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Ezriel Esherara

Ezriel Esherara is a player character played by Jack Pine.

Ezriel Esherara
Species & Gender: Female Pythus Separa'shan
Date of Birth: 1日 1月 YE 20
Organization: N/A
Occupation: Mercenary
Rank: N/A
Current Placement: Freelance

Physical Description

Ezriel is a 5'2“ tall when “standing”, and has a 10' long tail. A pythus of the separa'shan, with red and copper scales and medium tanned skin. She takes pride in keeping her scales polished smooth. She has long raven hair, and green slitted eyes, with a very curvy shaped body1). The pattern on her tail is of a diamond pattern, which is a rare trait, but shows off her red and copper scales beautifully. This female Separa tends to lean back a little more as she sports a DD cup sized chest.


Cold, bored, and usually very laid back, Ezriel is very easily annoyed, but finds the advances of others amusing more then unwanted. She feels confined when aboard a ship if not the pilot, but feels the freest and in the most open of space when at the controls in space. That being said, she hates the cramped spaces of ground vehicles, to a degree where she will fight anyone who tries to force her into one. Caring, and loving, are present in her personality, but is not shown but rarely to strangers. If she becomes friends, or finds a object of her more maternal nature, she will open up her cold exterior to them.


Born in YE 20 on the planet of Essia, Ezriel is a female Pythus of the Separa'Shan.

Ezriel was always a problem child growing up, always getting into trouble, and being rebellious towards her parents and clan. Eventually the young woman at the age of 13, having had an earlier change then some, decided to leave home. She stowed away on board a merchant's freighter. When they stopped at the nearest station, the young Ezriel searched for a different ride, and found a transport ship that made regular trips to the frontier. Ezriel much to her own admonishment, asked for a position on the crew, to which the captain eventually agreed after numerous visits that resulted in pestering. Finally giving in, he brought her onto the crew, where he taught her how to care for and operate a ship.

For the next 5 years, Ezriel learned and worked aboard the ship, even learning how to operate a small craft. On a few rare occasions, she helped to stave off boarders, and with an old outdated fighter in the hold, fought off pirates. Having become quite skilled with each encounter, she has had a taste of true freedom now, and loves nothing more then to cruise through space. However….fate was cruel.

In YE38, the captain who had taken her in and taught her the skills she had grown to love, who she saw him as almost like a father, passed away. He had been firm believer against ST technology, and died of old age. Ezriel departed the ship, leaving it docked in storage at an independent station as she kept up the payments through work. A Caravan Heavy Freighter, having had it left to her as part of his will, as he had seen her as daughter of sorts where he had passed with no spouse and having never sired any children. Ezriel took the funds she had been saving and in YE39, bought a Wahoo Interceptor from FSC corp. Now even, she flies as a mercenary pilot, playing cold, but looking for a place to belong, even in YE41.

Skills Learned

Starship Operation

Ezriel has spent a few years learning the ins and outs to running, piloting, and maintaining the craft which her hands grace the controls of. Whenever time is available, she is flying something, and it shows in her skill at making craft dance for her.


Having spent a long time living alone and abroad, Ezriel knows how to cook a good home style cooked meal. Able to spice it up with her ingredients, she can make any dish seem gourmet. Her favorite dish to cook particularly, is any kind of curry.

In addition, Ezriel fully knows how to keep her living space clean, and her clothes washed. Something hard learned to do from living on her own.


Ezriel is well versed in the use of pistols, as well as most normal rifles, but nothing heavier. She's spent time at the range on some of the worlds she's visited, but has mostly learned through hostile run ins on her misadventures.

Social Connections

Ezriel Esherara is connected to:

Nyx Pine girlfriend/lover

Inventory & Finance

Ezriel Esherara has the following:

KS3,000 ~ 6,00012,000
DA4,0002,000 ~ 8,000
DS45,75011,43722,875 ~

OOC Information

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In the case jack_pine becomes inactive:

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despite the lack of legs

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