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Finchard Niel

Finchard Niel is a player character played by Zain Snowpaw.

Finchard Niel
Species: Minkan
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Height: 173cm
Weight: 78kg
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Star Army Infantry
Rank: Santô Hei
Current Placement: Squad 13

Physical Characteristics

Build and Skin Color: Niel is tall, fair haired and athletic he has dark grey-blue skin He has wirey muscles that are meant for fast twitch reflexes.

Eyes and Facial Features: Niel had deep, thin lavender eyes and a heart shaped face. He has a somewhat stony countenance that is only reinforced by his unusual skin colour.

Ears: Niel has black black furred wolfen ears that point slightly behind him. the left ear has a nick taken out of it from a close combat training injury during a fight with his mother. He kept it as a memento of what happens if you let your guard down.

Hair Color and Style: Niel has fair hair to the point of almost being platinum white it is rather long and is held in a ponytail down his back.

Distinguishing Features: Niel was a member of a group of students in his younger years. This group created their own set of symbols that they had genetically tattooed onto around the left wrist. This allows them to identify other members of the same group at a glance even if they had been apart for years. The symbol is of a tribal design but depicts a phoenix entwined with a dragon in a Yin-Yang pattern. It symbolizes the duality of the universe.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Niel is a very practical but quiet young man. He is not very presumptuous and defers implicitly to those he sees as superior to him. It is in combat however where he really shines being very fast on his feet and easily able to dash from enemy to enemy leaving only bodies in his wake. In battle Niel can sometimes be subject to a cold, calculating rage which he directs at his enemies. He fights harder and has less regard for his own personal safety in this situation. The state is triggered usually when one of his friends gets seriously injured.

Niel is very fond of symbolism. It was he that created the little call-sign of the Feng-Long Quartet. At the age of 16 Niel had his body modified to its current external appearance. there will always be a situation where a person gets figuratively caught with their pants down no matter who they are. Because of this it stands to reason that there will come a time when he ends up in a precarious position without his Daisy thus he elected to have nighttime colours for his skin and eyes in an effort to blend in with the shadows. He couldn't bare to part with his hair however. It is his one vanity that he will take to his grave. This, while it has a striking look defeats the original purpose of the exercise. He does however like the overall effect and elected to keep it. The strange ear choice was made on the day that Niel started infantry training. He wanted to prove that he could make a better soldier then any old Nekovalkyrja He thus chose to have wolfen ears due to the fact that he considers canines to be to cats what cats are to mice.

  • Likes: Knives, The black of night, Protecting his nation
  • Dislikes: Insults to his character, Bureaucracy, People who believe they are inherently superior
  • Goals: To fight the good fight, To keep his squad alive, To destroy the enemies of Yamatai, To prove himself better then the Nekovalkyrja species in combat.



Finchard Niel is the only son of the swordswoman Finchard Lucentia. He has been educated to wield and fight with many types of bladed instrument though he favours two shorter blades. Niel prefers direct combat to pitched battles and when possible will engage the enemy in melee. this is not to say that he is not a decent shot with ranged weaponary, but it is hardly his best skill.


Niel had a fairly balanced upbringing. He worked hard at school, always the quiet one in the corner of the class. He went mostly unnoticed by most of his peers. Except for a group of three that reached out to him and brought him out of his proverbial shell. The trio were the first friends he made within his own age group. As a group decision the four all joined up with the Star Army before specializing in different areas and going their separate ways.

Niel was always going to have been a close combat specialist given his background. He thus decided he could make more of a difference in the ground forces and so trained as an infantryman. His stealth and guerrilla warfare tactics were quickly honed to being second to none. Given his proclivity for melee fighting Niel prefers nighttime combat when he can move from target to target much more easily.

Socially Niel has never been very adept. He tends to be quiet and professional, though he is not inattentive. He is quick to analyses other peoples speech to detect any underlying feelings or emotions behind it. Some might call him paranoid, he just says it's 'Good Practice'.

The Ling-Xian Quartet

The Ling-Xian Quartet are the group of four childhood friends that Kale and his sister Kira are a part of along with Rika Lareman and Niel Finchard. The four identify with each other using a set of genetically added tattoos around the left wrist depicting a pheonix and a dragon entwined with one another. They decided to do this in order to be able to identify each other if they were apart for many years. All four of the quartet currently serve in the Star Army in varying positions though they send each other updates where they can.

Despite only two of their number being blood siblings the four think and act like brothers and sisters and are fiercely loyal to their own.


Physical and Combat

Niel is well versed in the art of combat. He prefers bladed weapons but will make do with ranged weaponry in situations where melee is non viable.


Niel can survive in harsh climates, many of which he will probably meet in his time in service.


Niel has been trained in the use of standard Yamatai'an vehicles of both a logistic and combat nature.


Niel is proficient at using radio technology, telepathy and hand signals to communicate with his team-mates, he prefers hand signals as wireless signals can be intercepted.


Niel can care for and field repair most standard issue equipment.


Catering to his inner paranoia, Niel is almost obsessive compulsive over the safety and security of his comrades. Apart from general guard duty he is adept at setting up camp perimeters which will alert the team to potential intruders.


Niel can blend into… well whatever his surroundings are in order to move unseen and unheard. He is adept at approaching enemy positions to gather intelligence or assassinate guards.


Finchard Niel has the following items:


Finchard Niel is currently a in the .

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds
840 KS -2160 KS Purchase of twin Umbra

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