deems it necessary, she does it.

Likes: Cats, the colors green, blue and white, street ball, racing, books and orchestra music. Dislikes: Rude people, stalkers, vegetables, the texture of microfiber cloth, grass stains and greasy palms. Goals: To make her family proud, start her own family (someday), and to explore the farthest reaches of the galaxy.


Emily was born into an already sizable family living in one of Khorsovarolor's many farming communities, in the southern regions of the Albatross Islands. From a young age she displayed a desperate need to please and worked hard to learn all the necessities of running a farm so she could help her parents and older siblings.

As she became an older sister again and again, Emily began to shift her ways of thinking. Though already set in her ways of dedication, she began to feel that she could never stand out as a farmer's daughter and as she got older she looked towards military life as a means of escape.

On her 20th birthday she signed up for the KHSF (Khorsovarolor Homeworld Security Force) and hoped to finish in the top 32. She would never finish. Although Emily was shaping up to be the ideal soldier she displayed several quirks and was responsible for a series of incidents that ultimately kept her from graduating.

Dejected, she boarded the first shuttle offworld without telling anyone where she was going; she herself didn't know. For two years she wandered known space, on ever-dwindling monetary supplies, until with her last voucher she found herself back on Khorsovarolor and on her family's doorstep.

The last three years were spent catching up on family life and being reminded of what she had been denied. As she was finishing up her duties she saw a message in her mailbox, and after reading it decided it was once again time to try and exist within the galaxy proper. The only difference is that now she has a plan.

Armed with the skills she learned in basic and her dedication, she hits the spacelanes one more time, hoping to at last become someone to remember.


Communications: As part of her basic training Emily was required to learn two additional languages and field radio operations. She specialized, however, in communications theory and technology, becoming familiar with many different forms of signal transmission.

Maintenance and Repair: As homegrown as this skill has been for Emily it has still served her well. Though farm equipment is comparatively simple, taking apart and rebuilding the machines of her family's livelihood has branched off into a wider knowledge of general mechanics. Since farm equipment is as diverse as (and in some cases directly related to) military hardware, Emily should ostensibly be able to perform at least rudimentary repairs on most objects.

Engineering: KHSF recruits are required by law to be able to field-modify all equipment they will be carrying with whatever they have on hand. For Emily, this meant taking an advanced engineering class, drilling into her head some of the more basic and intermediate concepts related to the design process and providing the basis, should she take the initiative, to learn more advanced concepts.

Fighting: The available archives showcase Emily as being proficient in several forms of hand to hand, armed and armored combat. She is fully capable of utilizing any bladed weapon, a wide variety of firearms, and although the KHSF does not _officially_ own any power armors, utilizing those as well should she find one abandoned in the middle of a combat situation (though the possibility is extremely unlikely).

Survival and Military: Although the survival aspect of this skillset began with her older brother taking her on hunting trips, it only really became an asset following her basic training. As the KHSF trains recruits for a full year in peacetime situations, Emily was afforded a full two months to learn survival techniques and tactics.

(It should be noted that although these skills have degraded somewhat in the five years that Emily has not been part of the military, Emily possesses an excellent physical memory and would likely be able to be brought up to speed again with a minimum of effort. Such a concept cannot be proven, however.)

Inventory and Equipment

(this list tentative and not officially approved)

Surveillance package (laser microphone, binoculars, logic ram for non-AI computer systems, flashlight, digital voice recorder, digital video camera with low-light and still image capacity, long-range transceiver, data storage device)

Espionage package (false documentation (to be supplied by employer if possible), data scrambler, virus uploader, matches, waterproof file case; ID codes (if possible), false data)

Basic Combat package (baton, combat knife, camouflage paint, night vision, ration box, beacon, gloves, nylon rope, anchors, clips, colored smoke)

Shortwave radio x1 GPS receiver x1 Extra clothing (1 case, varying items) Pair of boots x1 Utility belt x1 Emergency kit (bandages, gauze, tape, disinfectant, splint, tweezers, scissors, painkiller packets, emergency blanket, flares and water purifier tablets) x1

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