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General Information Physical Characteristics
Species: Helashio Height: 145 cm (4'7“)
Gender: Female Weight: 37 kg (82 lbs)
Age: 4 Measurements: 74-54-77 (29-21-30)
Employer: Origin Industries Bra Size: C
Occupation: Doctor's Assistant Eyes: Magenta
Rank: N/A Hair: Blonde
Current Assignment: SS Raider (v2)

Farley is an NPC played by Revolver

Physical Characteristics

Description: Farley is a young Helasio, about fourteen or fifteen in Geshrin years. Hair Color and Style: Her long blonde hair is usually kept in a ponytail with an thin, Origin Green bow. Distinguishing Features: Her fuzzy dog or wolf-like ears on either side of her head, her very short (for a Helashio) tail.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Farley is very submissive, she was trained as a slave before they were freed. Likes: Following her master– ahem, Cy– Irene's orders, making sure Irene is pleased and well looked after. Dislikes: Not having proper orders to deal with a given situation. Not being prepared for unknown events in general Goals: To attend to Irene's every whim in such a way that the Doctor need not even ask or give command to have her wishes fufilled.


Family: Farley is not aware of any immediate family she may or may not have.

A special order Helashio that never made it to the customer, Farley's prospective owner was convicted of some crime and thus, unable to receive his shipment. Farley spent some time tending to the other Helashio as part of her duties, but eventually put into suspended animation until she could be sold. Lucky enough for her, a certain undercover IPG Agent posing as Doctor Irene Ceres made a purchase– ahem, adopted a Helashio as an assistant to her duties on the Origin CEO's flagship, the Raider.

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