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FH-85 is a player character played by Armada3.

Art is Rough Draft, still working, but you get the gist
Species: Mimic Computer
Gender: Female
Age: 2
Height: 1.6764 m / 5'6β€œ
Weight: 136.5 kg / 150 lbs
Organization: Star Army
Occupation: Logistics-Unit Supply Specialist-Sakura II
Rank: None: rated as Non-Sentient Robotic Tool
Current Placement: Sakura II

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 1.6764 m / 5'6β€œ
  • Mass: 136.5 kg / 300 lbs
  • Measurements: 32-25-33 / 34B

Build and Skin Color: FH-85 is a small, and fairly generic looking Mimic Computer, a slight build, with details that look rather plain. The most noticeable thing about her overall body is just how pale she looks, her skin almost white.

Eyes and Facial Features: The pasty face looks just slightly inhuman, though well sculpted into a close resemblance to a young women. Her lips seem to per permanently locked in an uncaring line, as if she doesn't know any others.

Ears: Humanlike.

Hair Colour and Style: FH-85's hair is black and super shiny, the light cascades off of it. Closer inspection shows that this is because it's formed from extrude carbon nano-tubes, the texture of witch is slick and shiny. Her hair has been pulled back, held by a bronze ring, only a pair of bangs left loose to hang on either side of her face, far enough away that they don't disturb her visual sensors.

Distinguishing Features: Normally FH-85 is clothed fully with the notable exception that FH-85's Waist is never covered, revealing dozens of tattoo like lines criss-crossing across it. Close inspection reveal the lines to be thousands of launch tubes.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Having always been treated as a machine, no doubt due to how obvious she is, she thinks and acts like she is one, waiting for orders tirelessly, and seldom initiating anything of her own violation, but despite this the entertainment software that some unknown master gave her years ago, she is not entirely cold, and when completely alone might break out into song or dance.

  • Likes: Dancing and Singing, and making things for people.
  • Dislikes: Communication other than direct orders.
  • Goals: Build whatever the master wants.


Family (or Creators)

No family yet, creators at Origin likely don't even remember that she was made.


FH-85 was commissioned in the year YE 35 by one of the Star Army's starship engineers, to assist him with detailed femtowork and to operate as his logistical assistant during this time. The Engineer, Nosforatus Filibus, was a nasty piece of work who was feared by his compatriot for the constant attempts at backstabbing and manipulation that he attempted. While it did originally get him promoted his attempts were curtailed early. It's unclear if Nosforatus truly bought FH-85 to assist him with engineering or if he bought her as another pawn in his terrible backroom game.

What is know is that he did use her to watch his compatriots, finding out the secrets that they concealed while he was around. Over time FH-85 became as dreaded as her master, as while few of his attempts worked they generally made people unhappy. Neither Nosforatus nor his compatriots treated FH-85 as anything other than a mobile expansion of his terror, her Consort AI was never able to adapt to make her more human, so it's fitting then that a mistake she made due to being machine-like got her master dishonourably discharged.

She simply gathered data on the wrong people, treating them all as equals, and one of them happened to hold a much higher rank. When Nos saw the information he couldn't resist not using it, and was dishonourably discharged and imprisoned less than a few days later. The other Engineers couldn't look at FH-85, to them she represented some of their worst memory's, so they sent her to the Star Army equipment requisition pool, hoping somebody will find use in the almost brand new mimic.

She bounced around a lot in a while, but nobody ever sent out the proper forms, finally they crate ended up in another warehouse where it appeared to be slated for long term storage, or possibly deconstruction. A young Neko distribution officer happened to open the crate to discover the deactivated and dusty unit. She was friends with another Mimic that had already achieved sentience, and thought it a shame that this one wasn't given a chance. With the small amount of work that passed across her desk the Neko had time, so she cleaned, reprogrammed and made FH-85 presentable. The officer cared for the deactivated Mimic and ridded it of the neglect it suffered during the last year. She searched for a place to put FH-85 and eventually managed to get the unit cleared for active duty as a Logistical Unit Supply Specialist. After submitting FH-85's papers to almost a hundred ships and stations before getting any interest, and soon FH-85 was back in the crate.

FH-85 was never active in the warehouse, her last memory's are of being treated inhumanly by Nosforatus and the Engineers, but even so as the refuelling slowly reactivated her systems she couldn't help but Hum as she sat in the crate.



FH-85 has never used the standard Mimicon programing, but does have an expansive library of communication programs installed, in the past she has always spoken in Trade, but knows Yamataigo and has room for several more languages.


Designed foremost as a Nanohive, FH-85's brain specializes in analyzing blueprints to direct the hive in the most efficient construction methods possible. She has a large repository of construction knowledge allowing her to build or tear down almost anything given time.


A rudimentary understanding of basic engineering, essentially how to build something from a blueprint… she does not understand how to make a blueprint, though is fully capable of it with a little teaching.

Maintenance and Repair

While her main purpose is to construct objects, basic programming on how to adapt construction techniques into maintenance have been included. FH-85 also has a full up to date blueprint of her own body, and can quickly repair herself. Her skills also include repairing any object that she can acquire a blueprint for.

Technology Operations

Has the ability to test anything they build, though this often end up being just basic diagnostics. FH-85 has actully spent a decent amount of time learning computers, as she feels a strong kinship towards them. She is especially fond of operating microscopic machines, and spends a huge amount of time with her own.


Focusing on physics and Structure, the advance math systems in FH-85 will guarantee her’s constructions to be durable. If it's not directly related to structure and engineering then FH-85 does not know it, though with time she should be able to reason it out. She does have plenty of room to learn more, but her databanks are blank.


Very unusual for a Mimic FH-85 has had a several entertainment programs uploaded into her, her primarily focused is on singing and dancing, though despite her lack of appropriate hardware and sensors she also includes programming on sexual techniques, possibly a cruel joke. Ironically she has also has taken to writing poetry when nobody is around, though it is notable only because it's so atrocious.


FH-85 has the following items:

  • (Modified)Star Army Working Uniform, Type 31- A Standard Uniform, Orange for Logistics, modified to have no waist to allow the nano-machines to flow freely.
  • Single Ke-M2-G2902 Nodal Fabrication Module built into her body.
  • BANGLE Appears to be several brass rings in her hair with miniature screens, the screen shows the current status of the hive
    • Blueprints for Mimic Computer, (both FH and standard models) Licence restricted to repairs and a single backup only
    • Blueprint for ODM 10mm Pistol, Licence restricts to one at a time (designed for near instantaneous construction)
    • Blueprint to rapidly convert arm into blade and back again
    • Blueprint to remove waist of any form of clothing


FH-85 is currently classed as an non-sentient tool on the Sakura II, and is unpaid.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
0 KS Starting Funds

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