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Eric Sidel

Eric Sidel
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Height: 5' 11
Weight: 187
Organization: Independent
Occupation: Mercenary
Rank: None
Current Placement: None

Eric Sidel in Roleplay

Eric Sidel is a player character played by Wanderer and is currently involved in no plot.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5' 11
Weight: 187

Build and Skin Color: Eric has an athletic, runner style build and is fair skinned.

Facial Features and Eye Color: Eric has sharp and slightly weathered facial features with a scar running from the middle of his forehead to the middle of his left cheek which passes under his left eye. He also has ice blue eyes.

Hair Color and Style: Eric has dirty blond hair and keeps it in a high and tight style.

Distinguishing Features: Eric has a number of scars covering his body, mostly along his upper torso and his arms. Also he has three metal studs just behind his ears where he has had a “Universal” Translator installed. Finally, he has the Arco's Rangers insignia, Three ravens circling around two crossed rifles with bayonets on a blue and red shield, on his upper right arm.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Cold, distant, and professional, that about sums up the face that Eric presents the world. While it might have been a front at one time, he has worn it for long enough that it's hard to tell between the face presented and what lies beneath the mask. He does have a friendly side for those that earn his trust, however there still seems to be a sense of distance between Eric and the people he has come to call friends.

As for mannerisms, the merc is usually polite until someone takes aggressive action against him. In terms of threats and insults Eric usually reacts with boredom unless he thinks the person is capable of acting on said threats and cause him serious harm. In such cases he's not going to back down, but he's not going to be stupid about what he needs to do to walk away from the situation.

Deep down inside Eric has survivor's guilt. He's walked away from a lot of situations where a number of friends didn't. He keeps going, doing his best to survive in what he sees as an inhospitable universe and finish what he feel's need's to be done.

There is one exception to Eric's demeanor, music. Whether it be classical, country, rap, or rock and roll, the merc shows a much lighter side when listening to or playing some form of music he enjoys. It won't put him off his tempo if there is business to attend to, but when he wants to relax he will usually turn to music.

Likes: Music, books, exercise, whiskey, martial arts, cigarettes
Dislikes: Getting shot, Being threatened, Uncalled harm being done to women and children (Unfortunate if they're pointing a gun at you, but then you got to do what you got to do.), Asparagus
Goals: Survive


Family (or Creators)

Father: Micheal Sidel (Deceased)
Mother: Sahara Sidel (Deceased)
Sister: Aileen Sidel (Age 22)


Eric was born a mercenary brat. Both his parents were members of a mercenary group named Arco’s Rangers, it’s where they met and eventually fell in love. They went the richest family in the lower sections of the city, but with family friends like the Rangers most of the local gangs wouldn’t mess too much with Eric while he was in his younger years. This didn’t mean he never got into trouble, but it usually limited the response of people. If he got into a fist fight with someone it usually didn’t go past the point of trading blows to pulling weapons or coming after his family. That wasn’t to say he didn’t get a few scars at this age, but perhaps less then someone else would have. It didn’t hurt that his parents showed him how to hold his own in a fight either.

When he turned twelve he started doing small tasks for the Rangers. Nothing to do with the fighting, mainly helping with logistical support and being a gofer when someone needed an errand run. At this time the men of the unit began to know Eric’s work habits and even some of the outsiders that the Rangers dealt with began to meet the boy. In turn the men there began teaching him small tricks of the trade, secrets that they had learned by surviving in battle. It was also at this time that his father let it be known to him that he was going to be expected to solve his own troubles of the local sort if something came up. And true to his word Eric had to figure out his own problems with the schoolyard thugs and toughs. Though once his father did break this rule when a member of the local crime syndicate took a confrontation too far. To this day Eric still bears the scar from that mess one inch from his heart.

When he turned 17 he joined the unit as a fighting member. He had to go through the training that the Rangers put all potential recruits through before they joined, but with the generous head start and tips he received years prior it was inevitable. No favors were given for the rank of his parents, Eric started at the bottom just like everyone else. He was pushed harder then the other new recruits because the men above him already knew his limits. If he didn’t perform to the standard he was capable of then he was disciplined, even if the performance he gave exceeded the performance of the other new recruits. It was here that he got his first taste of actual war.

Stories never do it justice, what actually happens on the battlefield. The fear a man feels, the blood pounding in his ear, the sound of his heart beating in his chest, and the chaotic confusion that descends. Eric survived his first conflict, a minor skirmish between two local powers. But to him it felt like the clash of great nations at war that day. Till he turned 22 things were like this, his off time spent laughing and training with his fellow Rangers and the horrible fear that came when it was again time to go to fight someone else’s war. He eventually reached the rank of Sergeant in the Rangers and was put in charge of a squad of his own. To aid in some of the more trying matters of leadership, mainly talking to customers when they needed to talk to a squad leader, the Rangers had a Translator implant installed in Eric’s head.

Then came word of a few minor disputes between some of the private corporations that were helping the Nepleslian government explore the planets to the Galactic Northwest. One of those companies hired the Rangers to protect their interest in the new frontier. In the end Argo’s Rangers ended up being out manned and out gunned even with the entire unit there. Few survived the bloodbath of that world, Eric being one of them. His parents weren’t as lucky as he later found out. The investigation teams for the corporation found the young merc in the ruins of their facility. After paying reparations to the corporation for lost property and to the families of those that died Argo’s Rangers were bankrupted. The few remaining members scattered and Eric was alone in the world except for his sister who had not followed the same path as their parents.

From then on Eric took contracts as they came, not really caring who he was working for. He didn’t join up with another group for the simple reason that he didn’t want to face the pain of loosing all his friends like he had in the bloodbath he had been in. And he couldn’t very well change jobs as being a mercenary was all he knew. So at that point he started to drift and that is where this story begins.



Trained extensively in small arms, knife fighting, and unarmed combat by his parents, also first put them to practical use in the unit his parents were a part of. Since he has come to this section of the universe he has had to earn his bread by those skills. And in the end, he knows that when this skill fails him is the day he’ll die.

Survival and Military

To fight one must be in tuned to one’s environment. To live, one must know how to find food, water, and shelter. The Rangers trained him to survive so that he might fight and imparted on him the skills to survive even in the harshest of environments.


An attack from the front can be suicide, at times like that it is better to approach by stealth and guile. That also means getting through doors in a manner less obvious then kicking it down. And of course a mercenary has to know who he can talk to to get work and the equipment he needs to do his job.


Sometimes it’s helpful to make things go boom. The Rangers and his work as an independent mercenary taught him the how to without blowing himself as well.


A fan of working out and staying in shape, it’s a way to have fun and relax for Eric. It also helps when it’s time to head into trouble, or away from it.


A fan of music, Eric listens to all the different genera and can even play the guitar a little. He’s not going to be going professional anytime soon with his level of playing skill, but his ear for rhythms and melodies is excellent.


Back when he served with the Rangers, Eric was well drilled in the tactics necessary for a small unit to complete its mission when support from the rest of the group was unlikely. He learned how to spot the signs of potential ambushes and how to best utilize a small unit against larger forces with the best chance of the team coming out of an engagement intact.



  • Three sets of regular clothing
  • Two sets of workout clothing
  • One set of sweats
  • Two sets of sneakers
  • Five sets of underwear
  • Five sets of socks
  • Two sets of camo fatigues, unmarked
  • One suit, tailored to conceal shoulder holster
  • Two sets of steel toed boots, black
  • One pair comfortable dress shoes

Weather Gear

  • One camo poncho
  • One cold weather jacket
  • Two sets of thermal underwear
  • One black stocking cap
  • One set of leather gloves

Body Armor

  • One Styrling Everyday Armor Set - Full Set (camo coloring) - 900 DA

Durandium plates (sold in packs of 2) - 800 DA


  • One Styrling Silver Special .45 Caliber, Gunmetal coloring – 850 DA(100 DA coupon from Styrling Everyday Armor Set)

One Sound Supressor - 130 DA
One Box of 250 Rounds - 60 DA
One Black Leather Holster (Shoulder holster style), carries 1 extra magazine - Free with purchase
One Magazine Pouch, attaches to belt (torso), carries 3 extra magazines - 90 DA
Four extra Magazines - Price unlisted

  • One Peacekeeper Rifle set - rifle, bayonet, five batteries and a battery recharger – 230 KS


  • One “Door Breaker” Lockpicks, Advance Set – 950 KS
  • Two SDI Water Filtration Device 1L – 40 KS
  • One Type 29 Communicator - Price unlisted
  • One Type 30 Flashlight - Price unlisted
  • One Awesomecorp DataJockey, Generic - Price unlisted

Personal Hygiene

  • One Black shower kit bag
  • One bottle of shampoo
  • One bottle liquid body soap
  • One toothbrush
  • One tube of toothpaste
  • Two washcloths, white
  • Two towels, white
  • One stick of deodorant
  • One pair of scissors
  • One electric clipper
  • One Comb
  • One pair nail clippers


  • Electronic Money Card


  • “Universal” Translator

Can have three languages loaded at one time
Has the programs for all ten major languages stored externally


  • Guitar with case
  • Duffle bag
  • Small wooden box with “Burn if I die” marked on the top
  • Photos
  • One letter from home
  • One combat knife
  • One set of dogtags with a medallion of St. Jude between them
  • One strait razor


Eric Sidel is currently unemployed Independent. He receives a weekly salary of -0- per week.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
6000 DA Starting Funds
730 DA 5270 DA Buying Starting Equipment
300,730 DA150,000KS(300,000 DA) Winning tech challenge for designing a Claymore Mine
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