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Evee is an approved character played by Kashton1, Kashton1(UKA) on the forum.

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Species & Gender: Unknown Helashio Hybrid, Female
Occupation: Mechanic • Engineer • Inventor
Organization: None
Crew Ranking: N/A
Crew Assignment: N/A
Year of Birth: YE-16
Desc Motto: Lovable Fuzzy Mechanic

Current Plot

( Link coming soon ) → Quest of Eveeuary

Physical Description

Evee is an experimental breed of fox created from the genes of many different lovable creatures. Her true genetic origin has not been verified but Evee believes herself to be some sort of Helashio hybrid. Evee's body is absolutely covered in a luxuriously thick and fluffy coat of super white fur. Atop her head sits a large bunch of curly blonde hair and two adorable rotating fox ears. Evee's eyes are large and pupil-less, a Helashio characteristic. Her big round light-colored eyes are sensitive to bright light but perfect for seeing clearly in the dark. Evee has a muzzle resembling a canine's and a powerful scent-detecting nose. Moving on down, and talking about her as a whole– Evee's body is lean and rugged internally. With duplicate fast healing organs she can really take a beating.. But on the outside Evee's incredibly soft, cute and fluffy. Paired with her shy and friendly personality, it's hard to resist squeezing and cuddling with her all day long. But, on top of all this already irresistible squishiness, her body has “key attractiveness” features, like a defined v-line, belly-line, collar bone, throat and behind. Oh, and she has a long tongue 8-O Sadly for Evee, she does not have a big rack, but it doesn't seem to bother her. ..The weird thing is that she doesn't seem to age. Evee's appearance is unchanging; then of course, she is completely covered head to toe in a mat of fur. Moving to her limbs we see that her hands and feet are pawed. Additionally Evee's legs are bent back. Finally moving towards her backside, her tail is long and slim, adorned with a puff of blonde hair on the tip.


Main personality: Evee is a calm, happy and creative Helashio. Evee is very kind-hearted and honest. She always exercises respect and loyalty. For the most part Evee shares her experiences and feelings with those who are close to her. She doesn't prejudge people, unless she has a good reason to, but Evee is still shy and closed off to meeting new people. Also, Evee wears her emotions. She believes that she can mask her feelings, but in reality they show clearly on her face. Because of her history Evee gets paranoid when left alone and she becomes very uneasy with any close separations. It is very hard to anger Evee, and so when she is pushed to the very edge, Evee's long built up feelings could result in a ballistic rage. But, Evee's goodness and intentions way outweigh her downfalls.

Connection with nature: Evee finds mountains to be majestic and breathtaking, she loves nature's forests and landscapes. She would love to retire in a nature rich location, cooler in temperature.

Dreams: Hopes to create something or find something big one day. Wants to be a proud mother one day, or at-least make a large impact on somebody's life.

Observed behavior in RP

  • Evee has rescued many lives, putting herself in risk. Due to mistakes or situations Evee obviously cannot save everybody, she has a hard time handling with loss, especially when it was under her control. Surprisingly though, she does manage to save many lives.
  • As observed in RP Evee does a stellar job when repairing equipment.
  • For a better understanding of Evee's personality and behavior it is best to study her in previous role-play, specially if auto-ing (If GM)

Specific Personality Details

Things that bother Evee Things that Evee likes
Spiders Hugs, kisses and cuddling <3
Lightning Arts and crafts / Painting
Lack of Sanitation Eating / Food
Loudness Tool-building / Inventing


Evee was born in YE 16

Evee's history is mysterious and twisted. All Evee knows for certain is that she was separated from her family. Since she was created it's likely that the people close to her were not genetically related, rather, other experiments like her. Evee remembers an eternity of pain and confusion, and yet, she is almost fully functional. She's endured some very horrible things but Evee has a hard time recalling any details, as if someone wiped her memory. And because of this, Evee doesn't usually live in the past. Thankfully for her, a man by the name of Nexuieko eventually rescued Evee while she was in transport. He was able to imprint a positive, warm and loving personality on Evee and he taught her the skills necessary for survival. Nexuieko also helped Evee grow her creative talents and after a year she aspired to be a great inventor. Sadly, Nexuieko suddenly disappeared after three short years and Evee was left to fend for herself. But surprisingly, despite the odds, Evee continued to develop her skills, and eventually a more confident Evee opened her own parts shop. There she met the crew of the Araxie, and that's where her story begins.

RP History + Contributions



  1. Meets Alex and Araxie, Evee shows the two her talent and supplies and is hired as Mechanic for the Araxie in Meeting the Mechanic
  2. Joins Alex's Independent Space Ship Araxie in Sector Searchers

Mission 1, Sector Searchers

  1. Evee extinguishes a shipboard fire caused by pirates and saves 3 lives but despite her efforts she couldn't save the forth person in Mission 1,
    1. (apparently the event captured by sensors and broadcasted.)
  2. After the pirate attack in mission 1 Evee expertly repaired Alex's Mech, the U-1 Unicorn Custom in Tending to the Unicorn

Mission 2, Sector Searchers

  1. With the U-1 Unicorn Custom needing ammo the crew must visit Planet Osman. On the way there the Araxie's crew decided to travel to SX-05 in On the road again in search of a good meal!
  2. After exploring the station Evee was called back to the ship by Alex. And without any warning Evee discovered Araxie, Alex's partner, had been brutally murdered onboard. in M2P2 Never split the party, 18+ [!]18+, gore

Mission 3, Sector Searchers

  1. It had been a while and Araxie was back, reborn in a new body. The Araxie saw many new crew members in order to prepare for a journey to find the pirate queen Anabelle Killigrew with connections to Psychopomp LLC. Instead, the Araxie's crew ran into Raven, who was working for her. Defeated by Alex Patton's U-1 Unicorn Custom the crew captured her and tied her down in the Cargo Bay, for interrogation. in M3P1 The ship that leapt through space
People she savedPeople she could not save / Close people to Evee lostLocation
“3 Floating Men”(NPCs) , “Fredric”Aric (NPC)Leftovers Fleet
Araxie SeraiIndependent station

Major Relationships and Crew

Araxie's crew while Evee was aboard (1st Crew)

Character Player Notes
Alex Patton Alex Hart Accidentally heroic “leader”
Araxie Serai Arbitrated Exasperated birb of all trades
Evee Kashton1 Lovable fuzzy mechanic
Mimic Chi-Chi 2597 Ethereal Shapeshifting diplomatic prankster
Dryad Willowsong (DECEASED) Madi Harper Ditzy Neko medic

Major Relationships and Family

Name Relation Notes
Nexuieko Adoptive Father Teacher

Skills Learned

•Creative thinking and repair•Trained to salvage, repair, solve problems.
•Evee is a great tinkerer and inventor•Creates custom guns, devices and tools.
•Training•Decent combat skills. Great endurance / agility due to her biology and training.
•Languages•English, Trade, any Nepleslia languages
•Mechanic•Vast Mechanic knowledge, even when dealing with crossing technologies.

Inventory & Finance

Evee has the following items:

  • -Her father's inherited ship.
  • -Ship type: Harvester
  • -Her scrap shop is on the ship.

-Mixed forms of currency. Does not have too much wealth.

  • -Metal water canister with carbon filter.
  • -Medical aid kit
  • -Smart molecular welder. (Put together by Evee)
  • -Mini Plasma cutter (Old) (Repaired by Evee)
  • -protective gloves
  • -tinker tape
  • -lots of odds-and-ends like machine parts and bolts
  • -Micro broadcaster
  • -Weapon parts (stored at “home”)
  • -protective goggles
  • -small but powerful flashlight
  • -Worker's tool belt
  • -Lots of hidden food

-has access to tons of “scrap” and parts.

OOC Information

If you have any questions please contact me :)

  • Phone: 813-454-4441
  • Discord: @Kashton1#2492

In the case Kashton1 becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? YES
  • Can this character be killed off? NO, but she can disappear…

Note: In the case that Evee is adopted her new owner has the right to play as Evee, but they do not inherit legal ownership of any works created for this character. This includes any future works. All works created for Evee are property of Kyle Santa-Romana, with permission for use on the StarArmy Role-play Universe. ©Kyle Santa-Romana, © Page version 5.0, backed-up.

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