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Eyverska Herdis

Eyverska Herdis is a player character played by SmokeEmpress.

Eyverska Herdis
Species: NH-33M (Miniature)
Gender: Female
Age: 9 mo.
Height: 7.5“
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Star Army Starship Operations
Rank: Shoi Kohosei
Current Placement: YSS Soyokaze

Preferred Plots

  1. Sakura II

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 7.5”
  • Mass:
  • Measurements: 36-24-36

Build and Skin Color: Herdis is of average build for a NH-33M (Miniature). She is slim for her height, but still has the curves that men and women could appreciate. Her skin is the color of Periwinkle.

Eyes and Facial Features: Herdis has light violet eyes that are set in almond shaped lids. Her nose is similar to a cat's nose, though of course the nostrils are pointed down as a human's would have been. She has high cheek bones, and her chin is slightly pointed, giving her face a bit of a heart shape to it.

Ears: Herdis has typical Neko ears that are covered on top in fur to match her base hair color of deep violet. The inner ears are a neon pink.

Hair Color and Style: Her hair color is deep violet with streaks of neon pink going through it. She usually wears it in a type of french braid that looks almost like a crown or nest where her hat can sit on it correctly. The ends of the braids are tucked up under to keep from being below the collar. When it is down, it falls in soft curls to the bottom of her shoulder blades.

Distinguishing Features: She has a few freckles that dust her nose and cheeks. They are reddish-brown in color.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Herdis, like her sister Aldis, is willing to make a new friend. She has no problems smiling easily towards others and always seems to look on the positive side of things. Though, unlike her larger twin, she is a bit more shy around others when not in her sister's presence. In fact, when she is separated from her sister, she tends to stutter more. It's almost as if she has a speech impediment, though it's not quite sure why this is.

  • Likes: Puppies, Sunshine, Reading a good book
  • Dislikes: Dark places, being locked in anything, speaking in public without her sister present
  • Goals: To one day overcome her shyness


Family and Creators


Aldis and Herdis were born to Gershin parents. They had a very short, yet surprisingly pleasant childhood. They are natural born twins and, when it was determined that their mother would be expecting identical twin girls, they were both allowed and loved by their parents and the rest of the family. Allowed because of crowding purposes, but it was unforgivable for the first pregnancy to be altered in any way. The girls lived to the age of 8, for one tragic day the small family was in an unfortunate accident. The parents were killed instantly, though the girls still barely had life to them.

Rather than waste their lives, it was determined that they would be given to the care of the Ketsurui Zaibatsu and they were soul transferred into a full-sized Neko and a mini-Neko. Their own DNA went into the creation of the new bodies, though of course, being identical twins, even the DNA was identical. It was also determined that, to protect the girls, their memories would be altered to age them appropriately and to make them think they were made just like the others of their kinds. What came as a pleasant surprise was their bond of being twins: thinking alike and knowing where the other was at all times. When they talk, together, they finish each others sentences.

Both girls were given the training downloads needed to make them Shoi Kohosei, allowing them to learn to be officers, yet not quite be there yet. They both work well together as a team, though they can be separated into different units as needed. One of their tests, eventually, would be to see how far away from each other they could be and yet still maintain that bond of theirs.


YSS Soyokaze

Episode 3.0 "Breath, a Long Time Coming"

Herdis, along with her sister Aldis, went for their first interview with their new captain. The mini Neko, being the more nervous of the two, was rather concerned just how well things would go…until she saw the art work! She found a kind of soul-kin in the Captain and they both talked, during the individual interview, about art and possibly doing some art together. Herdis was put at ease that she would be a good asset to the crew, even though she was a mini. She even had the authority to request anything she would need to accommodate her size! (Episode 3.3 “Interview with the Twins”)

Soon after that, she went with her sister on their little joint adventure of setting up their quarters and getting food, then she went exploring. She made her way to the med bay and met a few more crew mates, including the Kodian doctor. Her shyness kicked in, but in spite of it she did manage to greet the others and even had a long conversation with the doctor.

Episode 4.0 "A New Force"

Herdis took the controls of the ship, easing it out of the dock when the time was right and getting them easily into hyperspace. Soon after they reach their destination, though, it seemed like all hell broke loose! The mini-neko had to work hard to outmaneuver the other ships that were attacking, doing her best to keep the ship from sustaining too much damage as she got them close enough to the planet to send off troops. Her connection to her twin helped her to determine which way she needed to go, though both were focused on their individual tasks at hand.



Eyverska Herdis has the following items:


Eyverska Herdis is currently a Shoi Kohosei in the YSS Soyokaze.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds

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