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Fang Dai Lin

Fang Dai Lin is an NPC in the nepleslian_national_security_office.

Fang Dai Lin
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Female
Age: 33 years old
Height: 169cm (5'6“)
Weight: 57kg (125lbs)
Organization: nepleslian_national_security_office
Occupation: Assistant Chief of Operations
Rank: Assistant Chief of Operations
Current Placement: NNSO Headquarters, Funky City

Character Description


“If the choice is between you and the contact? Send flowers.”

Fang Dai Lin isn't a public person, and she is quite content to let that be known. Its often said that in the NNSO, if you want to talk to politicians you go through the Chief of Operations, and that if you want to talk to agents you go through the Assistant Chief. That is very true and Dai Lin embodies that well. She is not one often seen in front of cameras at press conferences, nor does she have a taste for big corner offices with floor-to-ceiling windows. She can come across as both very reserved and at times unnervingly calculating. Those who have known her long enough know that this is how she has been for many years: function before form, deciding on facts presented more than on emotions or social pressures.

Dealing with outsiders is something she doesn't do unless she feels she must. You are either worth her time and energies or you are not, and those that are worth it will know. Friends of Nepleslia are friends of the NSO, and by proxy they are friends of Dai Lin. Though being a personal friend of the Assistant Chief is much more beneficial: being allowed taps into sources of information previously unavailable, being informed of some of the darker and more mountain-moving going-ons of Nepleslian politics and the intelligence community, and exceptionally good friends might find themselves with a number to get an FED strike team. But to abuse those gifts or to go against Neplesia is a quick way to draw her ire.

Where politics are concerned, she despises them, but her position requires her to be familiar with them to a certain degree. She often angles to examine and, if necessary, play both sides of issues. She is infinitely more loyal to the citizens of the nation than she is to those who hold political offices, or even to members of the military in higher levels of command. It comes with the nature of her job within the agency. Those she meets for the first time are treated as an unknown element, somebody who could be as much a traitor as an ally with the power and resources entrusted to them. She treads carefully and is always careful. The simple rule is that if somebody thinks they know how she really sees them – they likely don't.


  • Hair
    • Dai Lin's hair is an ebony-like black, and extremely straight. She often has it down, extending several inches past her shoulders, parted at the center and styled simply so that her bangs don't get in front of her eyes. When she is dressing up she might accessorize, though its usually to a mild extent with more naturally or neutrally colored pins or hair-ties.
  • Face
    • Heart-shaped, with pale skin, and almost childish hazel eyes that might be described as more ethnically “Asian”, Lin's features are softer than somebody might expect. However, she does have a single scar: running from her left cheek down her jaw-line to end near her chin, though its faded and hard to notice at a distance.
  • Body
    • An avid swimmer and cyclist, Lin has a very slender form with well-toned muscle. But at the same time, her profession putting her behind desks so often has added a healthy sort of weight to add curve to her hips. She also has an ovular jade emerald tattoo on her left hip.
  • Outfit
    • She prefers professional, but slightly reserved apparel. Bright colors don't appeal to her, preferring to go for darker or more neutral tones when at work. She prefers slacks to a skirt as well, as well as button-down shirts and suit jackets as opposed to blouses. And like any pure-blooded Nepleslian, she almost always has a gun on her, somewhere.

Skill Areas

  • Communications
    • Fluent in Nepleslian, Trade, and Yamataigo.
  • Fighting
    • While her previous experiences meant full-out fighting was a sign something had gone wrong, she still had to be proficient at it. She's familiar with operating and maintaining various styles of weapon, as well as hand-to-hand combat, and maintains a good physical regimen to keep in shape.
  • Rogue
    • Along with simple street-smarts, Lin is also familiar with the more “simple” things such as picking a conventional lock, slipping something in or from another person's pocket, and could probably spot an illegal dealer a block away.
  • Leadership
    • She is the second most powerful individual in the NNSO. As the saying goes, before being a “spy master”, one first has to flip the title. She leads and gives her orders from experiences she herself had, knowing well what those under her are capable of, and how best to deploy various assets to accomplish a given mission.
  • Knowledge
    • Along with an incredible academic record, Lin is also knowledgeable about the intelligence community of Nepleslia, and is well studied in certain foreign cultures as well. Her primary fields, academically, are electronic communications and design, as well as electronic security.
  • Strategy
    • An ambassador killed in an “accident” in one country leads to political turmoil in activism in another, to unrest in anther, to an assassination somewhere else. In the grand scheme of things, it can get confusing, but with experience, past knowledge, and training Lin is able to track things and work around or with them as needed.
  • Technology Operation
    • Computer systems are second-nature to the Assistant Chief, who handles any sort of electronic security or information network almost as fluidly as another person would running. With enough time and proper tools, she has little effort becoming familiar with the ins and outs of a system.

History and Relationships



  • Fang An Lu
    • RELATION: Father
    • AGE: 64 y/o
    • STATUS: Alive
    • OCCUPATION: Neurosurgeon
    • NOTES: N/A
  • Fang Bo Su
    • RELATION: Mother
    • AGE: 61 y/o
    • STATUS: Unknown
    • OCCUPATION: College professor, computer design and programming
    • NOTES: Missing In Action (MIA), YE 30
  • Fang Ning Lo
    • RELATION: Elder sister
    • AGE: 37 y/o
    • STATUS: Alive
    • NOTES:


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