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Fartha'Nugen Shogen'tal

Fartha'Nugen Shogen'tal is a player character played by Tanka001.

Fartha'Nugen Shogen'tal
Species: Neshaten (Shukaren Daur)
Gender: Male
Age: 53
Height: 5'0โ€œ
Weight: 150
Organization: Or'ion
Occupation: GOD
Rank: Q'Abrenal
Current Placement:

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5'0โ€
  • Mass: 150

Build and Skin Color: His mid section was large, he was over weight form years of Desk jockeying. His black fur had lots of grey streaks running through it.

Eyes and Facial Features: His grey eyes have a piercing glare that pins people in place when they speak to him. His face is framed with his greying hair.

Ears: The tops of his ears start white fading through grey to black. The left one is missing the top half.

Hair Color and Style: His fur is black with streaks of grey.

Distinguishing Features: None past half of his left ear is missing.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Fartha'Nugen is a calm, well liked man. He gets along with his staff well. They follow him from respect not fear. Slow to anger, though once there the wrath of a star fleet is no where near his. He speaks slowly, in just about any one else it would seen insulting, though when he speak it sounds thoughtful and well conceived.

  • Likes: Cigars, Hot Caffeine with sweetener, Music from the old worlds
  • Dislikes: treason, unwarranted paperwork, Cold Caffeine.
  • Goals:


Family (or Creators)

::: REDACTED :::


Initially recruited because he was convenient to infiltrate a terrorist/rebel group. Did well, but grew overconfident, went in for his second infiltration assignment and barely came out alive/got people killed. Gets placed in a more commanding role after his third infiltration and he's able to use his experience to guide others and keep them from cocking up like he did once. Finally took command of the agency all of a sudden when something happens to the old leader, despite being nervous he leads the agency well in a time of crisis. Keeps the job when he's done.

OOC Discussion

Build for head of Or'ion, History is redacted on purpose, history should be unavailable for the head of such a group.

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