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Euphemia Argyris

Euphemia Argyris is a player character played by Syaoran.

Character Profile
Name: Euphemia Argyris
Nick Name: Euphie, Mia, Eu
Species: Separa'Shan Pythus
Gender: Female
Born: YE 07
Mother: Zenovia
Father: Slivanus
Siblings: many many siblings
Organization: Origin Industries
Occupation: Ship captain
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Current Placement: OIF Salvation

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5'7โ€œ standing; 16'8โ€ total length
  • Weight: 283lbs
  • Measurements: 36-28-42
  • Bra size: 32D

Build and Skin Color: Euphie has an hourglass like figure until her hips that flare out thanks to her powerful tail. Though not exactly athletic she does keep her upper body in shape to keep her weight down. Her skin is a medium brown that matches the mid tones on her splotchy colored tail.
refrence for tail color

Eyes and Facial Features: Her face is long and slender with thin lips and soft features and a beauty mark under her left eye. Her almond shaped eyes are a vibrant lime green with slip pupils creating a rather sharp gaze. Along her jaw and over part of her neck she has soft sender scales that that look like scales but have the feel of skin.

Hair Color and Style:She tends to wear her burgundy brown hair between her shoulders and chin. It's naturally straight so she tends to wear it layered with long bangs to give it body.
Reference image: Syle not color

Distinguishing Features: Euphemia's lower body is like a large snake and tender pseudo-scales along her face and neck.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Being a Pythus, Euphemia never was one for withholding her emotions, not to say she is incapable she just doesn't when it's not needed. This means she wears her emotions on her sleeves often and will opening display any agitation or frustration, generally in her mannerisms. This makes her look easily swayed emotionally but when she chooses to she has rather impressive restraint.

She is not without fault though, she is rather conscious about her weight and size. It was not a problem back on Essia System but being in galactic society where her body type is no where near the norm it does begin to stand out. So when in situations where her body becomes a problem she quickly becomes negative and sometimes even hostile towards the people putting her in said situations.

  • Likes: Pottery, warm beverages, hot showers, sunbathing, fresh cookies with lots of chocolate chips.
  • Dislikes: the cold, hearing/seeing her weight or height, being rushed when eating
  • Goals: Becoming a successful and accomplished captain and to start trade with a new civilization



As a Separa'Shan Euphemia's life did not really start until she was 14 when she grew into her adult body. Being born to a merchant family Euphemia was always exposed to the market world and when she obtained her adult body she quickly became fascinated with it. She spent most of her time learning as much as she could about mercantilism and partaking as much as she could.

When Essia System was discovered by Yamatai Euphemia's curiosity grew not towards discovery but towards business opportunities. The Argyris family was quick to begin trade outside the planet. It was not long before they were one of the primary import ant exports in the civilian market for Essia, however Euphemia wanted something slightly different. She was not after power or money, but rather she wanted to expand the knowledge of trade, and the scope of her work. So in YE 32 she joined Origin Industries. With roughly ten years of experience as a merchant prior to joining, she quickly rose to a store manager at an Ori-Mart and from there she moved to district manager of a small section of Yamataian space.

Until YE 36 she was content with her job and worked diligently and efficiently overseeing all sorts of projects to keep her district operating perfectly. Her work ethic and management skills did not go unnoticed though, she was asked by HR to transfer to becoming a ship captain. Deciding that she could use a new goal in life she transferred and took the required classes and got promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

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