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Evee is an approved character played by Kashton1, (Kashton1(UKA)) on the forum.

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Species & Gender: Genetically Modified Helashio, Female
Year of Birth: YE-16
Organization: Joined Alex's Independent Space Ship Araxie
Occupation: Mechanic • Engineer • Inventor
Rank: No rank system
Current Placement: Mechanic / Scavenger aboard Alex's Independent Space Ship Araxie
Desc Motto: Lovable Fuzzy Mechanic

Current Plot

Aboard the “Araxie” in Sector Searchers

Physical Description

Evee is a female Helashio. Many of her features are not natural for Helashios, but were added through genetic modification. Evee has a warm and soft coat of thick white fur that covers the majority of her body. Resting on top of her short muzzle is Evee's soft, brown and triangular nose, like that of a dog's. She has human-pawed mixed amalgamate hands and pawed feet. Evee's ears can rotate and are shaped slightly different than a regular Helashio's. Contrasting the white fur of Evee's body are her cute sky-blue eyes and long blond-yellow hair. Evee is 6ft tall, weighs 190 LB on average and can be described as visually skinny. Her voice is calm, warm and reassuring, but if need be she can shout very loud. Evee does not have big breasts, but it doesn't seem to bother her. On her right wrist there is a grey barcode imprinted into her skin. The company who created her was not clearly labeled, rather a chain of numbers and characters represent her mystery creator and ID.

Physical Attributes

Evee's biology causes some changes in bodily function that should be noted. Her eyes are larger and lighter than most other eyes which causes her to have a longer adjustment time, but the benefits of her large eyes are night-vision and slightly enhanced vision. Evee's nose heightens her sense of smelling, helping in detecting chemical/ gas leaks before disaster. Her ears swivel around and increase her spacial awareness, helping her detect a wider spectrum of sound. Evee's ramped up metabolism makes it necessary for her to eat often, or to eat in large portions. Evee’s long Helashio tail keeps her very balanced. Evee's taste is also stronger than a human's and because of this she avoids alcohol. Changes in general behavior can be noticed too, like wearing less clothes, keeping cabin and workspace air cold (if possible) and keeping a fan around. Evee's fur causes her to overheat occasionally and she prefers cooler temperatures.

Real-time Physical Details

Major illnesses None
Changes to Physical Condition N/A


Main personality: Evee is a calm, happy and creative Helashio. Evee is very kind-hearted and honest. She always exercises respect and loyalty. For the most part Evee shares her experiences and feelings with those who are close to her. She doesn't prejudge people, unless she has a good reason to, but Evee is still shy and closed off to meeting new people. Also, Evee wears her emotions. She believes that she can mask her feelings, but in reality they show clearly on her face. Because of her history Evee gets paranoid when left alone and she becomes very uneasy with any close separations. It is very hard to anger Evee, and so when she is pushed to the very edge, Evee's long built up feelings could result in a ballistic rage. But, Evee's goodness and intentions way outweigh her downfalls.

Connection with nature: Evee finds mountains to be majestic and breathtaking, she loves nature's forests and landscapes. She would love to retire in a nature rich location, cooler in temperature.

Dreams: Hopes to create something or find something big one day. Wants to be a proud mother one day, or at-least make a large impact on somebody's life.

RP Notes

  • So far it has been observed that Evee likes to rescue lives (even though it isn't her profession). Due to mistakes or situations Evee obviously cannot save everybody. She has a hard time handling with loss, especially when it was under her control. Surprisingly though, she does manage to save many lives.
  • As observed in RP Evee does a stellar job when repairing equipment.
  • For a better understanding of Evee's personality and behavior it is best to study her in previous role-play, specially if auto-ing (If GM)

Specific Personality Details

Fears Hobbies Things that bother Evee Things that Evee likes
Spiders Tool-building Loudness Hugs
Lightning Painting Lack of Sanitation Food

Who does she really like (or love) and who does she despise? Body-type preferences?

Evee likes (person) Evee dislikes (person) Evee finds (this) attractive Evee finds (this) unattractive
Alex Tasuki N/A Skinny/Lean/Muscular (Fat) people

Also see major relationships below.


Evee was born in YE 16

Evee was a remnant of what used to be Helashio slavery. She was genetically modified for an unknown reason for a client inside the Imperium of Nepleslia. Her biology suggests that she may be a very early hybrid like this. It is not clear if Evee's modifications were finished or if there was more to be done. Any of Evee's possible family members had been separated from her early in her childhood. Evee, being a Helashio, did not question her “owners”, that was just the way of life. But when she was 11 (human years) old Evee was freed from slavery by a man named Nexiko. Nexiko was a worker at a small shipping port and therefore happened to find Evee while she was being smuggled (on her way to a major city of the Nepleslia imperium.) It was by chance, the ship was cleared for departure but a last minute mechanical failure caused a thorough inspection of the ship's deep interior. She was found. Eventually Nexiko legally adopted Evee and taught her a lot of the knowledge she retains today. Nexiko replaced the missing father figure in her life. When Nexiko had retired, around when Evee was (15) they used to go on long scrapping trips, learning the ways of improvising and salvaging. Being freed gave Evee a new perspective too.. she grew a hatred towards the Imperium of Nepleslia for what they have done. A week from Evee's 20th birthday Nexiko grew deathly ill. Out of fear of dying and leaving Evee, Nexiko left orders for Evee to be trained with a team which he had connections to.. if worse came to happen. Then it happened, Nexiko died. Evee went through a period of grief, but her training “family” was very supportive and within a few years Evee was reborn into a stronger person, eager to be part of something bigger. With her knowledge and new confidence Evee set up a parts shop on her father's ship. She was kept accompany by her customers. Then Alex's ship arrived, the Independent Spaceship Araxie.

It is not clear whether or not her makers are looking for her.

RP History + Contributions



  1. Meets Alex and Araxie, Evee shows the two her talent and supplies and is hired as Mechanic for the Araxie in Meeting the Mechanic
  2. Joins Alex's Independent Space Ship Araxie in Sector Searchers

Mission 1, Sector Searchers

  1. Evee extinguishes a shipboard fire caused by pirates and saves 3 lives but despite her efforts she couldn't save the forth person in Mission 1,
    1. (apparently the event captured by sensors and broadcasted.)
  2. After the pirate attack in mission 1 Evee expertly repaired Alex's Mech, the U-1 Unicorn Custom in Tending to the Unicorn

Mission 2, Sector Searchers

  1. With the U-1 Unicorn Custom needing ammo the crew must visit Planet Osman. On the way there the Araxie's crew decided to travel to SX-05 in On the road again in search of a good meal!
  2. After exploring the station Evee was called back to the ship by Alex. And without any warning Evee discovered Araxie, Alex's partner, had been brutally murdered onboard. in M2P2 Never split the party, 18+ [!]18+, gore

Mission 3, Sector Searchers

  1. It had been a while and Araxie was back, reborn in a new body. The Araxie saw many new crew members in order to prepare for a journey to find the pirate queen Anabelle Killigrew with connections to Psychopomp LLC. Instead, the Araxie's crew ran into Raven, who was working for her. Defeated by Alex Tasuki's U-1 Unicorn Custom the crew captured her and tied her down in the Cargo Bay, for interrogation. in M3P1 The ship that leapt through space
People she savedPeople she could not save / Close people to Evee lostLocation
“3 Floating Men”(NPCs) , “Fredric”Aric (NPC)Leftovers Fleet
Araxie SeraiIndependent station

Social Connections

Evee is connected to: Nexiko (father), Her trainers, Any crew / servants she has worked with for a while.

Major Relationships and Crew

Araxie's crew while Evee was aboard (1st Crew)

Character Player Notes
Alex Tasuki Alex Hart Accidentally heroic “leader”
Araxie Serai Arbitrated Exasperated birb of all trades
Evee Kashton1 Lovable fuzzy mechanic
Mimic Chi-Chi 2597 Ethereal Shapeshifting diplomatic prankster
Dryad Willowsong (DECEASED) Madi Harper Ditzy Neko medic

Major Relationships




Skills Learned

•Creative thinking and repair•Trained to salvage, repair, solve problems.
•Evee is a great tinkerer and inventor•Creates custom guns, devices and tools.
•Training•Decent combat skills. Great endurance / agility due to her biology and training.
•Languages•English, Trade, any Nepleslia languages
•Mechanic•Vast Mechanic knowledge, even when dealing with crossing technologies.

Inventory & Finance

Evee has the following items:

  • -Her father's inherited ship.
  • -Ship type:Harvester
  • -Her scrap shop is on the ship.

-Mixed forms of currency. Does not have too much wealth.

  • -Metal water canister with carbon filter.
  • -Medical aid kit
  • -Smart molecular welder. (Put together by Evee)
  • -Mini Plasma cutter (Old) (Repaired by Evee)
  • -protective gloves
  • -tinker tape
  • -lots of odds-and-ends like machine parts and bolts
  • -Micro broadcaster
  • -Weapon parts (stored at “home”)
  • -protective goggles
  • -small but powerful flashlight
  • -Worker's tool belt
  • -Lots of hidden food

-has access to tons of “scrap” and parts.

OOC Information

If you have any questions please contact me :) •813-454-4441•Discord = @Kashton1#2492 •

OOC Notes

Page version 3.82, backed-up

In the case Kashton1 becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? YES
  • Can this character be killed off? NO, but she can disappear…
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