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Erna Löwenherzt

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Erna Löwenherzt
Species: Abwehran, Nacht Bewohner
Gender: Female
Age: 14 Abwehran Years (49 Standard Years)
Height: 6' (182.88 cm)
Weight: 165 lbs (74.8 kg)
Organization Abwehran Armed Forces (AAF), Weltraumflotte
Rank Oberleutnant
Occupation Ship Commander
Current Placement (NS-D1-04) HMS Fearless

Erna in Roleplay

Erna is the only GM-type character of Matthew, creator of the Abwehran.

Current Events

Commanding the HMS Fearless in the Neue Jaspis System.


Even taller than average Abwehran females, Erna Löwenherzt is a muscularly toned, fair-skinned woman who carries herself with a dominating presence. Her heart-shaped face with piercing, glowing blue eyes seems to contrast her physical appearance, but only when her pitch black goggles are not covering her eyes. To add more of a contrast to her body's build, her full lips and full, wavy, chocolate-brown hair worn at mid-back length only seems to give her more of a gentle expression upon her face. She normally wears her hair in simple ponytails in order to keep it out of her eyes.

The main distinguishing mark upon this officer is the fact she has multiple scars upon her back because of a training accident during her Training Cruise. She also appears to be twenty-two Earth years old.


  • Height: 6' (182.88 cm)
  • Mass: 165 lbs (74.8 kg)
  • Measurements: 33-26-25-35 (83-66-63-88) [Bust-Band-Waist-Hips]
  • Bra Size: 30C (65C)


The first thing most of her subordinates will see is a calm demeanor. Erna is the type of commander who believes yelling won't solve anything and will not even yell when mistakes are made. When mistakes are made by those subordinates, she talks to them about it in private, believe public ridicule as a bullies means rather than a commander's. This often is false impressions upon others as a sign of weakness, but they are sorely mistaken. She has no qualms with calmly cutting someone to pieces when they need it or have earned it, it is just always in a private setting. She will treat everyone with the same amount of respect until otherwise demonstrated that they have no right for her to respect them.

Erna Löwenherzt is a woman who is extremely loyal to her nation and crew; her own code of conduct and the code of conduct officers are expected to have intermingle with mulish stubbornness to create a commander that will grit her teeth and soldier even during the most trying times.

But what are Erna's goals and dream? Well, what are the goals and dreams of any career officer? She wants to rise in the ranks, that is for sure, but she actually wants to one day be appointed as Commandant to the Imperial War Academy in Großartige Festung. It's a dream many in her family think is too small for her, that she should try to reach the top rather than settle for something like that. But again, her stubborness refuses her to back down.

On a lighter note, Erna has an intense love of sweets and sugary than most military personnel. Many of her friends make comments about caloric intake and how she can ever stay lithe with her near obsession.


Family and Relatives


  • Grandfather: Kurt Löwenherzt, 48 AY ,Großadmiral of the Weltraumflotte
  • Biological Father: Emmerich, 32 AY, Computer Technician
  • Biological Mother: Ivonne, 27 AY, Aerospace Engineer for Abwehran Imperial Yards
  • Fathers:
  • Mothers:
    • Emma, 38 AY, Secondary School Teacher 2)
    • Freja, 23 AY, Stabsgefreiter-Patrolman in Sekundeherr, Landwehr, Schirmherrschaft
    • Irma, 28 AY, House Wife
    • Rike, 34 AY, Hauptmann in Ersteluftflotte, Luftwaffe, Schirmherrschaft
  • Siblings:
    • Sister: Agnethe, 22 AY, Priest
    • Sister: Anina, 18 AY, Gefreiter in Quartekriegsflotte, Kriegsflotte, Schirmherrschaft
    • Triplet Brother: Arnold, 14 AY, Bootsmann in Ersteflotte, Weltraumflotte
    • Sister: Belinda, 31 AY, Oberstabsfeldwebel in Ersteflotte, Weltraumflotte
    • Sister: Carla, 17 AY, Day Care Center Employee
    • Triplet Sister: Emilie, 14 AY, Leutnant in Ersteflotte,Weltraumflotte
    • Brother: Gebhard, 12 AY, Schutze in the Dritteheer, Landwehr, Schirmherrschaft
    • Sister: Juliane, 16 AY, Waitress
    • Brother: Kaiser, 5 AY, College Student
    • Sister: Kirsa, 2 AY, Student
    • Sister: Klara, 2 AY, Student
    • Sister: Margareta, 1 AY

Summarized Events


Born AF 245 (BYE 19), Erna Löwenherzt along with her triplet brother (Arnold) and triplet sister (Emilie) was born to Emmerich Löwenherzt (Third Husband) and Ivonne Löwenherzt (Fourth Wife). Her childhood was relatively normal for a Nightwalker with loving parents and sharing the chores with her older siblings to take care of the younger ones. She also found her calling towards the military, like most Löwenherzt children.

She was the commanding influence of the triplets, often brains of the mischievous things they pulled, but responsible enough to admit she planned things and apologize when caught. This was the template of their lives: Erna planning and thinking, Arnold doing most of the heavy lift work, and Emilie being the quiet concious of the three.

Once their fifth birthday came around though, both of them had to separate to complete their Coming of Age ceremonies. Each passed this trial with the blessings of all their parents, but the split between the normally “bound at the hip” children had brought their true dreams of the future to mind. Erna's dream from that day on was to be apart of the Weltraumflotte and she attended officer's school, Emilie with a deal closely related to her sister's followed suit. Arnold wanted to be apart of the Marines in Weltraumflotte, deciding to enlisted instead of attending Officer's training.

Military Training

At the age of five Abwehran Years, both sisters were accepted into the Imperial War Academy. But before actually attending Officer's Training, they were required to go through Boot Camp. Though extremely harsh and difficult, Erna managed to get through Boot Camp and to the real Officer's Training within the standard thirteen month timeframe. During her field test (training cruise) aboard the HMS Brunhilde, there was a major incident involving the vessels power systems. The resulting power surge caused the Astrogator Cadet's panel to overload while her back was turned facing her Captain. She was hospitalized for a full month after the incident, but was able to be released for the graduation of her class from boot camp.

Now with in the hallowed halls of the Imperial War Academy, the young Löwenherzt pressed on as she studied hard and passed her courses. Though she had begun to pick up some habits of sparring against the marines during her physical training periods, much to her instructors dismay. Normally, there was a traditional barrier between naval personnel and marine personnel, but Erna didn't seem to care about that tradition. In her mind, if you were part of the Weltraumflotte, you were a prime target to spar with.

In her forth month of officer's training, she was given the title of Cadet Commander and placed in charge of a Schwert-class Korvetten by the name of the HMS Indomitable for the annual Field Problem. With a decent performance with her Accelerated Training Program recuits, she was promoted to Leutnant with her graduation from the Academy.

Military Service

Leutnant Erna Löwenherzt's first assignment was as Astrogator of the Löwenherzt-class Destroyer HMS Eckert I halfway through AF 250. The Pirate War had ended a single month ago, so most of the action had died off. Mop up missions were still going on however and the HMS Eckert I had been assigned to these mop up mission regularly. Acting as Astrogator, Erna was responsible for plotting courses through the Jaspis System, especially the unpredictable asteroid field around Jaspis Prime where the pirates preferred to hide.

Erna saw relatively little action and when action did occur she was mostly required to stay on the bridge. Years past and Erna showed herself to be a good leader for the enlisted personnel onboard the Eckert I. In AF 256, an engineering cadet made a fatal mistake while the ship's Executive Officer (at that time the Tactical Officer) was inspecting Engineer. The mistake caused one of the Liquid Oxygen tanks to rupture, killing the cadet and XO instantly while severely injuring the rest of the Engineering crew. Being the next officer up and known for her dedication, Erna was promoted to Oberleutnant given the title of Executive Officer while keeping up with her Astrogator duties.

The next three years saw more administration responsibility from Erna as she executed her duties as Executive Officer. With the arrival and disappearance of the Yamatai's 5th XF came confusion within the heirarchy. Feeling Erna had a chance to make Ship Commander, the Commander of the Eckert I recommended her to the Imperial War Academy for more training involving command and tactics.

Being accepted back into the Academy, Erna trained for a period of six months before being told she was to command a prototype ship. This new ship would be the most advanced starship in the Weltraumflotte and would be a frigate-sized vessel with the crew capacity of a corvette. Excited by this turn of events, Erna moved to Weltraumflotte HQ and began to study the Kretor-class Scout in order to familiarize herself with it. She is to officially take command of the fourth Kretor Scout, HMS Fearless, with in the month.

Service Record


  • Imperial War Academy - Student
  • HMS Brunhilde (Training Cruise) - Astrogator Cadet
  • HMS Indomitable - Cadet Commander


  • HMS Eckert I - Astrogator




Erna is fluent in Abwehran and has recently studied English enough to be capable in its speech. During her tutelage in the Imperial War Academy, she learned the proper methods of writing multiple types of reports and forms required by the military. This training also included basic operations of all communications equipment within the Abwehran Armed Forces (AAF).


Though most of her ability comes from her military training, Erna has been a practitioner of Abwehran sword combat since her right of passage. Militarily wise, Erna is certified to use mass-driver pistols, mass-driver rifles, and knives.


Before she was even an officer, Oberfähnirch Erna studied Abwehran Military Law as well as Abwehran History and Tactics in order to complete her military training. She then returned to the Imperial War Academy before her reassignment to the HMS Fearless in order to study Interstellar Politics.


Trained at the Imperial War Academy, Erna has study public speaking and taken a variety leadership training courses.


Like many soldiers of the Abwehran Armed Forces (AAF), Erna has been taught a variety of math from algebra to trigonometry and up to basic calculus.


Before taking on her new assignment as ship commander, Erna spent a period of months studying space combat tactics at the Imperial War Academy.

Technology Operations

Erna's technology training has included the operation of Abwehran military computer systems and skinsuit operations. She also has some background in the operation of ship systems due to her studies on the Kretor's systems. Erna has been trained in Abwehran Navigation systems during her tenure as Astrogator.

Currently Training

  • N/A


Currently on Erna


    • Black turtlenecks
    • Cotton tank-top undershirts, white
    • Cargo pants, black
    • Suede leather gloves, black
    • Leather boots, black
    • Pistol belt, leather, black, with holster
    • Appropriate undergarments


On Erna's Belt
On Uniform
  • HMS Fearless Patch (upper left arm)
  • Imperial Seal Patch (right side breast padding)
  • Oberleutnant Rank Pin (left side collar)
  • Weltraumflotte Patch (upper right arm)

On the HMS Fearless


Military Uniforms
  • 2 Abwehran Military uniforms
    • 2 Black turtlenecks
    • 2 cotton tank-top undershirts, white
    • 2 pair cargo pants, black
    • 1 pair suede leather gloves, black
    • 1 pair leather boots, black
    • 1 pistol belt, leather, black, with holster for Standard Service Pistol
  • 1 Weather Uniform
    • 1 Gold beret with Imperial Seal on front
    • 1 black trench coat, ankle length
  • 1 MSS-01 Abwehran Skinsuit, tailored to the owner's measurements for a perfect fit.
  • 1 Dress Uniform
    • 1 Black turtleneck
    • 1 pair black dress pants
    • 1 Gold beret with Imperial Seal on front
    • 1 black dress jacket, waist length, patches in same places as standard turtle neck, magnetic plate on left breast for medals
    • 1 pair suede leather gloves, black
    • 1 pair leather boots, black
Uniform accessories
  • HMS Fearless Patch (upper left arm)
  • Imperial Seal Patch (right side breast padding)
  • Oberleutnant Rank Pin (left side collar)
  • Weltraumflotte Patch (upper right arm)
Civilian and Exercise clothing

= Exercise =

  • 1 T-Shirt, white, with Branch logo print
  • 1 pair black sweat pants
  • 2 black swimsuit Bikini bottoms
  • 2 black swimsuit tops

= Miscellaneous =

  • Accessories:
    • Locket with pictures of tiplet siblings
  • Dresses:
    • N/A
  • Footwear:
    • 1 pair black sandals (standard issue)
  • Pants:
    • 10 pairs pants (2 Black, 4 Blue, 2 Green, 2 Brown, 2 Cream)
  • Shirts:
    • 20 Blouses (5 White, 5 Black, 6 Forest Green, 3 Tan)
  • Skirts:
    • 2 Black, Form-fitting, Business Skirts

= Standard Issue =

  • 4 black panty
  • 4 black sport bras
  • 4 pair of black boot Socks

= Miscellaneous =

  • 20 simple black panties
  • 10 simple black front-release bras
  • 1 Black Bikini
  • 3 Pajama Sets (shirt and pants)


Wooden Medal Case
  • N/A

Weaponry and Tools

  • MDP-3-01 Brefreier Standard Service Pistol with 2 additional magazines
  • Survival knife, solid diamond with rubberized grip and lanyard with black leather sheath with loop and clips for belt attachment
  • Erna Löwenherzt's Family Sword, Molecular-knit Titanium Long Sword with a Monomolecular Edge.

Personal Hygiene

Standard Issue


  • 1 bottle of shampoo
  • 1 bottle liquid body soap
  • 1 toothbrush and tube of toothpaste
  • 2 washcloths, white
  • 2 towels, large, white
  • 2 Large Beach Towels with sea creature patterns
  • 1 Hair Care Kit (Brush, Comb, Clips, etc.)
  • 1 Nail Care Kit (Clippers and File)


  • Electronic Money Card ( Credits)


  • 1 Foot Locker with wheels
  • 1 Large Duffle Bag

Possessions Elsewhere

  • N/A


Balance Withdrawal Deposit Description
9000 —- + 9000 Starting Balance
4680 4320 —- Personal Items


Note: The Löwenherzt is one of the largest families in Abwehran history and by its own rights is much like a clan compared to most.
Matriarch of immediate family
Note: Can be reissued when necessary

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