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Fareed El-Sayid

Fareed is a player character played by Redboi.

Fareed El-Sayid
Species & Gender: Iromakuanhe (Mazerinii) Male
Date of Birth: Yamataian Calendar 05日 12月 YE 13
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Star Army Infantry
Rank: Santô Hei
Current Placement: YSS Kaiyō II

Physical Description

With a towering height of 6'8“and a powerfully built body, Fareed possess a noticeable physical presence. Not rippling with muscles like steel cords crisscrossing beneath the skin, but his figure, arms and especially legs lean towards the shapely girth of a strong man as his chalk-like skin only serves to pronounce the defined sinew. This is not born out of effort for his looks but as consequence of his activities braving the frigid tundras of his world in self exploration.

Eyes white like snow and gray hair give him the countenance of a wraith or ghost, but a powerful and chiseled jaw, sharp eyes and somewhat full lips make up a little so he's not scary as a real one. Exploring the harsher areas of his planet has had it's consequences, however, as seen by the litter of small scars running along parts of his body and concentrated on his hands.

Sporting a queer, but not unpleasant, smell like the cross of fresh fruits and old but well cared clothes. His voice, a deep and soft bass, is easy to hear even over the clamor of a busy street, but it rises in an odd and candid intensity whenever he grows truly excited.


An uncommon Iroma, and even more so among his Mazerinii breathen, at once so alike and so different. Possessing a wanderlust and passion like a slow burning, hot flame at complete odds with his frigid home, his perpetually upbeat and driven demeanor is both apparent and nearly intoxicating. He believes deeply in the ways of Iroma as he seeks the personal development of mind, soul and body, but unlike his more isolationist kin, he craves the outside. The myriad minds inhabiting the galaxy in those far off stars, the cultures and ways that drive them, the beliefs and thoughts that guide them - and the clash of them all together, and with him at the center. Carrying the hospitality and belief in communion of his people, he ends up quite the avid socialite, if perhaps overbearing at times.

But then there's his other side, which he considers his Iroma heritage. A thoughtful, introspective mind that dives into the Sea of his own unconscious to better know himself, by consequence he loves meditation and the odd quiet moment of personal, or even shared, reflection. His love for socializing steems partly from this side, wanting to see the imprint of every new experience and interaction as it is reflected on his own psyche, thinking it brings him closer to understanding and equilibrium. So in the end are these two his reciprocal desires, exploring his self to better know the world and exploring the world to better know himself. Or so he says trying to add a poetic flair to it while mischievously winking.

He does have a more problematic side, a strong desire for testing himself against others and a hunger for battle. Be it facing adversities that impose themselves before him, battle opponents and overcome them through skillful use of weapons or witty application of advantages and resources, a powerful drive fires up in his belly and pushes him to further heights. And not just battle, any form of competition he reasonably believes he can dominate if he just focuses and give it is all attracts him. It's a bit of a wild thing he doesn't fully control, something he aspires to change now that he's joined the army.


Born a rather lively youth, the one know as Fareed had from his infant years the kind of energy and drive that was most uncommon for the colonies of Iroma in his cold world of Mazerin. He was a lively sort whenever he talked, always trying to do something. When he was young still it may have been getting into the oddest, most remote places of their cities, getting into all sorts of games and competitions from the kids of neighboring families, helping his dad with whatever project he had, if there was something to do he wanted to go there.

Then he got older and his frontiers opened, the dangerous and expansive tundra full of cold and ice and unforgiving weather like a playground. He'd crawl, he'd climb, he'd explore and he'd search. Many times did his recklessness end up paying up as his scared body was testament to, but like the markings of his brothers and sisters used to express themselves, Fareed saw them as little trophies and victories, proofs of his small adventures and what he had done during them. It was bizarre sometimes when he thought back to it - visiting and lending a hand to independent brewers of popular Mazerinii Mead that he had gained the trust of, visiting and exploring a lot of the cities in the equatorial region and the area of the Ghoroun Region, the heart of the main production of his planet. The Hashida Peaks with their enclaves of Ivuori were a favorite of his too, even more so in the rare times he found and got the chance to dialogue and speak to their numbers.

Even the Sea of Spires and the Archipelagos of Ghāgerad felt like fuel to his adventuring fire, but he took a chance that he couldn't miss - a merchant ship out of his planet and to the further beyond of his race's greater system, yet this wasn't his objective. Learning the tongue and accruing the funds, he'd embark on a longer voyage to the Yamatai system, developing his Yamataigo and basking on the freshness of a new culture. 8 months after he reached his objective, enlisting for the Star Army of Yamatai as an infantryman.

The training was tough, delectably tough, but if nothing else, he had developed his endurance and determination in those years of reckless, solo adventure. Like a ravenous wolf he absorbed all he could during training, passing most of his classes with outstanding performance and a bit of a bad reputation for his competitiveness. But he was right here right now on the first step of his new adventure - new trials, new people, new places in an all new setting away from the comfort of his once welcoming home.

Skills Learned

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