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Field Unit 46

Field Unit 46 is a player character played by Hotelkilo.

Field Unit 46
No Picture
Species & Gender: EM J2-2a Security Model Gynoid
Year of Construction: YE 36
Organization: Nath Co.
Occupation: Security Android
Rank: Object of Lust and Desire
Current Placement: 188604

Physical Description

Forty-Six is a almost totally standard model Emrys Shujuu servitor android. This means she was designed to blend into society without standing out all that much from regular citizens. To that end, she's exactly 5'7โ€œ, with Yamataian female features, slender figure, although generous hips cost extra and added additional magazine space for small arms ammunition, tan shaded skin, and lavender eyes. There was nothing to really make her stand out until someone decided to shoot her a few dozen times recently. Now, her internals are exposed in several places through holes ripped in her chest and one arm is noticeably broken.


Android owners are supposed to have plans in place for if their servants somehow gain sapience. Forty-Six's evidently did not. It is a fairly recent occurrence, however, after years of loyal service as a body and security guard. Her first real 'emotion' was worry, followed by fear, when she learned that despite saving the life of her owner she was still scheduled to be disposed of. Not having had much time to develop from there, she comes across as mechanical. Pleasant, but not naturally so. In the sense that she was programmed to be obedient to commands and interact politely with sapient beings.


Field Unit 46 was constructed in YE 36 in Funky City, Nepleslia for the export security android market. Designed to the same standards as the Tamahagane Corporation Security Force models, she was part of a fifty unit order for a small orbital infrastructure construction and maintenance firm, Near-Space Structural Metals. Many of the company's projects were in undeveloped or dangerous regions of space, not infrequently remote, making it expensive to hire reliable live security. 46 was assigned to field operations guarding various construction projects and mining operations. Most of these were active 'jobs' since locals were either out for free materials or to sabotage whatever was being built.

In YE 37, Forty-Six was brought back to corporate headquarters to replace a sister unit in the personal security detail for the company president. Not exactly a dangerous post, the company basically used the android portion of the team as a cost-cutting measure. When the meat based contractors turned on them, however, it was FU-46 that turned the tables on them.

According to plan, she had her programming altered to ignore hostile body language and threats towards the subject she was intended to guard. Emrys protocols being fairly robust, her system tried to correct these crude intrusions, in the process accidentally calling on 'her' to make a 'moral' decision. In the heat of the moment Forty-Six interceded, taking the burst of gunfire meant for the boss before blowing away the would-be assassins.

Finding that the loyal gynoid had taken serious damage to some vital controller units, it was quietly decided to deactivate it and use the scrap money to pay for a replacement, maybe even using some parts from the old one. Forty-Six was awake. Horrified at the thought of having her brain, and all these new feelings, unceremoniously dumped into a trash can she tried to figure out what to do. In her memory files were copies of correspondence the security team had received over the last year, including job offers and notices.

Finding a promisingly generous, or at least temptingly vague, offer for mercenaries to take over an obscure rim planet the cashless Forty-Six appropriated enough of her dead co-workers funds to pay for several flat-rate shipping boxes. Disassembling herself and packed into crates, her systems failed sometime after being picked up but long before deliveryโ€ฆ.

Skills & Stuff

Field Unit 46 has the following notable skills:

  • Is a Gynoid: With all the lack of moral grounding and superficial politeness that entails! Despite being programmed to be subservient the newly-sapient Forty-Six has this as a base, but no longer a strict code.
  • Close Combat: Lethal and non-lethal combat styles taken from National Police manuals, programmed by the team at Emrys.
  • Small Arms: Same as above; programmed tactical techniques and firearms maintenance.
  • Security Procedures: Trained, and has spent years, guarding stuff and keeping people out.
  • Can totally float when not full of gunshot holes. Still can a little with.
  • Has a built in stun baton!

Inventory & Finance

Field Unit 46 has nothing other then her body and a badly damaged security uniform.

OOC Information

In the case hotelkilo becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? No

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