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Euy'ica Sec'retna

Euy'ica Sec'retna is a NPC controlled by GM Kyle in the SNV Gam'trosha plot.

Euy'ica Sec'retna
Species: Shukaren Daur (Sub-Species)
Gender: female
Organization: Shukara Volunteer Navy
Occupation: Healer
Rank: X'Muyeia
Current Placement: SNV Gam'trosha

Character Description

Euy'ica is a four foot, three inch tall twenty four year old Daur with orange fur, a white tail with a red tip. She is known for her enthusiastic attitude and desire to help others, especially those in need of it. She doesn't like war, and likewise dislikes people who harm others for the sake of just harming.

History and Relationship Notes

Euy'ica was born in the capital city of Netoshen where she grew up around doctors and medics. When she was just six, her family went from working in area hospitals to working aboard medical transports, this is where her desire to become a healer in the military began.

She found herself dealing with people who had been hurt in disasters or terrorist attacks, exposed to the type of enviroment that most children wouldn't dream of. Seeing people who were bloodied and with missing limbs before she was even ten.

Over time she developed a good bed-side manner, treating everyone with injuries cautiously so that they don't panic and helping to calm those who were panic'd before they hurt themselves further. She is desentitized to the sight of blood.

Skill Areas

  • Communications: Fluent in Tinacen
  • Knowledge
  • Fighting
  • Biology
  • Medical and Science
  • Humanities
  • Culinary


Euy'ica Sec'retna has the following items:

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