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Feloriel "Mordacai" T'Achten

Feloriel “Mordacai” T'Achten is a player character played by Avatar of Kohana.

Tyriel Leythes
Species: Elysian Patrician
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Faction: Star Army Intelligence
Occupation: Spy/Assassin
Rank: Recruit
Current Placement: Getting accepted into SAINT

Physical Characteristics

Hair color and Style: Long White hair, sometimes pulled back into a ponytail Build and Skin Color: Muscular build with flesh colored skin Face and Eye Color: Thin, muscular face with high, defined cheekbones, blue eyes. Distinguishing Features:


Very antisocial, prefering to be, or work, alone. He will accept help if he sees it as absolutely necessary, but never just to have company around. Has a very short fuse to his temper, and when he loses it, he gets very violent, and loses his capacity for guilt or remorse.

Likes: A clean, efficient mission, quiet, meditation Dislikes: Noise, being the center of attention, wasting time on meaningless things Goals: To become the best operative SAINT has.


Family / Creators

  • Zeloriel T'Achten
  • Feheniel T'Achten


When he was very young, he was forced to watch nearly his whole people destroyed, including his father. His mother tried to hide the news from her son, knowing that he had a short temper, and the tendancy to fly off the handle and lose all feelings of guilt or remorse. Feloriel joined the Elysian Navy, when he was 17, fighting in the Fourth Elysian War as a spy and sniper. Became an outcast of his society after he changed his name to Mordachai, and began fighting his own battles against made up enemies. Shortly after turning 21, Felorial, or Mordachai as he was now known, found out about the SAINT organization and applied to have his skills work for them, finding that he never could give up his past life.


Class: Ranger
Seraphim 5
Telepathy-Basic 5
Flight 5
Camoflage 2
Sniping 4
Occupation: Assassin
Disguise 3
Poison 3
Weapons: Assassin 5
Disguise 4
Occupation: Spy
Computer Programming 2
Impersonation 2
Interrogation 4
Pilot Shuttle 2
Weapon: Sniper Rifle 4
Language: Geshrin 3
Weapons: Pistols 3
Music: Violin 4


  • Violin w/case
  • Weapons of his trade (Basic Poisons, Garrote wire, daggers, small case of darts)
  • Sniper Rifle w/case
  • Extra clothing (Four outfits for “everyday use”, One night/stealth outfit)
  • Black trenchcoat
  • Duct tape
  • Wing oil (helps make silent flight possible)
  • Three data pads

OOC Information

In the case Avatar of Kohana becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? NO
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO

This character was originally created on 2004/08/02 15:12 by Avatar of Kohana; original forum post.

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