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Eve Ahriman

Eve Ahriman is a player character played by Jabonicus.

Eve Ahriman
Species & Gender: Female Human
Date of Birth: 7ๆ—ฅ 1ๆœˆ YE 17
Organization: Unaffiliated
Occupation: Translator
Rank: N/A
Current Placement: N/A

Physical Description

Standing at 5'4 (162.5 cm) and weighing at 125 lbs (56.7 kg), Eve holds a lithe and small figure, lacking much muscle but appearing decently nourished. Her pale skin tone seems gentle and tempered, and the way she carries herself doesn't quite seem proper, but still seems excessively practiced and honed. It's clear from just looking at her that she lacks any form of military or formal physical conditioning. Instead it looks as if she was raised quite well by a family that was, at the very least, wealthy.

Her face is lightly angled and holds a gentle look, lips that frequently smile on an equally lively face. Her hair is long but is well groomed, often hanging free from her head, a ashen black color that goes just past her shoulders. Her eyes are a solemn and dull gray, completely incapable of any form of sight. Her blindness is incurable by any means.


While holding a favoritism for being reserved, Eve is surprisingly outgoing and friendly, though it's clear she finds great comfort in smaller groups and quieter areas. She's extremely well adapted to her situation, and seems quite capable of fitting into any place that accepts her as she is. While not free from troubles she certainly embraces the pleasures of her day to day life, and is more than willing to share it all with anyone willing to spend their day with her. Born into a galaxy that doesn't cater do those without sight, she makes due, and takes it quite gracefully, knowing how poor the cards she was given were, but she seems just as happy to be playing the game.


Eve was blind from birth, and being in a section of space where the more advanced medical treatments were not available, treatment proved too expensive to try, until she was a young child. However, as her parents worked for Section 6, they amassed enough influence and wealth to try an effective, albeit expensive treatment option. Unfortunately despite their greater efforts, the treatment was a complete failure, her body barely acknowledging the treatment, her blindness still pervasive and unending. Given the odd and unexplained reaction to the expensive attempt, it was decided that further attempts should wait.

Her disability unresolved, she received specialized schooling in an attempt to prepare her for the galaxy around her, one that was particularly biased towards those with sight. Though she received heavy schooling, in terms of jobs she proved to be fairly sparse in her work, favoring computers and devices that could work with voice commands that explained each step audibly, as well as proving quite adept at more hands on things. As time went on she become more adept at living and thriving in the world she was given, able to tell who was nearby simply by the sound of their footsteps, as well as able to navigate areas she was in frequently by herself.

Unfortunately due to her need for a specialized schooling, as she grew up her interactions with other children proved minimal, though she did love to interact with what few friends she had. In schooling, though she lacked any form of sight, she excelled in languages of all kinds, proving to be adept at picking up new languages and their styles with a natural grace, although she lacked understanding of their written forms. Her kind demeanor paired with her adept nature with languages quickly placed her as someone who could fill the role of a translator, especially in places where accurate machine translators were either impersonal or expensive. Though many SI's or AI's could replace her job, she takes great pride and joy in it.

Skills Learned

  • Foreign Languages
  • Limited Domestic
  • Public Speaking

Social Connections

Eve Ahriman is connected to:


Inventory & Finance

Eve Ahriman has the following:

Standard civilian gear and personal items. Nothing remarkable.

Eve Ahriman currently has 3000 KS.

OOC Information

This page was created by jabonicus on 04, 05 2018 at 23:36.

In the case jabonicus becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? No
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? No

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