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Fleshassembler Mitochondrion Four Three 43-5782-1109

A player character used by Primitive Polygon.

Species: Freespacer Type Three
Gender: Female
Age: 8 Chronological / 19 Physical
Height: 5“4ft
Weight: 98 lbs
Organization: Wire Guided / Viridian Array
Occupation: Biochemist / Doctor
Current Placement: Kyopelinvuori (Dream World Plot)

Physical Characteristics

A bit on the short side, Mito is a pale beige lithe thing with brittle skinny limbs, little in the way of muscles, and prematurely whitening twin-braided hair. One can also not fail to notice the fact that they have four arms, and that there is a baroque gas mask affixed to their face at all times, with all sorts of random tubes and wires sticking out of it. Her eyes are only just about visible, apparently quite round and wide, through the colour is made uncertain by the thick orange lenses.

They are normally seen wearing cargo pants with as many pockets as possible, complimented by a backpack full of canisters and healing supplies. All four arms are sheathed in rubber gloves, securely zip-tied on to prevent accidental removal. When speaking to non-spacers, they also tend to wear a laryngophone, since the gas mask muffles their voice… Even through this has the side effect of giving them a rather creepy robotic speaking tone, in turn.

Psychological Characteristics

The question that Mito traditionally asks people upon first meeting is “Can I have some of your blood?”. They are outgoing and friendly enough, but an obsession with medical affairs completely dominates their psyche, causing them to act rather forward in matter others might find personal. They are also extremely casual about using drugs, often in the middle of a conversation, through what exactly they are taking for health benefits and what they are taking for entertainment is highly up for debate. They certainly seem to be ill almost all of the time, but it rarely stops them from trying to get involved with others, or, indeed, completing their actual work.

Passion for spreading the virtues of the Wire Guided is their other great calling, and they are quick to aid others if she thinks it will bend their ear. That said, they can be surprisingly callous to those who are shown the break promises easily, or engage in violence with little provocation.


Family (or Creators)

The mothership “Slumbering Deity”, within the fleet “Wheels on Fire”.


The idea of genetically engineering a superior new strain of Freespacer is nothing new; It's how the type two and three castes originally came about. But that's not to say it always goes quite how the creators planned, however.

Fleshassembler Mitochondrion was intended to be an improved form of medical worker, a creature with superior dexterity, with powerful natural immunities that would allow them to operate on planetary surfaces with zero fear of infection. This not only failed to work correctly, but actually gave them crippling lupus-like symptoms, as their immune system completely overreacts and attacks itself at the slightest sign of contamination.

Breathing regular old untreated air killed several of her siblings in mere hours.

Regardless of this condition, Mitochondrion did her best to fulfil her duties anyway. With the backdrop of the Freespacer genocide still smouldering around them, it was at least some small solace to her that dumping all of the prototypes back in the grinder and restarting the project from scratch would have been an even greater waste of resources.

Six years later, they became involved with the Viridian Array, lending her biochemistry expertise to a group attempting to hack the Hypolathe for a weaponized use. Port Hope thus ended up becoming her home away from home for a while, until the formation of the Wire Guided, which she also joined in earnest.

Half trying to secure a future for her race, and half subconsciously trying to justify the experiments behind her own defective existence, they then travelled Nepleslian space, spreading the good word. Excepting payment as a travelling doctor also let them upload a great many alien genetic samples to the polysentience, perfect raw data for getting the attention of some of the more influential and charismatic members of the Wire Guided.

Soon enough, they were personally requested to travel to Kyopelinvuori on the planet Sudran. The often-illusive Iromakuanhe could do with seeing a representative from the Deoradh race, and it was also, of course, the perfect excuse to get a closer look at their rather unique physiology…



Biochemistry & Narcotics


Communication & Mindware


Starship Operations (Mostly Shuttles)

Knowledge (Focused on Freespacer History)


Fleshassembler Mitochondrion Four Three 43-5782-1109 has the following items:

  • A Voidwalker suit.
  • A can of Liquid Ally.
  • A huge amount of medical supplies, mostly Origin Industries brand.
  • A plastic cooler full of anti-bacterial injections and food sanitation capsules, for personal use.
  • Spare mask filters.

OOC Information

In the case Primitive Polygon becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? YES
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